Filson Diffusion Stone Brewing

  • Food grade SS 316L construction for safety and quality
  • Wide temperature adaptability and high corrosion resistance
  • Optional and customizable dimensions for best system suitability
  • Flexible connection designs with adjustable sizes
  • Precisely controlled pore sizes for uniform gas diffusion

Filson diffusion stone brewing is an efficient and optimized solution for your breweries, achieving a quick and healthy carbonation process. Through producing microbubbles, Filson diffusion stones offer increased gas-liquid contact area, making CO2 infuse the beer more evenly.

  • Material: food-grade SS 316 L or on request
  • Micron Rating: 0.5/2/5 μm (0.5 μm as standard)
  • Length: up to 36”
  • Element Diameter: from 1/2”
  • Barb Diameter: from 1/4”
  • Connection: barb, thread, tri-clamp
  • MOQ: 10 PCs (depends on size)

Note: listed above for reference only, consult Filson for bespoke service.

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Filson Diffusion Stone Brewing

Your Irreplaceable Diffusion Stone for Brewing Manufacturer in China

Filson diffusion stone brewing is specially designed for the beer brewing process, whether for carbonating beer or oxygenating wort before the fermentation. It is usually mounted at the low position of a brite tank or fermentation tank to ensure a healthy fermentation or quick beer carbonation.

Filson can manufacture various diffusion stones in a wide range of specifications to benefit your breweries. Production from your existing drawing or from a new drawing designed by Filson, both are feasible. Just please share your requirements.

Call at 86 – 157 3695 8886 or email for more information.

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