Cuno Filter Housing

As a professional filter housing manufacturer in China, Filson can provided you high-quality cuno filter housing featuring in a robust construction.

  • Excellent temperature and corrosion resistance
  • Reliable quality according to ISO certification
  • Easy to be installed and replaced
  • Advanced sealing technology with less consumption
  • Customized sizes or types available

What is Cuno Filter Housing

Filson cuno filter housing, an essential component of a filter system, is a shell to hold a variety of filter cartridge. Our cuno filter housing usually has several parts, including head and shell, vent and drain plugs, bolts, O-ring, seat plates, pressure gauge and connection.

Featuring in high thermal and corrosion resistance, robust and durable construction, as well as lager flow rate up to 17000 lph, Filson cuno filter housing is ideally designed to meet general purpose industrial and commercial filtration needs.

To meet our customers’ various applications, Filson provides several categories, including cuno stainless steel filter housing, cuno oil filter housing, cuno water filter housing, etc. Besides, we can also manufacture replacement cuno filter housings of other brands, like AMF, 3M or Lenntch.

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Cuno Filter Housing Categories

Cuno Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Filson cuno stainless steel filter housing is commonly produced by SS 304, 316, which features in robust construction and high corrosion resistance. Our stainless steel housing surface is made by electropolishing with roughness Ra ≤ 0.3 micron, and this largely reduces particle adhesion.

Cuno Oil Filter Housing

Filson cuno oil filter housing has high temperature resistance up to 120℃. Using advanced welding technology, our cuno oil filter housing has complete structure to avoid oil leakage and the oxidation of oil will be reduced to extend your system’s service life.

Cuno Water Filter Housing

Filson usually adopt all stainless steel structure to produce cuno water filter housing, so our filter housing has strong mechanical strength available in hot, cold or chemical water filtration. We offer various sizes with length up to 60’’, so filson cuno water filter housing is your best choice in both commercial and personal application.

Cuno Cartridge Filter Housing

Filson cuno cartridge filter housing has huge flow rate up to 17000 lph with single or multiple cartridges design. According to your design, you can choose 1/2’’, 3/4’’, 1’’or upto 2’’ NPT as cuno cartridge filter housing connection methods.

Cuno Filter Element Cartridge

Filson cuno filter cartridge can withstand high heat up to 260℃ fabricated with stainless steel, PP, or others as customized. Our filter cartridge can be made into various shapes like plate, membrane and pleated, while the filtration accuracy can reach 99.9% at 1micron.

Replacement Cuno Filter Housing for Other Brands (3)

  • AMF Cuno Filter Housing
    Filson replacement AMF cuno filter housing, one of replacement stainless steel filter housing, can work normally under high pressure up to 175 psi. Having superior sealing by various flexible closure design, our filter housing can realize minimum consumption and long lifespan.
  • 3M Cuno Filter Housing
    Usually utilizing high-quality stainless steel, the length of Filson replacement 3M cuno filter housing can be fabricated into 40’’. And it can hold upto 125PCs cartridges and allow use of 1 to 4 high cartridge stack to reach huge flow rate up to 871 l/min.
  • Lenntech Cuno Filter Cartridge
    Our replacement Lenntech cuno filter cartridge is mainly made of PP/PTFE/Glassfiber/Nylon, leading in a high accuracy, larger flow capacity construction. In addition, our replacement Lenntch cuno filter cartridge can resist maximum operating pressure up to 20 barg at 90℃.

Cuno Filter Housing Benefits

High temperature & corrosion resistance
High Temperature & Corrosion Resistance

Usually being made of stainless steel 304 or 316L, our cuno filter housing can resist high heat up to 121℃. And it can also work normally under harsh environment, like sulphuric acid, iodides, chlorides, etc.

Better compatibility
Better Compatibility

Filson cuno filter housing has good compatibility to fit almost all kinds liquids like water, oil, etc. Therefore, our cuno filter housing has various applications.

Customized design
Customized Design

As a professional manufacturer in China, we provide you customized service and you can send us your unique specifications on cuno filter housing.

Easy to cleaning
Easy to Clean and Replace

Equipped with all stainless steel filter vessel, it is easy for you to clean our cuno filter housing in-situ. Or you can easily take filter element out to clean filter housing totally.

