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Filson cyclone separators or simply cyclones are separation devices that uses the principle of inertia to remove solid particles from flue gas. It is widely used in metallurgy, casting, chemical industry, mining industry, cement industry, pharmaceutical industry and other industries.

Filson can offer a wide range of cyclone separators to meet your different applications. There are hydrocyclone separator, air cyclone separator, gas liquid cyclone separator, industrial cyclone dust collector, cyclone separator in pharmacy and more.

The separation of solids and droplets from gas stream is a common operation unit in production plants. And Filson cyclone separator is designed to achieve the above objectives and operations. Send us your drawing and specifications, we will quote for you immediately.

Filson Cyclone Separator

Hydrocyclone Separator
Filson high-performance hydrocyclone separator uses centrifugal force and fluid pressure to accelerate the separation of mixtures under high-speed rotation. The working efficiency of Filson hydrocyclone separator is more than 90%.
Air Cyclone Separator
Filson air cyclone separator is often employed as a primarily pre-cleaner to lighten heavy dust loads before being sent to the next bag filter. This improves the efficiency and service life of filter bags, thus protecting your larger and most costly investment from unnecessary wear and tear.
Gas Liquid Cyclone Separator
After the impurity-containing gas enters Filson gas liquid cyclone separator in the axial direction, the airflow is strongly rotated by the guiding action of the guide vanes. So the dense droplets and dust particles are thrown toward the wall by centrifugal force and fall down to the bottom.
Gas Solid Cyclone Separator
The separation of solids from gas stream is a common unit operation in production plants. Filson gas solid cyclone separator can operate at a wide range of solid loading at ambient and elevated temperature.
Solid Liquid Cyclone Separator
Filson solid liquid cyclone separator consists of a conically shaped vessel, opening at its apex, or underflow, connected to a cylindrical section, which has a tangential feed inlet. It is designed by applying the plane eddy current theory to the cyclone separator.
Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector
With features of simple structure, cheap costs, convenient operation and maintenance, and no moving parts, Filson industrial cyclone dust collector is widely used in metallurgy, casting, mining, chemical industry and other industries.
Horizontal Cyclone Separator
With numerous advantages of high separation efficiency, optimal structure and compact design, Filson horizontal cyclone separator is carefully engineered to remove large size particles to moderate size particles such as wood chips, metal grinding, sawdust, etc.
Multi Cyclone Seperator
Filson multi cyclone separator makes up for the low efficiency, long separation time of single cyclone cyclone separator. By gravity and the centrifugal force caused by vortex, it has the ability to eliminate solid particles and liquid droplets.
Cyclone Separator In Boiler
Filson cyclone separator in boiler is a core component of a boiler which is used to separate solid particles from the flue gas. This improves the utilization rate of incompletely burned fuel and desulfurizer in solid particles, thus reducing the overall costs of the boiler and realizing the goal of energy saving.
Mining Cyclone Separator
Filson mining cyclone separator is mainly used in the mineral processing for classification, sorting, concentration and desliming. Its classification efficiency is 5--10% higher than common screw grader. It benefits for enhancing the grader utilization coefficient.
Cyclone Separator In Cement Industry
Filson cyclone separator in cement industry, also called cement separator, plays an important role in cement manufacturing industry. The function of Filson cyclone separator is to separate the fine-sized particles from coarse-sized particles, so as to avoid material condensation and over grinding in the mill, and improve the grinding efficiency.
Cyclone Separator In Pharmacy
Filson cyclone separator in pharmacy is an irreplaceable equipment that is used to effectively recovery active pharmaceutical ingredients(API), chemical substances and others. It also avoids the contamination of filter bag, cross-contamination of products and product degradation with temperature.

Why Choose Filson Cyclone Separator

For over 18 years, Filson has been exploring and manufacturing filters and separation equipment of all industries. This is not only to meet the requirements of industrial production, but also to meet the urgent requirements of environmental protection.

Compared with other conventional cyclone separator in the market, Filson cyclone separator is optimized to improve separation efficiency and its energy-saving design cuts the overall costs. In a word, Filson cyclone separator is the best choice of your industrial purpose.

Filson is a customer-oriented company which can offer one-stop solution on cyclone separator fabrication. Besides, We can provide special package according to your requirements. Air, land and shipping delivery are all available.

Filson Cyclone Separator Catalog

Filson: Premier Cyclone Separator Choice For Your Application

As a professional cyclone separator manufacturer in China, Filson has enough ability to supply high quality cyclone separator. To meet your varying applications, we can customize your cyclone separator at a competitive price.

Filson cyclone separator is primarily used as a pre-cleaners stage prior to a gas or liquid being discharged. Filson cyclone separator is suitable for application where thick dust particles and large dust concentrations exist.

Cyclone Separator Working Principle

Filson cyclone separator is a method of removing particulate from air, gas, or liquid stream through vortex separation. When removing particulate matter from fluid, Filson hydrocyclone separator is used; while from gas, Filson gas cyclone separator is recommended.

