Diffusion Stone

An Ideal Solution for Carbonating Beers and Beverages

Filson diffusion stone would like to be your preferred option when your brewery or beverage plant needs to infuse gas into the targeted liquid. It allows you quickly and efficiently carbonate beers or any type of your beverage, meanwhile offering long service life.

With over 18 years of experience in the filtration field, Filson is confident that we can provide you with the best quality diffusion stones at a competitive price. We own a series of advanced sintering furnaces and other processing equipment, as well as an expert engineer team, fully equipped to assist you with any diffusion stone projects.

Here is your most right and ideal place to purchase Diffusion Stones.

Diffusion Stone

Diffusion Stone for Carbonation
Filson diffusion stone for carbonation is mainly made of food grade SS 316L material, ensuring the maximal health and safety of carbonated drinks.
5 Micron Diffusion Stone
Filson 5 micron diffusion stone features high temperature and pressure resistance, and superb anti-corrosion capacity. But this type is designed in a larger pore size than other two common types thus may limit the adsorption rate of gas by liquid.
2 Micron Diffusion Stone
Filson 2 micron diffusion stone is one of the most popular choice for beer carbonating with standard 2 micron pores design. It can make various gases infuse the targeted liquids quickly and efficiently.
0.5 Micron Diffusion Stone
Filson 0.5 micron diffusion stone is the finest micron rating type and can effectively help to shorten the carbonating time. It is able to diffuse the gas by numerous 0.5 micron pores, resulting in the optimized flavor of drinks.
Stainless Steel Diffusion Stone
Filson stainless steel diffusion stone, also called stainless diffusion stone, SS brewtech carb stone, is frequently used to carbonate beer or diffuse gas by its porous structure.
Diffusion Stone Brewing
Filson diffusion stone brewing is an quick and efficient solution to carbonate beer or oxygenate wort more evenly. It benefits to optimize the flavor of your beer while saving your brewing time.
Oxygen Diffusion Stone
Filson oxygen diffusion stone is designed for the oxygenation of the wort during the beer brewing process. Commonly manufactured in SS 316L material for high food safety.
Ozone Diffuser Stone
Filson ozone diffuser stone is mainly made of stainless steel or titanium material, offering a variety of configurations, dimensions and pore sizes. Any custom requirement available.

Why Filson

PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER- Filson engineers have extensive expertise and rich experience in designing & manufacturing diffusion stones, which can help you meet every challenge about gas diffusion.

ADVANCED EQUIPMENT- Filson owns a series of advanced sintering furnaces, molding equipment, and other accurate test equipment, to achieve large quantity production and optimal quality.

COMPETITIVE PRICE- Filson is an experienced factory infiltration field, so our pricing is always direct ex-works, and we deliver products from our factory to shorten the shipping time.

GUARANTEED QUALITY- Filson diffusion stones have been certified by ISO 9001, CE, and each batch of raw materials also has material certificates like EN10201 3.1/3.2.

Filson Diffusion Stone Catalog

Filson: Pioneer of Designing and Manufacturing Diffusion Stone in China

Filson diffusion stone, also called carbonation stone, carb stone, is usually used for breweries to aerate wort prior to fermentation, or other applications where it need to diffuse gas. Experiencing a sintering process, it features a rigid and stable construction with excellent mechanical strength.

Diffusion Stone Brewing Diffusion Stone for Carbonation

Diffusion Stone Brewing Diffusion Stone for Carbonation

Filson diffusion stone is mainly made of stainless steel, among SS 304 and 316(L) materials are very popular choices. Certainly, other materials are available, like Titanium, and you are permitted to specify the most appropriate one according to the actual temperature, pressure, corrosion… conditions of your application.

Harsh conditions are an area in which it excels. Filson carbonation stone is extremely suitable for kinds of low/high temperature and corrosive (like acid&alkali) operating environments as the nature of its raw material. Besides, each batch of our raw materials is certified, we can show the certificates like EN10201 3.1/3.2 if you require.

