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Having passed ISO9001 and ASME certifications, Filson has the ability to provide you chemical reactors with reliable quality, excellent performance, and favorable price.

  • Stable structure provides reliable support
  • Enough volume to be compatible with various systems
  • Large heat transfer surface to maintain the temperature
  • Good mechanical strength and high corrosion resistance
  • Convenience for installation, operation and maintenance

Chemical Reactors Types by Forms

Tubular Reactor

Filson rubular reactor is a continuously operated reactor in the form of a tube with a large length-to-diameter ratio. With high volumetric efficiency, it is particularly suitable for applications requiring high conversion rates or where there are series by-reactions.

Jacketed Reactor

With single or double layer jacket, Filson jacketed reactor has different coolant circulation modes, which enhances the control of temperature. It effectively reduces the heat generated by exothermic reaction to maintain the vessel at appropriate temperature.

Filson membrane reactor is a physical device that combines chemical conversion process with membrane separation process to add reactants or remove reaction products. It removes products from reactor by different pore sizes, increasing the conversion rate of reaction.

Vertical Reactor

The vertical design of Filson vertical reactor not only takes up less space, but also facilitates more heat transfer and mass transfer. It is designed with large range of capacity ranging from 200 gallons to 4000 gallons to meet your small to large scale production requirements.

Under the support of optimized process conditions, Filson horizontal reactor is known for its efficient mixing capability. It has huge heating area to achieve excellent heat transfer rate, which is multifunctional to be suitable for a variety of heavy industrial applications.

Chemical Reactors Types by Materials (7)

  • Stainless Steel Chemical Reactor
    Adapting superior stainless steel 304/316L, Filson stainless steel chemical reaction has excellent corrosion resistance and long service life. Its surface is rigorously polished to be suitable for high cleanliness standard pharmaceutical industry.
  • Titanium Reactor
    Owing to the titanium surface has stable layer of oxide membrane, Filson titanium reactor has many excellent properties. Its high mechanical strength is strong enough to resist corrosion, high heat, acid gas and other extreme conditions.
  • Glass Lined Chemical Reactor
    Filson glass lined chemical reactor, also called glassed steel reaction vessel, has excellent corrosion resistant. It has good compatibility with many chemicals, which can stir chemicals in closed containers to form crystals or liquids.
  • Glass Chemical Reactor
    Produced by borosilicate glass, Filson glass chemical reactor is resistant to high temperature and acid&base corrosion. It is mainly composed of glass container, mixing device, sealing part and bracket, with strong structure and good sealing.
  • Hastelloy Reactor
    By applying Filson Hastelloy reactor, the tough condition of your application will no longer be a problem. The reactor is able to resist highly chemical corrosion, leading to the better performance than that of a stainless steel reactor.
  • Monel Reactor
    Filson monel reactor has good weldability and long-term effectiveness, it can maintain stable performance below zero to 350℃, has tower, plate, tank and other types to choose. The Monel 400 is a common material to fabricate the vessel.
  • In order to ensure that there is no fluid leakage during use, Filson carbon steel reactor adopts advanced welding technology and strict sealing test, pressure test, etc. It has 100% fully-sealed construction and outstanding durability for long time use.

Chemical Reactors Types by Working Principle (16)

