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As an established and applauded OEM company, Filson has extensive experience for more than 20 years to offer reliable products.

  • Available for customized materials and sizes
  • Flexible connection design for easy installation
  • High dirt holding capacity with great productivity
  • Robust construction reduces maintenance costs
  • Multiple series to meet various application needs

What is Edible Oil Filtration

Filson edible oil filtration is an important part in purification of edible oil, which can remove unwanted particles while maintaining the quality of edible oil. Our product is specially designed to remove the finest particles from oil, delivering high-quality edible oil.

Filson has a comprehensive product portfolio to meet a wide range of edible oil applications, which includes self-cleaning filter, candle filter, pressure leaf filter, etc. In addition, Filson also provides related accessories to support optimal performance of our products.

Weather high or low flow rate, high or low pressure situation, Filson edible oil filter provides excellent filtration performance safely and effectively. As an economical and reliable solution, it is available for various dimensions to meet unique requirements.

Edible Oil Filtration Categories

Pressure Leaf Filter

Adopting fully enclosed construction, Filson pressure leaf filter reduces the possibility of leakage and consumption. Generally, it provides 5 to 80 pieces of inside leaves, which delivers larger surface area with higher filtration rate. Also, it ensures simple and fast operation.

Sparkler Filter

Filson sparkler filter, also known as sparkler filter press, can effectively remove particles from liquids. With large dirt holding capacity, it enables longer filtration service time while reducing equipment downtime to save maintain costs.

Edible Oil Filter Press

Thanks to latest techniques and fine machined design, Filson edible oil pressure performs great to separate unwanted particles from oil. Based on the viscosity of edible oil and amount of sediments contained, it available for unique dimensions.

Candle Filter

Filson candle filter is featured with fine filtration capacity as its sub-micron particle retention ability. Also, it utilizes washable filter cake to achieve maximum economic benefit. Its automiatic operation and self-cleaning system saves maintenance costs and time consumption.

Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Completely fabricated by quality stainless steel materials, Filson stainless steel filter housing is endowed with high resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Meanwhile, it can also handle high flow rates and high pressure conditions as its robust structure.

Self-cleaning Filter

Unlike conventional manual cleaning filter, Filson self-cleaning filter enables an uninterrupted filtration process to improve filtration efficiency and shorten downtime. Due to large flow rate range and high filtration rating, it is an ideal solution for edible oil.

Edible Oil FiltrationTypes by Oil Filtration System (3)

  • Vacuum Dehydrator
    Providing high water removal efficiency, which as low as 20 ppm, Filson vacuum dehydrator can perfectly keep clean and smooth edible oil. In addition, it is available for a variety of different sizes and flexible design to better fulfill customized applications.
  • High Viscosity Filter Cart
    Filson high viscosity filter cart is an ideal solution to filter highly contaminated or high viscosity oils as it can effectively remove particles or free water from oil by up to 160 L/min flow rate. It becomes an ideal choice as its high efficiency with fine filtration accuracy.
  • Portable Oil Filter
    With dual-filters design, Filson portable oil filter is able to eliminate water, larger and finer particles from oil while reducing equipment downtime. It combines different flow rates, ranging from 25 to 200 l/min, with various materials to meet unique requirements.

Common Accessories (6)

  • Oil Filter Cloth
    As a key factor to optimize filter press operations, Filson oil filter cloth is featured with high tensile strength and excellent resistance to abrasion, which greatly prolongs its service life. With advanced fabrication techniques, it offers perfect fits with your filter equipment.
  • Oil Filter Paper
    Featured with high porosity and uniform filter media, Filson oil filter paper provides great permeability and filtration capacity. Thanks to durable and robust structure, it has longer service life to save maintain costs.
  • Oil Filter Bag
    Filson oil filter bag, also referred to as filter socks, can be fabricated by polyester, polypropylene or other materials, which is cleanable and reusable for longer operating life. With high flow rate up to 15 gpm with customized sizes, it is suitable for various actual operating environment.
  • Oil Filter Leaves
    Filson oil filter leaves offers 3 or 5 layer wire mesh, which provides high filtration efficiency, filtrate quality and flux rates. Thanks to rigid frame structure and perfect sealing design, it delivers higher performance and longer lifespan.
  • Candle Filter Element
    With large filtration area and high dirt holding capacity, Filson candle filter element is able to filter large volume without clogging risks. Available for various materials and microns, such as stainless steel, ceramic or sintered types with 3 microns to 150 microns.
  • Filson oil filter element provides various filter elements to accommodate different fluids and applications, such as micro-glass, paper, stainless steel wire mesh, etc. In addition, it contains many types like high flow ones, high pressure ones, basket ones, etc.

