Filson Coalescing Compressed Air Filters

  • Large filtration surface area and high air flow capacity
  • Minimum pressure drop loss and low energy consumption
  • Sensitive differential pressure gauge and automatic drain port
  • Robust construction structure and high mechanical strength
  • Fine particles and mists removal and high filtration efficiency
  • Easy installation and removal for replacement filter element

Filson coalescing compressed air filters are generally installed at the point of use, and in heavy duty service where heavy water and dirt removal is needed. These coalescing filter-dryers are perfectly suited for protecting pneumatic valve actuators and other air-driven tools.

  • Construction material: aluminum alloy
  • Medium material: fiberglass, stainless steel mesh, cotton, polyester, borosilicate
  • Element type: coalescing or activated carbon
  • Dimensions: generally from 15 inch to 20 inch or customized
  • Color: red, blue, based on your requirement
  • Filtration grade: 3 micron, 1 micron, 0.01 micron
  • Filtration efficiency: up to 99.9%
  • Maximum operating temperature: up to 80℃
  • Maximum working pressure: 16bar
  • Connection mode: NPT/BSP thread connections
  • Connection size: 1/4 inch to 1 inch or tailor-made
  • Port size: 3/4 inch
  • Accessories: pressure drop gauge, auto drain, etc

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Filson Coalescing Compressed Air Filters

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Compressed air contains harmful solid, liquid and vaporous contaminants that can damage pneumatic equipment, control and instruments. Removal of these contaminants is necessary to sustain equipment life and continue efficient production operation. Here, Filson coalescing filter for air compressor is a perfect solution for your compressor process.

Filson compressed air water separators has two-stage filtering process. First, stainless steel mesh or cotton polyester provides premium water and dirt capture down to 1 micron. Second, the borosilicate material removes oil and particulate down to 0.01 micron.

Filson compressed air filter water separator is generally composed of a filter housing, filter elements, differential pressure gauge, drainage ports and others. Its pressure drop gauge indicates when the filter element should be replaced, and the drain is auto.

If you have any needs for Filson breathing air filters for compressors, we are always here to support you a suitable one. Send us your inquiry!

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