Diffusion Stone durable and cleanable Various Sizes Carbonation Stones

Diffusion Stone Durable and Cleanable Various Sizes Carbonation Stones

Filson diffusion stone has a porous structure with high permeability and high porosity of 15-45%, contributing to a lot of tiny pores in a uniform distribution. When the gas reaches its body from the hose to which it is connected, under specific pressure, it will create uniform bubbles. Carbonation was then completed.

Diffusion Stone Manufactured by Filson Carb Stone for Brewing

Diffusion Stone Manufactured by Filson Carb Stone for Brewing

Filson provides diffusion stones in a broad range of micron ratings, with .5 micron diffusion stone, 2-micron diffusion stone, and 5-micron diffusion stone being the most frequently ordered types. Especially the .5 micron diffusion stones can disperse any type of gas into your liquid more quickly and uniformly, optimizing the flavor of your drinks.

Diffusion Stone Stainless Steel Diffusion Stone Manufacturer

Diffusion Stone Stainless Steel Diffusion Stone Manufacturer

However, as you know, these precisely controlled pores are micron-sized, thus there is a risk of blockage. Thankfully, Filson diffusion stone is cleanable and reusable and allows to be cleaned by water boiling, chemical soaking, and air blowing.

Diffusion Stone Supplier Filson Carbonation Stone

Diffusion Stone Supplier Filson Carbonation Stone

Warm Tips:

  1. Boiling your diffusion stone for 2-5 minutes is best to clean and sanitize it strictly. And be careful after that, since the boiled stainless steel stone may retain heat.
  2. If your diffusion stone is long-term unused or clogged seriously, give a 10 seconds dip in acid before the regular cleaning procedure.

Diffusion Stone with Additional Parts Filson Carbonation Stone for Brewing

Diffusion Stone with Additional Parts Filson Carbonation Stone for Brewing

Furthermore, you’d better pick the sintered portion up with sanitized gloves or just take up its barb, because your grease from fingers will cause the clogging problem if you touch it by hand directly.

Of course, other micron rating designs for Filson diffusion stones are available, from 0.1 to 120 μm, just contact our engineer team and tell us what your actual application needs. We will satisfy all your requests and ensure the best system suitability with our start-of-the-art technologies.

Typically, Filson designs diffusion stones with BSP or NPT threads and hose barbs to make a tight connection to the equipment. Even with the high pressure of up to 5 Mpa and high-frequency vibration during operation, Filson diffusion stone still works well without any issues of dislodgement.

Filson Diffusion Stone Manufacturer Carb Stone Supplier

Filson Diffusion Stone Manufacturer, Carb Stone Supplier

Filson offers OEM service and a series of CAD drawings for custom designs to professionally solve the problems of every particular application. Our technical support will be with you every step of the way, from pre-sale to after-sale.

About storage, you are recommended to store your Filson diffusion stones at room temperature in dry environmental conditions. Plus, remember to clean and disinfect it thoroughly before and after use every time, to ensure an extended service life and keep the diffusion effect.

Filson diffusion stones in standard micron ratings and dimensions are in stock for immediate delivery to meet your urgent orders. But if you need a customization service, please allow us 7-14 days for production. Filson is capable of offering high-quality diffusion stones at economical prices, making you more competitive in the marketplace.

SS Diffusion Stone Package by Single Plastic Ziplock Bag

SS Diffusion Stone Package by Single Plastic Ziplock Bag

Usually, we package each diffusion stone in a separate ziplock bag and place them neatly in a decent-sized carton. Or an additional wooden case is available if your order has a large quantity. In short, we will provide a perfect package to guarantee safety during transportation.

Except for diffusion stones, Filson also specializes in manufacturing other sintered products, such as sintered mesh filter, sintered bronze filter, sintered plastic, pneumatic muffler(silencer)… We work with many university laboratories and high-tech electron companies year-round, to supply a variety of sintered powder or sintered mesh products.

If you are interested in Filson diffusion stones or other products, do not hesitate to contact Filson:

Call: 86 – 157 3695 8886


Filson is very happy to be your next project partner!

