Filson Fixed Bed Reactor

  • Absolutely uniform heat distribution leading to no hot spots
  • Available to be used for various industrial applications
  • Adjustable fixed bed reactor height for flexible operation
  • Precise temperature control for better performance
  • Easy to construct, install, operate and clean

In Filson fixed bed reactor, solids are usually granular, with a particle size of about 2 – 15mm. The solids accumulate into a bed of a certain height ( or thickness ). During the operation, the bed is stationary and the fluid reacts through the bed.

  • Construction material: stainless steel, Hastelloy, glass, Titanium, carbon steel, Monel
  • Working temperature: 300 – 550℃
  • Particle diameter: 2 – 15mm
  • Tube diameter ( for tubular fixed bed reactor ): 25 – 50mm
  • Operation style: batch, semi-batch, continuous

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Filson Fixed Bed Reactor

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Filson fixed bed reactor is also called packed bed reactor or catalytic fixed bed reactor, with a solid layer inside the reactor. It has three basic forms:

  • Axial adiabatic fixed bed reactor

The fluid flows through the bed from top to bottom along the axial direction, and there is no heat exchange between the bed and the outside world.

  • Radial adiabatic fixed bed reactor

Fluid flows radially through the bed, can use centrifugal flow or centripetal flow. The bed has no heat exchange with the outside world.

  • Tubular fixed bed reactor

It consists of multiple reaction tubes connected in parallel. The catalyst is placed inside the tubes or between the tubes and the heat carrier flows through the tubes or inside the tubes for heating or cooling.

In Filson tubular fixed bed reactor, the tube diameter is usually between 25mm and 50mm and the number of tubes can be tens of thousands which can be called a multitubular fixed bed reactor. This type of fixed bed reactor is much suitable for reactions with large thermal effects.

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