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Serving superior depth filter cartridges for more than two decades, Filson can provide the best product at a competitive price for customers.

  • Available in wide selections of materials and dimensions
  • Reliable and proven quality without surfactants or binders
  • Excellent chemical compatibility with stable performance
  • Various categories can be used in many applications
  • Stable pore structure without drop-out of filter medium

What is Depth Filter Cartridges

Filson depth filter cartridges are designed to remove fine and coarse contaminants, such as dirt, grit, sand, rust, and organic solids. They contain a porous media with a tortuous path, which the entire medium, not only the surface, blocks unwanted particles.

With high standards and carefully selected materials, Filson depth filter cartridges are available in polypropylene, cotton, glass fiber, resin, nylon, polyester, etc. Besides, they are easy to install due to their lightweight and simple structure.

With high dirt holding capacity, superb efficiency, and lower pressure drop. Filson depth filter cartridges are a popular solution across many industries, such as chemical processing fluids, potable water, petroleum oils, RO pre-filtration, etc.

Depth Filter Cartridges Categories

Lenticular Filter Cartridges

With an accordion-like structure and small footprint, Filson lenticular filter cartridges, also called cylindrical depth filter cartridges, have wider surface area to retain solid containment in large volumes of fluids, hence it is an ideal choice in the food and beverage industry.

Nominal Depth Pleated Filter Cartridges

Thanks to the double layer pleating design, Filson nominal depth pleated filter cartridges enjoy five to ten times larger surface area compared to standard filters. It is available in polyester and polypropylene with a broad range of chemical resistance.

Melt Blown Filter Cartridge

Filsonmelt blown filter cartridge, also known as spun bonded filter cartridge, is a popular solution in water treatment of residents and industry, as it will not change the odor, taste, and color of the liquids. With low drops in pressure, it is highly efficient when operating.

String Wound Filter Cartridges

Designed to remove rust, silt, and other substances in liquid, Filson string wound filter cartridges demonstrate excellent depth filtration capacity and high dirt loading ability with 99.9% efficiency. The materials of string can be nylon, polypropylene (PP), fiberglass, cotton, etc.

Porous Metal Filter Cartridges

Due to uniform bore and precisely controlled pore size, Filson porous metal filter shows superior filtration efficiency with high porosity and permeability. It has more than two times operational life compared to other filters as it can be cleaned by physical or chemical methods.

Depth Filter Cartridges Benefits

Extend Service Life
Extend service life

Due to unique gradient density depth construction, Filson depth filter cartridges delivers longer shelf life and lower change-out frequency.

Prominent Dirt Holding Capacity
Prominent dirt holding capacity

With advanced technology, Filson depth filter cartridges deliver more than two times higher dirt holding capacity at lower pressure drop than conventional filter cartridges.

High Temperature & Chemical Resistance
High Temperature & Chemical Resistance

Utilizing 100% purity materials like polypropylene,polyester, Filson depth filter cartridges provide excellent thermal and chemical resistance, which up to 177°C.

Reliable and Consistent Quality
Reliable and consistent quality

After a rigid quality control test, Filson depth filter cartridges achieve 99% retention efficiency and consistent performance even at elevated differential pressures.

Depth Filter Cartridges VS Surface Filter Cartridges

Both depth filter cartridges and surface filter cartridges belong to cartridge filter, which are tubular-like. It is the most popular solution in diverse filtration requirements for its comprehensive functions.

There are two types of cartridge filters: depth filter cartridges and surface filter cartridges. The differences between them as follows:

  • Media: Depth filter cartridges block all particles and contaminants in the media while surface filter cartridges do not permit solids and pollutants in through media, by the contrary, they keep pollutants out of the media.
  • Layer: With a thicker layer or multiple layers of filter media, depth filter cartridges build a tortuous path for the contaminants and prevent them from passing. Surface filter cartridges only have one layer of materials to restrict contaminants through the surface.
  • Particle Size: When the sizes of entering particles bigger than the pore size of the filter medium, it is a surface filter cartridge, while the smaller one is a depth filter cartridge.
  • Price&Expect life: Surface filter cartridges are cheaper than depth filter cartridges, however, compared to service life, depth filter cartridges are longer
  • Clean method: After a prolonged period of use, both of them may produce scaling to impact filter performance so they need to be clean. Surface filter cartridges only clean the filtration surface while depth filter cartridges need a reverse flow or replace a new medium.
  • Strength: Depth filter cartridges have better mechanical strength than surface filter cartridges, except for the stainless steel filter medium.
Depth Filter Cartridges VS Surface Filter Cartridges

Why Choose Filson Depth Filter Cartridges

Depth Filter Cartridges Factory
Depth Filter Cartridges Production

Due to strict demands on materials and manufacturing, Filson depth filter cartridges exhibit well in dirt retention, low-pressure drop, and few contaminants remain. Whether what kinds of particles, they can accurately block.

