Filson Duplex Oil Strainer

  • Wide range of connection size
  • Available to be designed and built-in different shapes and patterns
  • Remarkable effect for oil handling systems
  • Large flow capacity up to 15000L/min
  • Low-pressure drop

Filson manufactures ideal duplex oil strainers for oil handling systems. And with two strainer chambers working by turns, a duplex oil strainer can provide a continuous supply of oil which effectively improves the filtration efficiency.

  • Raw Material: stainless steel 304 or 316, carbon steel, cast iron, PVC
  • Connection Size: 1inch to 24inch
  • Operating Temperature: -190℃—600℃(upon materials)
  • Flow Capacity: up to 15000L/min
  • Flitration Ratings: 1μm to 10000μm
  • Pressure Capacity: up to 100 bar
  • AvailableMedium: oil

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Filson Duplex Oil Strainer

Excellent Duplex Oil Strainer for Worldwide

Filson duplex oil strainer, also called duplex fuel oil strainer, can be made of stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, carbon steel, cast iron or PVC materials. Among those materials, stainless steel may be the best choice for its high temperature and corrosion resistance, but for PVC material, you may apply it in a relatively lower thermal environment.

Filson has a professional team of engineers, workers and engineering sales with profound knowledge in their distinct fields. No matter for connection size, materials, housing or replacement, Filson can give you the most practical advice.

Fill the information sheet on the page and get in touch with your professional duplex oil strainer supplier in China.

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