Filson F8 Bag Filter

  • Stable filtration performance under normal, even harsh conditions
  • Robust and rigid filter frame for corrosion resistance
  • Uniform air flow passing through the pocket for better efficiency
  • Available to be applied to various industrial and commercial applications
  • Good temperature and humidity resistance for long time use

Filson F8 bag filter is also called a pocket filter for its pocket shape. It is widely used in hospitals, schools, universities, hotels, pharmaceuticals and food manufacturing plants to capture fine dust and particles in the air including powder, pollen, mould spores and bacteria.

  • Pocket material: synthetic fiber, fiberglass
  • Frame material: galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic
  • Working temperature: up to 80°C
  • Humidity resistance: 80%
  • F8 filter efficiency: 90% – 95%
  • Normal size: 595 x 595 x 600mm
  • Initial resistance: 120Pa
  • Pocket number: 8, 10

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Filson F8 Bag Filter

Superior F8 Bag Filter Serving the World

Using hot fusion process, Filson F8 bag filter structure is made stable and robust, reducing the risk of breakage and leakage. Meanwhile, the long-lasting electrostatic non-woven fabric ensures the even air flow distribution to maintain the pocket shape and reduce the loss.

Filson F8 bag filter is engineered with quality filter media without the risk of glass fiber breakage. It does not cause discomfort to humans. Also, because there is no conditions for microbial breeding, the filter is endowed with longer service life and can be operated under high temperature of 80°C.

Filson F8 bag type medium efficiency filter is used as a medium filter for both commercial and industrial clean room ventilation and air conditioning system, clean room air supply system, automotive industry, hotel and office buildings to provide a clearer environment for workers.

If you want to apply an effective air filter for your industry, please check the specifications of Filson F8 pocket filter listed above and see if the air filter is suitable or not. Or you can directly send your requirements to us and we can customize for you.

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