Advantages of Cuno Filter Housing

Using Filson cuno filter housing, you can obtain a variety of advantages, such as:

  • Long lifespan up to 4 times than conventional filter housing
  • Horizontal or vertical construction available to meet your needs
  • Single or multiple cartridge quantity available
  • Advanced sealing and welded technology
  • Short systems downtime and maintenance costs
  • High flow rate up to 17000 lph
  • Minimum residues of bacterial or particles
  • Reliable quality accordance with ISO and FDA certification
  • In-line bottom inlet and outlet to install easily
  • Quick and safe delivery like DHL/Fedex/TNT
Advantages of Cuno Filter Housing
Features of Cuno Filter Housing

Features of Cuno Filter Housing

Filson cuno filter housing has following features to be widely applied in various industries:

  • High temperature resistance up to 121℃
  • Large filtration surface area with length up to 60’’
  • High corrosion resistance such as sulphuric acid, iodides, chlorides, etc
  • Easy to clean, maintenance and replace
  • Vertical or horizontal structure available
  • Better mechanical strength with high-quality raw materials
  • More smooth and shiny appearance through electropolishing
  • Allowable for use pleated/membrane/plate type cartridges

Cuno Filter Housing Specifications

Since Filson provides customized service, you can send us your detailed specifications or just choose from our common data:

  • Construction Material: SS 304, 316L, carbon steel, PP or others
  • Gasket Material: PTFE, silicone, fluorocarbon, EPR, nitrile, fiber
  • Flow Rate: from 500 to 17000 lph
  • Working Pressure: up to 20barg
  • Operating Temperature: up to 121℃
  • Cartridge Length: 5’’, 10’’, 20’’, 30’’, 40’’, 60’’
  • Connection Size: typically flange or NPT thread
Cuno Filter Housing Specifications

Choose Filson Cuno Filter Housing

Filson Cuno Filter Housing manufacturer
Filson Cuno Filter Housing supplier

Filson cuno filter housing is generally made of stainless steel, carbon steel or others, and it has better mechanical strength to resist high pressure up to 20 barg. With large flow rate up to 17000 lph, our cuno filter housing can be widely used in pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food and beverage or other industries.

Having more than 20 years on fabricating filter housing, Filson can offer multiple shapes and designs of filter housing dependent on the form of application, such as bag filter housing, industrial filter housing, cartridge filter housing and in-line filter housing.

Having all stainless steel structure, our cuno filter housing is easy to be cleaned. And when you want to install or replace our cuno filter housing, and you just need to pull it by pulling the designed handle without other tools’ help.

If you want to learn more detailed information about Filson cuno filter housing, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at We are always waiting here for your enquiry.

Applications of Cuno Filter Housing

Pharmaceutical Industry

Most of our customers choose stainless steel to make Filson cuno filter housing, its surface will be more smooth with roughness Ra ≤ 0.3 micron through electropolishing. Therefore, there will be less bacterial left, and our filter housing can be widely applied in pharmaceutical industry with sanitation.

Food and beverage

Filson always uses food-grade materials to fabricate cuno filter housing, and our filter housing is in accordance with FDA certification. With huge flow rate up to 17000 lph, it is safe and efficient to use Filson cuno filter housing in food and beverage industry.

Microelectronics Industry

Having advanced sealing and welded technology, Filson cuno filter housing has better sealing property, which increases flow rate and decreases fluid waste. As a result, fluid purity,`a critical component of microelectronic industry, can be increased through our filter housing.

Water Treatment

Filson cuno filter housing can work normally under corrosive environment, like sulphuric acid, iodides, chlorides, etc. Therefore, it is suitable for all kinds of water treatment, like cooling water, process water, well water, waste water or RO pre filtration.

Filson Cuno Filter Housing Factory in China
Filson- Your Reliable Cuno Filter Housing Manufacturer in China

Filson has the ability to offer you customized cuno filter housing. We promise to provide high-quality products with preferred price!

  • “Filson did a good job in customizing cuno filter housing according to my exact requirements. Their sales were so patient and I’m satisfied.”

  • “I chose Filson cuno filter housings with stainless steel 316L, and the filtration performance is amazing!”

  • “We are so thankful to Filson for providing us high-quality cuno filter housing. It fits well in our system.”

Cuno Filter Housing: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will answer all questions you have about Cuno filter housing.

Whether you want to learn about the design, material type, advantages, application or working principle, you will get all information here.

Take a look:

What is Cuno Filter Housing?

