Filson Coalescer Oil Water Separator

  • High coalescence and separation filtration efficiency
  • Suitable for removing dispersed fine oil from water
  • Full stock of coalescer oil water separator, ready to ship
  • Professional engineering expert team and researchers
  • Perfect one-stop solution as well as a competitive price
  • Good chemical resistance, high-temperature resistance

Filson coalescer oil water separator housing is used in conjunction with coalescer and separation filter elements. Filson coalescer oil water separator elements are manufactured with premium grade glass fiber reinforced plastic. It is easy to operate and maintain.

  • Raw material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc
  • Filter cartridges material: fiberglass, borosilicate, epoxy resin
  • Cartridge number: 1-30 or more
  • Dimension: generally from 5 to 10 inch or tailor-made
  • Filtration efficiency: 99.99% at 3 micron
  • Absolute filtering rating: 1 micron, 2 micron, 5 micron…
  • Working temperature:ranging from -15 ℃ to 90 ℃
  • Maximum operation pressure: 6000 psig
  • Quality certification: comply with ASME code

Note: listed above are for reference purpose, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Coalescer Oil Water Separator

Your Dependable Coalescer Oil Water Separator Manufacturer in China


As a professional coalescer oil water separator manufacturer in China, Filson has full capacity on coalescer oil water separator fabrication for OEM clients. Filson coalescer oil water separator is designed and built to remove solid particles and oil phase from water.

Dispersed micrometer droplets cannot be separated easily from oil-water mixtures by  gravity settlement process. With Filson coalescer oil water separator, small oil droplets can be captured and concentrated into large droplets, which readily undergo gravity-driven stratification.

Filson coalescer oil water separator has premium coalescence and separation filtration efficiency. Due to its vital function, it is widely used in electronic industry, petroleum refining industry, petrochemical and fine chemical industries. Send us your drawing and specifications, we will provide you perfect coalescer oil water separator.

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