Filson Adiabatic Reactor

  • Precise design based on customers’ requirements
  • Excellent performance in chemicals mixing
  • Available to be manufactured in different sizes and other related specifications
  • Simple structure for easy operation and maintenance
  • High efficiency reactor with a competitive price

Filson adiabatic reactor is a chemical reactor that does not exchange heat with the outside world. It can be divided into single-stage adiabatic reactor and multi-stage adiabatic reactor.

  • Construction material: stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, carbon steel, Monel
  • Working temperature: 300 – 500℃
  • Working pressure: up to 350MPa
  • Reactor volume: 1000 – 2000L
  • Heating power: 300 – 500W
  • Operation style: batch, continuous
  • Minimum order quantity: 1pcs

Note: specifications listed above are for reference only, please contact Filson for more information.

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Filson Adiabatic Reactor

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Filson single-stage adiabatic reactor is a cylindric body with a small height-to-diameter ratio. There is no heat transfer component inside the reactor and a uniformly stacked catalyst grid plate is installed at the bottom.

In Filson adiabatic reactor, the reaction gas preheated to the appropriate temperature is introduced in from the upper part of the reactor. Through the gas pre-distribution device, the gas passes through the bed for reaction uniformly and is led out through the bottom.

The advantages of Filson adiabatic reactor is simple structure, low cost and full utilization of reaction volume. But it is only suitable for the occasion where the thermal effect is small and the reaction temperature is allowed to flutuate in a wide range.

The structure of Filson multi-state adiabatic reactor is similar to that of single-state adiabatic reactor. However, the reaction temperature can be adjusted to a certain extent.

According to the requirements of heat exchange, another heat exchanger can be set up outside the reactor, or heat exchange elements can be installed between each section of the reactor. Whether you need an adiabatic reactor or a heat exchanger, Filson can provides for you. Just Click Here to contact us.

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