CUNO Filter housing

The filter housings is a casing, which holds or encloses filter element, filter bags, and strainer basket.

Filter housings are an essential component of the filter system.

They should withstand the resultant fluid pressure.

That is why you have to keep at check your systems before acquiring a filter housing.

So generally, the filter housing holds both the inlet of the contaminated component and the outlet of the filtered contaminated.

With Cuno Filter housings, your options are unlimited.

You can order for whichever kind you need.

What are the Features of Cuno Filter Housing?
  • The filter housing features an entirely covered depth-cartridge filtration, which has fast and easy cartridge change-out.
  • The material of construction –the materials range from several types of plastic to stainless steel alloys.

But you have to note that a suitable housing material is one that is compatible with your filtration media to avoid break down.

Nevertheless, stainless steel is the most excellent material.

The Cuno filters have a particular mirror finish sanitary 316L stainless steel structure.

  • Configurable inlet and outlet nozzles: the nozzles are available in types one to fifteen. The specific positions of the nozzles permit setup for any filter system.

Even better, you can rotate and switch the nozzles to cater to your preferences.

  • Accommodation of multiple houses: The Cuno filters can comfortably contain about one to four cartridges of 8 inches, 12 inches, or 16 inches.
  • The filters come with integral sanitary vent and outlet check valve.
  • Cunofilters have a specific spring-loaded cartridge sealing technique.
  • It enhances the in situ testing of the filter system.
  • The housing features a user-friendly vertical design with an inclusive Tri-Clover connection.

CUNO Filter housing

What are the Advantages of Cuno Filter Housing?
  • The essential benefit of Cuno filter housing compared to plate and frame filter presses include the elimination of;
  • External contamination,
  • Leakages in the edges
  • Loss of integral products
  • Extended tiresome change-out frequencies.
  • It offers ideal sealing compression to inhibit filter bypass even under the most difficult process circumstances.
  • The housing guarantees proper and effective installation of the cartridge, thus enhancing system integrity.
  • It is suitable for a variety of batch sizes.

From small through to large consignment sizes.

It also sustains different rates of aqueous flows ranging from 2gpm to 75 gpmor 500 to 17000 lph for every housing.

  • Minimizes the chances of adhesion of bacterial or particles
  • It delivers a solution to the system from a single source.
  • It does not consume floor space.

The housing only requires minimum floor space.

It is easy to dismantle, thus enhancing easy tiding.

  • Due to the stainless steel material, the housing is corrosive resistant, resistant to varying temperatures, durable, has a mirror-like surface finish, and easy to construct.
What are the Applications of Cuno Filter Housing?

The Cuno filter housing meets the required sanitary quality standards that are mandatory in:

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Microelectronics industries
  • Fine chemical industries

In these industries, the Cuno filter housing aids in the filtration and separations of components.

Some of the particular applications of the filter housings are included in the following:

  • Instrumentation filters.
  • Sample systems and analyzer filters.
  • Compressed Natural gas (CNG) filters for dispensers.
  • Compressed air filters
  • Pressure regulator filters
  • Portable gas analyzer filters
  • Automative gas analyzer filters
  • Diesel analyzer filters
  • Wellhead control panel filters etc.
Why is Stainless Steel the most Preferred Material for Cuno Filter Housing?

Now stainless steel forms the basis of material construction of the filter housings because:

  • The material is resistant to heat up to certain upper limits.
  • Highly resistant to corrosion from severe chemicals such as sulphuric acid, iodides, and chlorides, etc.
  • It is durable and easy to fabricate, weld, clean, and improve the grit finish to more smooth.
  • Sustains varying changes in temperature, i.e., high to low-temperature variation.
  • It is shiny and bright, thus enhancing its aesthetic appearance.

Stainless steel Cuno filter housing

Which Types of Stainless Steel are used to make Cuno Filter Housing?

We already know that stainless steel is the ultimate choice of constructing the filter housings.

Besides, the construction of Cuno filter housing utilizes either the 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel.

However, though the two types of material are suitable for housing, you should note that they all have distinct chemical compositions and features.

Compositions of SS304 v. SS 316.

The structures of the two grades of stainless steel incorporate both chromium and nickel.

Nevertheless, SS 304 has a chemical composition of 18 % chromium and 8 % nickel.

Whereas, SS 316 consists of nickel 10%, Molybdenum 2%, and chromium 16%.

