Filson Dust Filter Foam

  • Excellent water, moisture, and thermal resistance
  • Acids and alkali, saltwater, organic chemicals, soaps, and detergents resistance.
  • no toxic, no harmless, environmental protection
  • Manufactured in strict process
  • Little airflow resistance
  • Long life-span foam

Filson dust foam filter is commonly manufactured in polyurethane, preventing dust and other debris for filtration. Filson dust filter foams are ideal for filtration in PC computers, machines, and other facilities.

  • Material: polyurethane
  • Thickness range: 4-500mm
  • Thermal resistance: -40/+140℃
  • Pore size:10-100 pores per inch
  • Color: black, red, gray, blue, and more
  • Shape: as your request
  • Minimum order: 50 sheets

Note: Listed above are for reference purposes, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Dust Filter Foam

Your Reliable Dust Filter Foam Manufacturer in China

Dust is the first cause of hardware failure, clogging in components will prevent your machines from running efficiently. Machine components will become compromised, prohibiting the desired airflow. So preventing dust in your machine ensures prolonged life.

Air filters have generally been made from paper or cotton but as technology has grown and developed new materials were researched to provide better retention from dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air.

Significantly, Filson possess the cutting-edge technology to produce a dust foam filter using polyurethane as a material. And we already have a standard production line to strictly control the product quality. So you can trust us. Any other questions? Click Here for more information.

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