Filson Coarse Filter Foam

  • Biological and mechanical filtration
  • Provides surface area for beneficial bacteria growth
  • Traps large particles, debris & solid waste
  • Improves overall appearance & water quality for fish & other livestock

Filson 45 PPI filter foam is commonly manufactured in polyester, providing both mechanical and biological filtration. Detailed parameters are shown below for reference. If you are not sure whether it is right, our engineer team will give you the appropriate scheme.

  • Material: polyester, plastic
  • Thickness range: 4-500mm
  • Thermal resistance: -40/+140℃
  • Airflow: very high
  • Pore size:10 pores per inch
  • Color: black, red, gray, blue
  • Filtration accuracy: coarse
  • Shape: cylindrical, sheet, cube, and more

Note: Listed above are for reference purposes, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Coarse Filter Foam

Your Dependable Coarse Filter Foam Manufacturer in China

Filson is capable of producing standard and custom coarse filter foam. In fact, we can customize products with your own ideas and design. If you are looking for a premium quality coarse filter foam, Filson has a wide range of these products available for you.

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