Filson CO2 Sparger

  • Uniform and precise pore size control for tiny bubbles generation
  • Various material options for our customers to choose
  • Excellent corrosion resistance for any application conditions
  • Less CO2 consumption for maximum cost savings
  • Flexible connection design for quick installation and disassembly

CO2, as is known to all, is the abbreviation of carbon dioxide. We regard it as a harmful gas sometimes, but actually it also has a lot of use for many industrial applications. Filson is a company to make CO2 sparger to benefit your business.

  • Fabricating material: SS 304, 316L, titanium, Inconel, Monel, Nickel, Hastelloy
  • Micron rating: 0.2 – 100μm ( typically 0.5 – 12μm )
  • Sparger length: 6 – 48inch ( based on requirements )
  • Porous element length: 1 – 4inch ( additional lengths available )
  • Operation temperature: usually 400℃ ( higher temperature available )
  • Connection: NPT threads, straight tube, flange, sanitary connections

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Filson CO2 Sparger

Professional CO2 Sparger Production for Worldwide

Filson CO2 sparger is a valuable industrial tool. It is often used to carbonate beverages, and also used for extending the shelf life of foods and beverages by reducing their oxygen content of them. Like the popular coca-cola, it’s injected with carbon dioxide to enrich its taste and flavor.

Filson CO2 sparger is really helpful for your application:

Carbon dioxide is a common greenhouse gas in the air. It’s a gaseous compound formed by the reaction of carbon with oxygen. CO2 is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable gas at room temperature. It is denser than air and slightly soluble in water and can react with water to form carbonic acid to meet beverage needs.

Since it’s difficult to dissolve into water, effectively introduce carbon dioxide may be a challenge for many industries. Here, Filson offers the great help with our professional air sparger.

If you are interested in Filson CO2 sparger, or you require a suitable air sparger for your application, please feel free to contact us immediately.

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