Filson Continuous Reactor

  • Superior heat transfer capacities to handle high reactant concentrations
  • High mixing rates due to its reasonable structure and careful design
  • Increased operating flexibility benefitting to customers
  • Various types of continuous reactor engineered according to your specifications
  • Robust construction for excellent temperature and corrosion resistance

Filson continuous reactor or continuous flow reactor refers to the reaction in the vessel goes on continuously without breaking (except for failure). It is usually equipped with internal stirring devices, feeding devices, temperature and pressure regulation and monitoring equipment.

  • Construction material: stainless steel, Hastelloy, glass, Titanium, carbon steel
  • Working temperature: 300 – 550℃
  • Working pressure: 5000psi
  • Reactor capacity: 1 – 15000L
  • Heat transfer capacity: 100 – 5000 m2/m3
  • Stirring device type: mechanical stirring, airflow stirring
  • Operation style: continuous

Note: other types of chemical reactor like batch reactor or semi-batch reactor are also provided by Filson, consult our factory for more info.

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Filson Continuous Reactor

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The biggest difference between Filson batch reactor and Filson continuous reactor is that continuous reactors are designed to continuously add raw materials and continuously discharge reaction products, while batch reactor does this simultaneously.

When you apply a Filson continuous reactor, you will find a distinguishing feature of the reactor is that when the operation reaches a constant state, the composition, temperature and other state parameters of the material at any position in the reactor do not change with time.

Among all Filson continuous reactor types, the most commonly used types are catalyst fixed bed reactor and continuous stirred tank reactor ( CSTR ). With modifications, the CSTR can take the form of a suspended bed of catalysts. It is mainly used in the large-scale production of chemicals, fuels and polymers.

With your correct specifications, Filson professional engineers can provide you a continuous reactor design which is accordant with your application. Just complete the information sheet on the page for our specialists to reach you. Click Here to contact us to get products that satisfy you.

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