Filson cyclone separator can be installed as a single unit, or in multiples, called multi-cyclones, it is also possible to install cyclones in series or in parallel. And Filson cyclone separators are also available in horizontal and vertical configuration.

Filson cyclone separator is carefully engineered to eliminate large and abrasion particulate matter from fluid or gas with an efficiency up to 99%. The efficiency of Filson cyclone separator varies largely depending on particles size, particles density.

Filson cyclone separator are commonly built to control and remove particulate matter that is larger than 5 micron in diameter. However, there do exist high efficiency cyclones that are designed to be effective on particles as small as 2.5 micron. As well, these separators are not effective on extremely large particulate matter.

Filson cyclone separator is generally made of carbon steel with powder coating which is corrosion resisting and anti-rusting, so it has long service life. Besides, Filson cyclone separator can be processed into different shapes and size.

Filson cyclone separator is simply composed of a cylindrical vessel with a conical base. A tangential intake and a fluid outflow are located in the upper section of the vessel, while a solid exit is located at the bottom.

The working principle of Filson cyclone separator is that the rotational motion caused by tangential introduction of the air flow keeps the solid particles or droplets with a large inertial centrifugal force away from the internal wall.

In detail, Filson cyclone separator works like a centrifugal, but with a continuous feed of dirt air. In a cyclone separator, dirty flue gas is fed into a chamber, the inside of chamber create a spiral vortex, similar to a tornado.

The reason for separation is that the mass of the particles varies, the inertia varies. The lighter components of this gas have less inertia, so it is more susceptible to vortex and move upwards. Contrarily, larger particulate matter have more inertia and are not easily influenced by the vortex.

Industrial High Efficiency Cyclone Separator

As a result, relatively clean gas or fluid is released from the top of Filson cyclone separator, while particulate matter separated by centrifugal force away from the internal wall and fall down on the wall, finally discharged from the collection container at the bottom.

Filson cyclone separators are featured with simple structure, no moving parts, low costs, convenient operation and maintenance and less space requirements. That is the reason why Filson cyclone separator is so widespread used.

However, the limitation of a cyclone separator is not able to collect particulate smaller than 10 micron effectively and not suitable for handling tacky fluid or dust with large moisture content and corrosive dust well.

Filson focuses on every details of cyclone separator manufacturing for each order to control the quality. And our high-performance cyclone separator comply with ASME code and ISO 9001 certification. To build deep cooperation, we can offer responsible pre-sale and after-sale service.

Filson cyclone separator can be delivered within stipulated time frame. If the order is confirmed, our products will be sent to you within 15 days(in stock). Choose Filson cyclone separator, choose success!

If you are not sure what kind of cyclone separator should be chosen, please consult Filson professional engineers, they are ready to offer you useful advice. Leave your name, e-mail and specific requirements, we will instantly get in touch with you.

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Filson is looking forward to being your cyclone separator partner in the future!

Filson Cyclone Separator Function:

  • Separate large solid particles from flue gas or separate liquid from gas
  • Realize fuel cycle combustion, improve combustion efficiency
  • Realize the recycling of desulfurizer and save the amount of desulfurizer
  • Reduce the amount of the refractory materials for users
  • Reduce the heavy duty of fine filters, protect them and extend their service life
  • Reduce the overall costs and realize the goal of energy saving

Filson Cyclone Separator Feature:

  • High separation efficiency for 5-200 micron particles
  • Available in single units and multiple cyclones
  • Good welding and sealing for improving the boiler combustion efficiency
  • No moving parts for reducing abrasion and tearing
  • Continuous or intermittent operations process available
  • Virtually no downtime for maintenance or recovery
  • Strong mechanical strength and small volume
  • Wide working temperature and pressure range

Filson Cyclone Separator Specification:

  • Construction material: 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy
  • Micron rating: larger than 5 micron, less than 200 micron
  • Flow rate: 370-14630 m3/h
  • Filtration efficiency: 70%-99%
  • Operating temperature: ranging from 1.5℃ to 65℃
  • Working pressure range: 880-2160 pa
  • Configuration: horizontal and vertical arrangement available
  • Surface finish: powder coating (carbon steel), polishing (stainless steel)
  • Connection mode: flange
  • Quality: ASME code, ISO 9001 certification
  • Applicable medium: gas solid medium, gas liquid medium or solid liquid medium

Filson Cyclone Separator Application:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Diary industry
  • Mining industry
  • Petroleum industry
  • Natural gas industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Cement industry
  • Metallurgy industry
  • Casting industry

Cyclone Separator FAQ:

What is a Cyclone Separator?

A cyclone separator, also known as a cyclonic dust collector, is a widely used air pollution control device that cleanses flues gases of particulate matter before such gases release into the atmosphere. It is a method of collecting up 99% of airborne waste by Filson cyclone separator.