Filson Diffusion Stone Features:

  • Porous structure and uniform pore distribution with high porosity
  • Superior corrosion resistance for various chemical environments
  • Highly resistant to high temperature and high pressure
  • Precise pore size control for excellent diffusion effect
  • Optional micron ratings for different application needs
  • Reliable quality and no powder drop by advanced sintering technology
  • Easy to install and remove through flexible connection designs
  • Easy to clean through chemical soaking and water flushing

Filson Diffusion Stone Specifications:

  • Body Material: SS 304/316 L, Titanium or on request
  • Operating Temp: up to 600℃
  • Operating Pressure: Max. 5 Mpa
  • Micron Rating: 0.1-120 μm (usually 0.5 or 2 micron)
  • Porosity: 15-45 %
  • Length: up to 12 inch
  • Connection: tri-clamp, BSP/NPT thread, barb

Note: listed above for reference only, please contact Filson for customization.

Filson Diffusion Stone Applications:

  • Beverage
  • Brewery
  • Laboratory
  • Bioreactor
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Water Treatment

People Also Ask

What Is a Diffusion Stone?

What is a Diffusion Stone

Diffusion stone, also called carbonation stone, carbonating stone, or carb stone for short is usually used to carbonate beers or diffuse gas into beverages. It features a porous structure with high porosity, can release gas from those precisely controlled and tiny pores, and then infuse them into wort or your targeted liquid, helping the brewing process quicker and more effective.

Diffusion stone is a sintered metal powder product that provides excellent mechanical properties, high-temp, and high-corrosive resistance, just like other metal products. So you can leave it to take on various harsh environments with confidence.

What Materials Can Be Used To Manufacture Diffusion Stone?

What Materials Can be Used to Manufacture Diffusion Stone

Commonly, we manufacture diffusion stones in Stainless Steel 304/316(L) or Titanium(pure or alloy) materials to suit most gas diffusion applications. Among, food-grade 316L Stainless Steel is the most popular material for its excellent performance and guaranteed safety.

Of course, your required materials are available, we are always committed to serving you with optimal diffusion stones and perfectly assisting your diffusion projects.

How Does a Diffusion Stone Work?

How Dose a Diffusion Stone Work

Diffusion stone is molded and sintered with your desired metal powder, resulting in a porous construction with high porosity and permeability.

During the process of carbonating beer or oxygenating wort, the targeted gas(e.g. CO2) passes through a connected hose then be released from numerous tiny pores in the diffusion stone.

*Every diffusion stone is designed with a barb to attach a silicone hose, as standard.

Can I Clean My Diffusion Stone? How To Clean?

Can I Clean my Diffusion Stone How to Clean

Yes, sure. Diffusion stone is available to be cleaned and reused for long-lasting service life.

There are three recommendations for regular cleaning:

  1. Boil the diffusion stone with clean water for 2-5 minutes and then allow it to air dry naturally, or flush it with clean air.
  2. Soak the diffusion stone in acid or other chemical solution to chemically react with the clogged particles. This way is ideal for long unused or heavily clogged stones.
  3. Once the stone is all flushed out with its first flush, you can actually remove it from the assembly, and you just have the stone itself. Now put it in your ultrasonic cleaner and your stone will be cleaned by sound waves. This is a very effective way to spotless the micropores rather than other simple cleanings which can not reach the depth of the pores.

Diffusion stone is usually made of stainless steel material so that it may be antibacterial, however, its tiny pores are easy to clog if you use it improperly. So you are recommended to pick it up with sanitized gloves or just take up its barb portion, to avoid any oil from your fingers clogging the pores.

In addition, a thorough cleaning for your diffusion stone is essential before and after each use to achieve an extended service life.

What Are the Differences Between .5 micron Diffusion Stone, 2-micron Diffusion Stone, and 5-micron Diffusion Stone?

What Are the Differences Between .5 micron Diffusion Stone, 2 micron Diffusion Stone and 5 micron Diffusion Stone

As you see, the most difference between .5 micron diffusion stone, 2-micron diffusion stone, and 5-micron diffusion stone is their accuracy design.

The finer the micron rating, the smaller bubbles will be produced, thus the gas will be infused into the liquid more uniformly and effectively. Among them, .5 micron diffusion stone is a preferred choice for carbonating beer, soda, sparkling water, and others, benefiting to improve the flavor of drinks.

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