Filson Dewaxing Filter Press

  • Long lasting under stable and normal conditions
  • Resistant to corrosive chemicals and easy to clean & maintain
  • Certified raw material to ensure the durability and performance
  • Rigorous processing control and careful calculation
  • Large filtration area leading to high production yields

Filson designs and manufactures qulity dewaxing filter press for all sorts of industrial applications. For example, it is designed to produce wax free oil and oil free wax in the petroleum industries, especially in the lube oil plant.

  • Number of plate: 24pcs
  • Cylinder pressure: 20-22MPa / 2900 – 3200PSI
  • Filter cake thickness: max. 30mm
  • Material: stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L
  • Machine size: for example 3210mm x 1150mm x 1110mm
  • Filtration area: 5 – 300m2
  • Filter press housing: stainless steel

Note: take specifications above for reference and contact our factory for more details.

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Filson Dewaxing Filter Press

Your Dependable Dewaxing Filter Press Manufacturer in China

Filson dewaxing filter press always adopts a horizontal filter press design for the safe, high capacity removal of wax from lubricating oils at low operating temperatures. The equipment can be instrumented and automated for continuous processing which provides much convenience for the industry.

Filson professional engineers use supreme class stainless steel to fabricate the dewaxing filter press under the support of latest technological advancements. The offered devices are highly demanded in various chemical, pharmaceutical industries, edible oil refinery and solvent extraction plant for filtration of various solid particles.

Filson provides a custom service for the clients. No matter for the number of plates, overall machine sizes, construction materials or external housing, Filson can tailor a desired filter press for you.

As one of the reliable filtration experts in China, Filson offers plenty of practical solutions for dewaxing in the industry. So if you are looking for a dewaxing filter press or any other types of filter press, just contact us directly and our specialists are here waiting for you.

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