  • Plug-Flow-Reactor
    Filson plug flow reactor, also known as push-flow reactor or PFR, is composed of cylindrical tube and polypropylene housing. High concentrations of suspended solid fermentation material enters from one end at fast flow rate and exits from the other end after processing.
  • Laminar-Flow-Reactor
    Controlling the reaction process through the laminar flow, Filson laminar reactor allows adjusting the distance between input point and reaction point to change the residence time of chemical in reactor, which can effectively avoid some factors affecting the reaction.
  • Turbulent Flow Reactor
    Unlike the layered flow of laminar reactors, the flow of gas or liquid within the Filson turbulent reactor experienced irregular fluctuations or mixing. The fluid flows rapidly in the reactor’s tube, with high mixing efficiency, and the Reynolds number greater than 4000.
  • Composed of tank with mixer and temperature regulation system, the operation process of Filson batch reactor is conducted in batches and does not affect each other. It has many functions, such as chemical reaction, product mixing, solid dissolution, polymerization, etc.
  • Semi Batch Reactor
    Filson semi-batch reactor allows portion of initial fill in the container and continues to add continuously or intermittently over time.This special operation ensures that the device achieves uniform temperature and controllable effect throughout the operation.
  • Continuous Reactor
    The reactant enters the reactor and then flows out through the form of continuous flow, Filson continuous reactor has small size. It is capable to transfer heat to facilitate the reaction progression of high concentrations of reactants and achieve higher mixing rates.
  • Stirred Reactors
    In essence, Filson stirred reactor is an intermittent reactor equipped with stirring device. It is one of the most commonly used continuous flow reactors in the chemical industry, which forms stable running state of reactants add, and the products remove continuously.
  • Homogeneous Reactor
    Filson homogeneous reactor consists of gas-phase reactor and liquid-phase reactor. During the reaction process, the reactants are separately in one phase, evenly or approximately evenly distributed. For example, ionic reactions in solution and pure gas phase reactions.
  • Heterogeneous Reactor
    Different from homogeneous reactor, Filson heterogeneous reactor often adopts column design, fluidized bed structure or fixed bed structure to realize its purpose. It is also called multiphase reactor, as a chemical reactor for heterogeneous or heterogeneous reactions.
  • Autoclave Reactor
    Filson autoclave reactor is sometimes called high pressure autoclave reactor or high pressure reactor. It can withstand high pressure up to 350MPa, which is suitable for catalysis, high temperature and pressure synthesis, kinetic testing and hydrogenation reaction, etc.
  • Adiabatic Reactor
    As the name implies, Filson adiabatic reactor is an ideal solution for situations where there is heat or mass transfer betweenthermodynamic system and its surroundings. Its materials have good insulation to reduce heat transfer, which have outstanding heat insulation effect.
  • Non-adiabatic Reactor
    Contrary to adiabatic reactor, Filson non-adiabatic reactor exchanges heat with external factors, which can release or absorb heat from outside during the reaction. It can maintain the constant temperature and reduce energy loss, effectively promote chemical reaction process.
  • Isothermal Reactor
    Filson isothermal reactor carries the same advantages as a tubular reactor, it also avoids the thermal strain problems of straight tubular reactors at the same time. It is suitable for use in cases of controlling the reaction rate by controlling the temperature.
  • Non-isothermal Reactor
    Similar to non-adiabatic reactor, Filson non-isothermal reactor allows temperature being changed during the whole process to better meet the reaction needs. And manufactured with high grade materials, our reactor is strong enough to handle any challenging task of your industry.
  • Microwave Chemical Reactor
    Through the principle of microwave heating, Filson microwave chemical reactor effectively enhances the ability to perform chemical reactions in laboratory. It is commonly used in polymer chemistry, such as monomer synthesis or polymerization reaction and so on.
  • CVD Reactor
    Filson CVD reactor is abbreviation of chemical vapor deposition reactor. Acting as an important part of semiconductor industry, the CVD reactor is much popular in the market. It has different pressure resistance ability to maintain high performance in different environments.

Chemical Reactors Types by Applications (3)

  • Filson slurry reactor speeds up the chemical reaction process by suspending uniformly the catalyst in liquid or gas, even with extra-fine catalyst particles. It is widely used in various chemical reactions of laboratory or industrial productions.
  • Polymerization Reactor
    Mainly fabricated of certified raw materials, such as stainless steel, Hastelloy and titanium, etc., Filson polymerization reactor has robust construction, outstanding stability and compact structure to operate well under the harsh environments.
  • The vessel is made of premium borosilicate glass or 304/316L stainless steel, Filson laboratory reactor has good tightness and excellent corrosion resistance. It is specialized for laboratory chemical reactions, mixing, dispersion and other processes.

Chemical Reactors Types according to Beds (4)

  • Filson fluidized bed reactor is a chemical reactor that employs gas or liquid to circulate through a granular solid layer, keeping the solid particles in a suspended state. This allows for gas-solid or liquid-solid phase reactions to occur.
  • Filson fixed bed reactor, also known as a packed bed reactor, is highly beneficial for chemical processing. It is cylindrical in shape and filled with catalytic particles that convert the reactants that flow through into products effectively.
  • Trickle Bed Reactor
    The reactant of Filson trickle bed reactor is continuously fed into the reactor from the top and flows down through the solid catalyst particle bed. This flow pattern provides an unique chemical reaction environment to high conversion rates.
  • Moving Bed Reactor
    As a type of chemical reactor uses a bed of solid catalyst particles that is constantly in motion, Filson moving bed reactor allows for continuous flow of reactants through the bed, leading to a high degree of mixing and highly efficient reaction environment.

Filson Chemical Reactors Benefits

Stable Structure

Adapting multiple high strength metals as raw materials, Filson chemical reactions have high mechanical strength to ensure good operation in pressure environment.

