Eaton Filter Elements

  • Wide range of materials, sizes and micron ratings
  • Stable filtration performance with shorter downtime
  • More pleats and multi-layer design for large filtration area
  • High dirt-holding capacity, large flow rate of 200 l/min
  • Superior filtration efficiency up to 99.5% at 10 micron
  • Customized solutions available for unique requirement
  • High temperature and corrosion resistance

Filson Eaton filter elements are mainly made of stainless steel wire mesh, microglass fiber or other materials. If you choose sintered metal like titanium as material, Eaton filter element replacement can withstand temperature as high as 371℃ and high pressure up to 210 bar.

  • Raw Material: stainless steel 316, microglass fiber, titanium…
  • Filtration Precision: 0.05 – 150 micron
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 371℃
  • Operating Pressure: from 10 to 210 bar
  • Filtration Efficiency: up to 99.5%
  • Flow Rate: up to 200 l/min
  • Sealing Material: nitrile, viton

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Eaton Filter Elements

Your Credible Eaton Filter Elements Supplier in China

Filson Eaton filter element, as an important hydraulic filter element, has strong mechanical strength, better chemical compatibility and huge flow rate. Therefore, our Eaton Filter element replacement is best suitable for your hydraulic and lubrication system.

Compering with other filter elements, Filson Eaton filter element replacement has fine filtration precision down to 0.05 micron, and the particle-removal efficiency can reach 99.5% at 10 micron. It has various applications, like power generation, oil and gas filtration, agriculture and construction.

Having professional technicians and the latest technology, Filson has the ability to provide you various high-quality Eaton filter elements types to meet your specific need, such as pressure filter element, return-/in-line filter element, suction filter element or easy-fit filter elements.

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