Compact ULPA Filter

  • Wide range of dimensions to meet different needs
  • Excellent capacity to withstand higher airflow
  • Compact and ultra-thin design to save space
  • Lightweight for easy handle and replace
  • Large surface area for high efficiency up to 99.99%

Filson compact ULPA filter is equipped with uniform and compact filter media, which not only allows air to pass freely but also offers excellent dust collection capacity. What’s more, it also offers smaller filter accuracy with higher energy efficiency.

  • Filter Media: PTFE, fiberglass, etc
  • Frame: stainless steel, aluminum, etc
  • Frame thickness: 30/50/70 mm
  • Sealant: polyurethane
  • Micron Rating Range: from 0.12 to 100 microns
  • Size: 610×610 mm, 762×610 mm,
  • Maximum Filtration Efficiency: up to 99.99%
  • Airflow: 300 – 2400 m3/h
  • Pressure drops: 125 Pa
  • Working temperature: up to 70°C
  • Relative humidity: 100%
  • Air inlet: 14”, 12”, 10”, 8”, etc

Note: above sheet is for reference purposes, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Compact Pleated ULPA Filter

Larger Filtration Surface with Higher Efficiency

The biggest feature of Filson compact pleated ULPA filter is its high efficiency with low-pressure drops, which saves more energy than others. Compared to other types, it utilizes high-quality filter media, so it can achieve filtration efficiency and energy efficiency at extreme levels of filtration.

Filson compact pleated ULPA filter can remove all ultra-fine particles, such as dust, pollen, bacteria, and viruses, no matter chemical or biological. Therefore, our product is widely used in demanding conditions, like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, etc.

Filson has more than two decades of experience in manufacturing ULPA filters, we promise to provide the best product for you. From materials to sizes, Filson supports customized service for your unique requirements.

If you are interested and want to get a high-quality Filson compact ULPA filter, please feel free to Click Here to contact us.

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