Filson Demister Mesh

  • Recovery of expensive liquids
  • Purify gases and protect the environment
  • Easy installation and moving small spaces
  • Lower costs compared to other separation methods
  • Easy customized to suit most vessel shapes and size

For droplets entrained in the air stream, Filson demister mesh has a tortuous path and a large specific surface area. The air stream impinges and is intercepted by the screen. And the droplets agglomerate and drain where they are intercepted.

  • Material: PP or SS316, 316L, 304,etc.
  • Mesh diameter: usually with a diameter smaller than 0.3 mm
  • Mesh width: 40-600 mm
  • Mesh length: 30-100 m
  • Pressure drop: typically less than 2.5 mbar with a standard design

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Filson Demister Mesh

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Generally, Filson demister mesh is a metal wire knitted by crochet method. It collects up to 99% of the liquid at a rate of 1 to 8m/sec. The standard design is suitable for routine aoolications and provides high separation efficiency even for droplets as small as 2μm.

Filson demister mesh offers a wide range of materials depending on temperature and corrosion resistance, providing up to 98% free operating area and low pressure drop (0.1″ ~ 1.0″ W/G). And it is easy to install, used without any restrictions and offering replacement of exciting facilities.

Fison demister mesh is a versatile and cost-effective method of separating liquid entrainment in the gas stream. It can be used for a wide range of gas-liquid separation problems, and you can customize them to fit the shape and size of your vessel.

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