Filson cyclone separators are primarily used as a pre-filters, as they are instrumental in removing large and abrasion particles from flue gases, and then undergo an additional filtration processes to remove the fine particulates matter.

The relevance of Filson cyclone separator lies in the fact that they facilitate the first step of flue gas filtration process. The purpose of Filson cyclone separator is to minimize air pollution and environmental hazards caused by production plants exhaust.

How a Cyclone Separator Works?

Typically, air is supplied tangentially at a very high velocity into solid-gas suspensions to cause rotating movement within Filson cyclone separator body. The centrifugal force caused by the increased air velocity in the vortex plays a crucial role in the separation process.

Due to the rotatory flow of Filson cyclone separator, the particulate matter are separated from the air stream by the centrifugal force. And solid particles are hurled against the wall. Finally falling to the conical base and being released through the solid outlet.

When air reaches the bottom of cone, it starts to flow radially inwards as clean air/gas. The fluid (gas) is discharged from the top’s central outlet, while the particulates falls into the cyclone’s dust collection chamber.

The efficiency of Filson cyclone separator varies depending on density, particle size, and cyclone design. Increases in particle size or density, intake duct velocity, cyclone vessel length and other factors contribute to the cyclone efficiency.

How does a Cyclone Dust Separator Work?

Filson cyclone dust separator works similarly to a cyclone separator. The airflow that brings in the dust and larger particles into the unit (Filson cyclone dust separator vessel) where the cyclonic air movement spins it. Filson cyclone dust separator begin their work by creating an vortex.

Particles of different mass have different inertia. The lighter components of this gas have less inertia, so it is more susceptible to vortex and move upwards. Instead, larger particulate matter have more inertia and are not easily influenced by the vortex.

During these process, particles rotation creates a centrifugal force, the centrifugal force bangs it against the wall of the chamber. That slows the movement of dust particles such that they drop down into a collection bin .

With the development of technology, Filson cyclone dust separator can effectively separate dust particles larger than 10 micron with an efficiency up to 99%. It varies depending on the particles size, density and separation medium.

Does a Cyclone Separator Work?

Yes, of course. Filson cyclone separator can work either single or multiple cyclone, it is also possible to install cyclones in series or in parallel.

What is Cyclone Separate Used for?

In general, Filson cyclone separator is used as a pre-cleaners to lighten heavy dust loads before being sent to the next bag filter. Filson gas cyclone separator is specially designed for removing solid particles from the gas stream, while Filson hydrocyclone separator is used for separating fluids of different density.

  • Used to separated the suspensions of solid particles in gas stream or fluid, also used with liquid suspension of solid
  • Used in the production of activated pharmaceutical ingredients(API) through dying systems such as spray or fluid bed dying
  • Used for the separation of particulates based upon size, specific gravity, porosity, and concentration from solid, fluid and gases
  • Used for the separation of fine particles from coarse granules in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Used to extract waste powder before it reaches the central extraction system(tablet compression cyclone)
  • Used to produce particle-free clean air in air-handling system
  • Used to separate oil from water or dewater from oil in the oil and chemical industry
What is the Principle of Cyclone Separator?

The working principle of Filson cyclone separator is utilizing centrifugal force to separate solids from the fluids(liquid, air or gas). The separation efficiency depends on the density and size of the particles, cyclone design.

Filson cyclone separator is a unique solution to remove all types of coarse and large particles and allow fine particles to be carried through with the fluid. A vortex generated in the cyclone vessel converts the inertia force of fluids into a centrifugal force.

The air-carrying particulate matter is driven along the tangential axis of Filson cyclone separator. In the chamber, a spiral flow pattern is created. Owing to the centrifugal force, these particulates will migrate to the exterior of the chamber.

Gravity pulls them down to the bottom of Filson cyclone separator. While gas phase reverse its axial direction of flow and exits through the vortex generator, the gathered particles are allowed to discharge through an underflow pipe. The air rises to the top of the cyclone from the center.

Where Cyclone Separators are used?

Overall, Filson cyclone separators are widely applied to metallurgy industry, casting process, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, mining industry, cement industry and other industry.

What are the advantage& disadvantage of cyclone separator?


  • Low capital investment, easy operation and maintenance
  • Can withstand high temperature and harsh operating conditions
  • High separation efficiency for 5-200 micron particles
  • A lack of moving parts reduces wear and tear
  • Can be operated on a continuous or batch process
  • Requires virtually no downtime for maintenance or recovery
  • Small in size relative to other separation equipment


  • Once overloaded than its capacity, the separation efficiency decrease
  • Difficult to separate compounds with similar densities
  • Cannot handle viscous fluid and dust with high humidity
  • The extremely high velocities cause abrasive wear
  • Clogging of the dust outlet is common in reverse flow cyclones
  • Low collection efficiencies for small particles
  • Relatively high operating costs due to large pressure drop

You can follow these tips to help you design and choose an ideal cyclone separator to suit your application. The points listed above are just some of the most important factors, more detailed information and specifications can be told by consulting Filson professional specialists.

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