Notably, the additional molybdenum component makes the SS 316 highly resistant to aggressive chemicals such as phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid, acetic acid, etc.

Functionality and practicability of the SS 304 v. SS 316

Stainless steel filter housing

· SS 304

Even though SS 304 chemical composition exempts Molybdenum, it is still resistant to oxidation and corrosion to some extent.

Thus the SS 304 material still works optimally in oxygen concentrations and at extreme temperatures.

Besides, you can swiftly fabricate them to have an attractive surface finishing.

The various applications of SS 304 include the manufacturing of tanks, pressure valves and vessels, tubing, filter housing, and piping.

· SS 316

SS 316 has excellent corrosion resistance to several harsh chemicals aside from being heat resistant.

This feature is due to the extra molybdenum component in its structure.

And that is what gives the SS 316 mileage over the SS 304 material.

Therefore, the SS 316 material forms the number one priority material in the pharmaceutical industry since it minimizes potential metallic stain.

Besides, even at high temperatures of aggressive liquids, the material still maintains its considerable resistance.

Again, the material is durable, easy to fabricate, clean, improve the grit finishing, and also weld.

The stainless steel materials are economically efficient construction materials in the filter housings.

You will not have to worry anymore about the frequent “eating up” of your filter housing and constant replacements.

All these may economically impact your business due to downtime and extra unplanned expenses.

What is the Working Principle of Cuno Filter Housing?

Remember, the filter housing encloses the interior segments of the filter systems.

Generally, the working principle of housing is quite straightforward.

The component to be filtered enters the filter housing via the inlet.

It then uniformly distributes around the cartridge.

After filtration, the clean fluid exits through the outlet.

Aside from getting trapped into the cartridge, the contaminants may also adhere to the interior of the filter housing.

What are the Available Types of Cuno Filter Housing?

Cuno filter housings come in a wide range of shapes and designs dependent on the form of application.

Below is a brief description of the available types:

· Bag Filter Housing

Bag filter housing, also commonly known as bag filter vessel, come in two major forms, i.e., single bag filter housing or multi-bag filter housing.

Bag filter housing corresponds to the bag filter systems, which in turn large capacity of holding dirt.

During the changeover of parts, the filter housings easily and quickly open and closes.

The housing has an excellently positioned drainage compartment on both the inlet and bottom outlet side.

To maintain non-contaminated free-flowing fluid, you can use a multi-bag filter housing.

The multi-bag filter housing encloses several bag filters, thereby providing economically bulky filtration.

Such kind of housing has got design pressures of maximum 150psig, featured vent, and connected pressure gauges.

Some of the desirable features of the bag filter housing include:

  • Accommodation of high flow rates of fluids while withstanding a pressure of a maximum of 1.5 Mega pascals.
  • The sealing type is of positive o-ring, which enhances secure and easy operation.
  • It Facilitates quick filter element changeover.
  • Has heightened housing capacity, which reduces the fluid energy losses.
  • Polished mirror grit surface to restrict adherence of dirt on the surface.

· Industrial Filter Housing

The industrial filter housing is available in selected varieties.

However, the major types include sanitary filter housing, lenticular filter housing, and sock filter housing.

i. Sanitary filter housing; this type is mostly applicable in applications which demand high precision of purity such as pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries.

Moreover, they come in potentially five distinct connections such as SMS male, welded, DIN, tri-clover, and macon.

The design is cGMP compliant and features several control auxiliaries including manometers, sterile port, sight glass, etc.

ii. Lenticular Filter housing; this is an upright positioned housing design.

The vertical posture is essential in avoiding surface adherence of contaminants, consuming little space in comparison to typical plate filters.

Above all, the housing can serve you long since its means of washing is simply by backflushing and re-using.

Pressure gauges, vent valve, drain valves, etc. are some of the auxiliary components of this type of housing.

iii. Sock Filter Housing; though they are of several designs, they all look like the bag filter housing designs.

A typical example includes the ones attached to the filter bags.

The design thus enables the bag filter to operate with different levels of rates of fluid flow.

· Cartridge Filter Housing

This time is compatible with the proficient filtration of gases and liquids.

It also does sterilization and clarification.

In such filter systems, the cartridge extracts the contaminants and eliminates them through the outlet valve.

They also come in several varieties of pressure rating, dirt accommodation capacity, and rates of flow.

The cartridge filter housing has got properly fitted T-port/ in-line, open/L-port.

