Filson Dust Extraction Filter Cartridge

  • Good air permeablity
  • High dust removal efficiency
  • Advanced media for fine particles capture
  • Extensive range of media to select depending on customer requirements
  • Optional stainless steel construction available on all cartridges

Filson, as a professional expert in industry filtration field, has rich experience in designing and manufacturing dust extraction filter cartridge which can be applied to nearly any industrial filtration system.

  • Types of media: cellulose polyester, spunbond polyester, nanoweb, PTFE mambrane, carbon, synthetic
  • Maximum operating temperature: no more than 177℃(upon basic media)
  • Dust removal efficiency: 95%-99.97%
  • Micron ratings: 0.2-50 micron
  • Dimensions: height: 22″, outside diameter: 7.93″, inside diameter: 3.60″(more sizes upon requirements)
  • Replaceable brands: Donaldson, Mac, Wynn, Wheelabrator, AAF(more brands consulting sales)

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Filson Dust Extraction Filter Cartridge

Eminent Dust Extraction Filter Cartridge Serving the World

Filson provides all kinds of dust extraction filter cartridges including but not limited to dust collector filter bags, pleated filter cartridge dust collectors, cylinder air filter for dust collector, cellulose air filter for dust collector and polyester dust collector air filter cartridge.

In addition to standard and custom type of dust extraction filter cartridge, Filson also supplies filter cartridge replacement of various brands such as Donaldson, Wynn, Farr, Robovent and so on. All replacements are promised a same performance as OEMs.

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