Filson Diffusion Stone for Carbonation

  • Excellent corrosion and temperature resistance
  • Durable and reusable for a long-lasting service
  • Precise pore sizes with uniform gas diffusion
  • Customizable dimensions with the best adaptability
  • Optional connection types and sizes with a tight connection

Filson diffusion stone for carbonation is commonly manufactured in SS 304/316 (L) material, providing high temp and corrosion resistance performance. It is extremely beneficial for the production of beer, sparkling water, soda, and other carbonated drinks.

  • Material: food-grade SS 304/316 (L), Titanium, or on request
  • Micron Rating: down to 0.2 μm (0.5/2 μm are standard)
  • Length: up to 36”
  • Element Diameter: from 1/2”
  • Barb Diameter: from 1/4”
  • Connection: barb, thread, tri-clamp
  • MOQ: 10 PCs

Note: Listed above are for reference purposes, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Diffusion Stone for Carbonation

Your Dependable Diffusion Stone for Carbonation Manufacturer in China

Filson diffusion stone for carbonation offers a variety of dimensions to ideally fit your equipment, with a common cylinder body. Of course, we permit each custom design based on your existing equipment, or we can design a new drawing after you send us your independent sizes.

About connection designs of diffusion stone for carbonation, barb, NPT, BSP thread, tri-clamp in any reasonable sizes are all available by Filson. Besides, a standard Filson diffusion stone for carbonation is in stock which can be delivered immediately to meet your urgent orders.

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