Filson CNG Coalescing Filter

  • Fine filter with high particle removal efficiency(approximately 99.9% >3 micron)
  • Comply with ASEM code and ISO quality certification
  • High mechanical strength, rigid structure
  • Protection critical components in the fueling system
  • Suitable materials, sizes, fittings to construct CNG filter
  • Perfect pre sales and after sales service offer you

Natural gas flows through the filter, whereas contaminants such as oil, water and other aerosols coalesce into the sump of the filter, where they are separated into a drain port. Filson CNG coalescing filter is easy to maintain and can be installed onboard vehicles and fueling station.

  • Construction material: aluminum (for corrosion resistant chrome-plate), stainless steel, coated carbon steel, polycarbonate, etc
  • Seal material: compatible with CNG coalescing filter
  • Dimensions: at your request
  • Filtration micron rating: <1 micron
  • Filtration efficiency: up to 99.97%
  • Flow rate: 6-224 SCFM
  • Solid particle removal: 0.017 m
  • Capacity: >120ml
  • Operating temperature range: from -40℃ to 120 ℃
  • Maximum working pressure: 260 bar
  • Connection: NPT threads and flange connection
  • Connection size: generally 1/4 inch to 3 inch
  • Accessories: SAE or NPT thread, manual drain port

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Filson CNG Coalescing Filter

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Clean compressed natural gas is essential to guarantee the proper function of components for vehicles and fueling stations when refueling with natural gas. Filson CNG coalescing filter is developed to remove particles from the gas flow.

When filtering the gas flow, Filson CNG coalescing filter reliably removes contaminants such as oil, water and dirt particles which are contained in the compressed natural gas. These contaminants are isolated by Filson CNG coalescing filter.

Filson CNG coalescing filters are ideal for compressed natural gas and alternative fuels. The filter housings are offered in aluminum,stainless steel, coated carbon steel and polycarbonate materials. Its max operating pressure reaches to 5700psig.

If you have any needs for Filson CNG coalescing filter, we are always here to support you satisfied service and awesome product. Send us your inquiry for Filson CNG coalescing filter!

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