Apart from the standard fittings, the multi-cartridge filter housings must have threaded or flange connections.

· Duplex Filter Housing

The duplex filter housing assures constant, steady, and robust filtration operations not withstanding the piping techniques in place.

The design features dual stainless steel filter housings fitted with a three-mode changeover valve in between the housings.

Such design offers a high level of flexibility since you can easily shift your operations between the housings even if one breaks down or needs sanitation.

The notable features of the duplex filter housing include: interconnected duplex filters, easily available covers, compact housing, and spring fitted covers.

· In-line Filter Housing

In-line filter housings are suitable for use in oil and gas application system filters.

Most importantly, they are often used as process filters to protect other vital components from contamination.

These parts may include pumps, hydraulic circuits, and pressure reducers.

Consequently, you should fix the entire in-line filter system up the system pump to protect the fragile parts of the pump.

A few of the interesting features of the in-line filter housings include support core, bypass valve, electrical indicator, venting and draining connections, bolted cover plates.

How do you Select Cuno Filter Housing?

Filter housing and element

Probably the most basic issue you must take into consideration is the filter element for your application.

Specify whatever you will be filtering, would it be liquid, powder, or solid components.

With that, you can now consider the following issues to be the most efficient Cunofilter housing for your application.

i. Nature of the filter medium; the medium you will be filtering has some distinct chemical properties that you have to evaluate.

For example, if it is corrosive, then select SS316LCuno filter housing, similarly if it requires a high sanitary level.

ii. Size of the particulate; establish whether you will be dealing in bigger sizes or smaller sized particles.

This information is key in picking the best filtration system with a corresponding Cuno filter housing.

iii. Material component; establish between SS 304 or SS 316 L that suits your application.

iv. Operational temperature and pressure; evaluate the operational conditions of your working and choose a Cuno Filter housing that matches such working conditions.

The recommended temperature and pressure are always indicated in the filter housing.

v. Inlet and outlet connections; select the type of inlet and outlet configurations that matches your pre-installed filter systems.

vi. Consider other general technical specifications of the device and pick the one built to the best engineering standards.

What are the Parts of Cuno Filter Housing?

Always make it a trend to seek the technical manual of the Cuno filter housing.

This document will help you establish the specific parts and configurations of your filter housing.

Nevertheless, the following are some of the key parts you will find in all Cuno Filter housing.

Yet, still, you can customize the housing to incorporate auxiliary gadgets.

  • Head and shell- it covers the inner components of the filter system, such as cartridges and piping.
  • Vent and drain plugs
  • Bolts –for de-assembling and assembling the housing.
  • O-ring
  • Seat plates
  • Pressure gauge to consistently display the operational pressure.
  • Connections such as flanges and gaskets
Should you often Clean Cuno Filter Housing?

Different sizes of Cuno filter housing

The answer to this question is relative since it depends on the type of Cuno Filter housing you are using.

Some have an automatic backflushing system or self-cleaning such as the lenticular filter housing.

In contrast, other equipment is the manual type, which requires a physical control of the cabinet to kick startwashing.

Generally, you should, at all times, maintain a tidy working filter housing.

How should you Clean Cuno Filter Housing?

Cleaning depends on the mode of operation of the filter housing.

For an automatic filter system, you can apply a backwashing or self-cleaning technique.

Yet still, you can open the housing and manually scrap the contaminants off.

How do you replace filter elements in Cuno Filter Housing?

Please note that you should replace the filter housing when all operations are off.

You will need some simple tools for loosening and tightening bolts and screw nuts.

Depending on the working environment and size of filter housing, you may require a forklift or hoist.

First, open the vent valve in the Cuno Filter housing to reduce withstanding pressure to zero.

Next, you should now open the filter drain to allow the trapped fluid drain out.

With that, you may use your handle to lift off the housing cautiously, or you can just carefully pluck it off.

Finally, you can now fix the new housing.

How do you Maintain Cuno Filter Housing?

First, you maintain housing by always cleaning it.

Secondly, replace the Cuno Filter housing when the need arises.

Always ensure you use the same specifications as the previous one.

Thirdly, often inspect the joints and bolts to ascertain their sealing quality.

If need be, you can replace them.

Note that the sealing parts must always be airtight.

As you can see, the information in this guide will definitely help you get the best Cuno filter housing for your applications.

If you have any questions or you intend to purchase new Cuno filters, FilSon team is here to help you.

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