Filson provides many types of depth filter cartridges to fulfill customers different requirements and different industrial and filtration standards, including melt blown, string wound, porous metal, nominal depth pleated, etc.

All Filson depth filter cartridges support customized service, from materials to length, from micron rating to diameters, with cost-effective and reliable quality, our products are a popular choice for domestic and industrial fields.

Can’t find what you need? Contact the experts to discuss your depth filter cartridge requirements, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at

Specifications of Depth Filter Cartridges

There are the general specifications of porous filters. You can choose them or choose our OEM services by sending us your unique data.

  • Material: polypropylene/PP, cotton, glass fiber, carbon, resin, nylon, polyester, PES, etc
  • Micron rating: 0.25 – 150 microns
  • Differential pressure: 60 psi/ 4.1 bar
  • Working temperature: up to 177°C, others on request
  • Standard outer diameter: 60 mm – 114 mm
  • Standard inner diameter: 27 mm – 30 mm
  • Connections: DOE and O-ring adapter
  • Length: 127 mm – 1016 mm
  • Flow rate: 5 – 30 GPM
  • Standard: FDA, NSF
Applications of Depth Filter Cartridges
  • Membrane prefiltration
  • DI water
  • Paint ink
  • Petrochemical
  • Liquid filtration in the food&beverage
  • RO pre-filtration
  • Organic solvents
  • Chemical processing fluids
  • Potable water
  • Petroleum oils
  • Wine clarification
  • Brewing
  • Deep well injection
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Healthcare applications
  • Waste treatment
Filson Depth Filter Cartridges Manufacturer
Filson Depth Filter Cartridges Manufacturer

Unmatched performance with two times service life, Filson depth filter cartridges bring the best user experience. Fast transportation ways including FedEx/TNT/DHL based on your requirements.

Depth Filter CartridgesFAQ Guide

This guide mainly introduces other details that are easily overlooked, it is really helpful for you before buying depth filter cartridges. Now, let’s dive right in!

What Is A Micron Rating?

 What is A Micron Rating

Micron rating relates to the ability of a filter to eliminate the size of particles.

50 microns: thick as human hair

40 microns: not visible by the human eye

25 microns: like white blood cells

2 micron: as bacteria size

1 micron: like tobacco smoke

Nominal micron rating: nominal micron rating refers to the capacity of the filter to block particles, usually between 50% to 90% of the specified micron size.

Absolute micron rating: absolute micron rating means absolute filtration. With an absolute micron rating, the filter can remove 98.7% or 99.8% of contaminants of the specified micron size.

When to Replace A Depth Filter Cartridges?

When to Replace A Depth Filter Cartridges

It is important to know when to replace the depth filter cartridges. Usually, cartridges will come with a general guideline that offers the number of days.

According to its dirt-holding capacity, the concentration of contaminants in the liquid, pressure differential, and time may also change.

How Do I Know What Depth Filter Cartridge To Buy?

How Do I Know What Depth Filter Cartridge To Buy

It may be difficult to find a high-performance depth filter cartridge with a long service life without experience. But if you know the contaminants of liquids, then it is a big possibility to buy a filter that meets your requirements. You can also get a liquid test to find out the kind of contaminants.

Filson has many depth filter cartridges, including string wounds, melt blown, porous metal, nominal depth pleated, etc. They are available in diverse materials and micron capacities. Filson experts can help you to find the best suitable depth filter cartridge for your filtration applications.

What are the Temperature Limits and the Differential pressure Limits For Depth Filters?

What are the Temperature Limits and the Differential pressure Limits For Depth Filters

The are different data between the non-cored (without additional plastic support core) one and the core-supported one.

For non-cored one, the temperature at 71.1 °C with 10 psi/0.7 bar, and 21.1 °C with 35 psi/2.4 bar. For core-supported one, the temperature at 82.2°C with 15 psi/1 bar, and 30 °C with 60 psi/4.1 bar.

Do Depth Filters Remove Oil?

Do Depth Filters Remove Oil

Polypropylene depth filters can remove oil from gas or liquid streams. But it is difficult to monitor the process of removing oil. What’s more, the oil will release under stress. You can also choose other oil removal equipment from Filson.

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