High Pressure Duplex Filter

High Pressure Duplex Filter

The FilSon High Pressure Duplex Filter (HPDF) consists of a filter head with screw-in filter bowls, allowing the filter element to be removed for replacement or cleaning easily.

With flow capacity up to 660 l/min and pressure being 32 Mpa, this carbon steel & stainless steel high pressure duplex filter is ideal for hydraulic and lube systems where filters must be serviced continuously with little or no interruption.

  • Compact, lightweight and easy-to-operate
  • Flow rate of 660 l/min with 32 Mpa.
  • Fineness: 3 – 100 µm (other on request)
  • Connection for a clogging indicator
  • Work continuously without downtime
  • Cast steel or stainless steel material optional

Why Filson High Pressure Duplex Filter

  • Easy-to-operate lever handle

    Flexible, lightweight and quiet operation

  • Colors

    Variety customizable colors, Industrial powder-coated paint

  • Screw-in filter bowls

    Easy installation, require minimal clearance to remove the element for replacement

  • Indicator Port

    Indicating when to change filter elements

  • Drain Plug

    Dumping oil before changing elements.
    Help to keep the inside working area clean.

  • Inlet/Outlet

    Inlet and outlet connections are located on the opposite side

  • Direction Valve

    Longer service life, reliable sealing. Permit by-passing the filter during elements changes without costly system shutdown

  • Filter Head

    Industrial quality. It can be installed in minimal storage space.

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