Edible Oil Filtration Benefits

Extended Service Life

Because of its robust structure and high strength, the big advantage of Filson edible oil filtration is durability, which greatly improves service life as well as reduces maintenance costs.

Prominent Filtration Property
Prominent Filtration Property

With high dirty holding capacity and large filter area, Filson edible oil filtration can effectively separate particles and other contaminants from oil and maximize performance of filter process.

Reliable Quality Guarantee
Reliable Quality Guarantee

All Filson edible oil filtration is fabricated by high-quality raw materials, hence it workable under high corrosion situation, even high temperature environments.

Extensive Sizes & Series

Filson edible oil filtration is available for various sizes, dimensions and materials. Also, according to different types of oil, we also provide various products to optimal applications.

Edible Oil Filtration Specific Features

  • Wide flow range with accuracy filtration rating
  • Large dirty holding capacity to improve productivity
  • Low maintain costs without frequent replacement
  • Rigid structure with high resistance to corrosion
  • Advanced technology ensures great sealing design
  • Stable performance under arduous environments
  • Washable and cleanable to obtain maximum economic benefit
  • Simple, easy, effective and safe operation guarantee
  • Reliable quality in accordance with ISO certification
  • Fast transportation ways including FedEx/TNT/DHL
Edible Oil Filtration Specific Features

Why Choose Filson Edible Oil Filtration

Edible Oil Filter Production

Filson edible oil filtration is fabricated by high-quality materials, which enjoys good resistance to corrosion, high or low temperature and pressure. With fine machining and special surface treatment, it has smooth and clean appearance.

Thanks to high dirty holding capacity, Filson edible oil filtration can effectively remove impurities in crude oil to ensure getting high quality and safe edible oil. Compare to traditional edible oil filtration, our product can make edible oil more refined and pure while reducing operation costs.

Moreover, Filson provides one-stop solution for edible oil filtration, from materials to fabrication, from delivery to after-sales, our committed to offering the best using experience for you. Based on real situation, customized service is available.

If you are interested in our edible oil filtration or want to learn more details, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at

  • Raw Material: SS 304, SS 316L, nickel, titanium alloy, Hastelloy, etc.
  • Filter Cloth: PP, PE, PPS, PTFE, nylon fiber, etc.
  • Working Pressure: 0.25 – 25 Mpa
  • Working Temperature: 0 – 150°C
  • Filtration Accuracy: down to 0.2 micron
  • Filtration Area: 0.17 m² to 200 m²
  • Connection: flange, screwed, thread, etc.
  • Flow Rate: 15 – 4200 m³/h
Applications of Edible Oil Filters
  • Avocado oil
  • Palm oil
  • Peanut oil/ groundnut oil
  • Rice bran oil
  • Safflower oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Olive oil
  • Mustard oil
Filson - Simple, Effective and High Demand on Filtration

Filson provides high quality products with affordable price, customized service with fast delivery and one-stop solutions. All you want equipment can get from Filson, feel free to contact us!

Edible Oil Filtration FAQ Guide

How is Edible Oil Filtered?

How is Edible Oil Filtered

In order to get the desired quality of edible oil, the crude oil need to run through several process to remove free floating impurities, which called as foots. Also, based on the kind of oil, there also needs to eliminate other purification like dewaxing, bleaching, deorderizing, etc.

Simply, the steps can be divided into three parts: to remove foots, miscella of lecithin from gums, and finally, bleached or detoxified oil filtration to eliminate color or other particles.

How to Get a Quality Edible Oil?

How to Get a Quality Edible Oil

The right filtration is an essential elements to produce high quality edible oil. Typically, it includes several steps:

  • Crude oil filtration
  • Miscella filtration
  • Bleached and/or detoxified oil filtration
  • Deodorized oil filtration
  • Winterized oil filtration
  • Hydrogenation
  • Post Bleaching
  • Safety filtration
  • Polishing filtration
What is Polishing Filtration?

What is Polishing Filtration

As the final step of edible oil filtration, polishing filtration makes higher requirements of oil quality. Compare to bag filter, cartridge filter offers more consistent and better effluent quality at the same micron rating.

What is Safety Filtration?

What is Safety Filtration

Safety filtration is used after cake filter to control the quality of edible oil while ensuring no particles leaving. Typically, bag filter can be used in this step. When required automatic operation, an automatic back pulse filter is an ideal choice.

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