Durabel Quality
Durable Quality

Filson produces chemical reactors in strict accordance with international standards, so our products are extremely durable. Even used for years, it will not be damaged.

Complete Types

As an OEM factory built for more than 20 years, Filson is able to provide you with a variety of chemical reactors, with diverse materials and sizes to meet your various needs.

Good Sealing

Filson has advanced welding technology to guarantee the chemical reactor is 100% fully sealed. We also take strict testing to ensure the reaction process goes smoothly and safely.

Advantages of Filson Chemical Reactors

  • Advanced: Filson is a senior designer and manufacturer of pressure vessels. We have been specializing in machinery manufacturing for more than 20 years, with rich experience, huge scale and advanced equipment, so the production equipment is very satisfied.
  • Considerate: Filson is an OEM factory with enough ability to offer you one-stop turnkey solution. We are fully responsible for designing, producing, testing and delivering products, which can maximize your time savings and ensure reasonable delivery time.
  • Affordable: Compared to the products from other well-known brands, Filson chemical reactor has the same advanced quality, but at an affordable price. We price you at cost strictly to provide you with the highest cost performance chemical reactors.

Features of Filson Chemical Reactors

  • Custom-made reactor to meet individual requirements
  • Various flow design for better performance like radial and axial flow
  • Available for both batch and continuous operation
  • High grade materials ensuring the long-lasting of the reactor
  • Suitable for both large scale and small scale production
  • Applicable for a wide range of chemical and industrial reactions
  • Uniform temperature distribution inside the vessel
  • Safe process with high product purity
  • Outstanding temperature and corrosion resistance for less maintenance

Why Choose Filson Chemical Reactors

Filson aims to continuously improve production technology in all aspects, especially for chemical thermodynamics. And our quality chemical reactors focus on how to control the temperature in the reactor within an appropriate range to achieve a balance between productivity, economy and safety, thus benefits to your business.

In order to ensure the long durability of the chemical reactor, Filson chooses the raw materials carefully and precisely from our stable suppliers. We offer a wide range of material options for you including but not limited to stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium, glass and glass lined.

No matter for laminar flow, turbulent flow or plug flow chemical reactor, Filson is able to engineer one to your specifications. According to your special requirements, the reactor can be composed of housing, feed pipe, discharge pipe, control system, sealing device and other optional choices.

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  • Construction Material: stainless steel, carbon steel, Hastelloy, titanium, glass
  • Working Temperature: 300℃ – 550℃
  • Working Pressure: up to 350MPa
  • Reactor Volume: 200 – 4000 gallons
  • Heating Power: 300 – 500W
  • Vessel Diameter: up to 10 meter
  • Maximum Wall Thickness: 350mm
  • Vessel Capacity: 1 – 15000L
  • Operation Type: continuous, batch, semi-batch
  • Control various conditional parameters in the reaction process
  • Save overall costs and improve revenue potential for chemical plants
  • Keep stableproduction and reduce energy consumption
  • Stir the reaction materials in the tank evenly
  • Reduce the generation of instantaneous hot spots
  • Convert non-economically valuable raw materials into commercial products

Applications of Chemical Reactors

Pharmaceutical Production

Chemical reactors play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical production field. They are used to carry out various chemical reactions, such as synthesis, purification, and crystallization, that are required to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished dosage forms.

In wastewater treatment, chemical reactors are used to perform chemical reactions to remove pollutants and impurities from the water. They are commonly used in chemical oxidation processes like ozone or hydrogen peroxide treatment.

Chemical reactors are commonly used in environmental protection by enabling the efficient and effective treatment of waste and pollution. It removes pollutants from water or air through various chemical reactions, or restores contaminated soil and groundwater.

Due to the excellent corrosion resistance of chemical reactors, they are compatible with the vast majority of chemicals, and is widely used in chemical synthesis, process intensification, unit operations, catalysis processes, scale up and other fields.

Chemical reactors have various uses that accelerate the anaerobic digestion of organic waste to produce biogas, improve the purity of biogas, and grow methane microorganisms, etc. It ensures the quick production and efficient utilization of biogas.

Widely used in processing step of various industries, such as petrochemical, food&beverage, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, paper industry, etc., Chemical reactor can not only speed up the processing process, but also can provide a safe and stable environment for processing.

Filson : Providing You Safe, Efficient, Durable Chemical Reactor in China

During the manufacturing procedure, Filson strictly controls the every details following the international standards to bring you the best chemical reactors.

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