Filson Cellulose Air Filter for Dust Collector

  • Scientific flow design
  • Reasonable seals
  • Excellent acids and alkalis resistance
  • High grade cellulose quality
  • Good air permeability

Filson provides cellulose air filter for dust collector for countries all over the world. It is cleanable and reusable in most applications with a wider filtration surface area compared to traditional filter bags for efficient particle removal.

  • Types of media: cellulose
  • Maximum operating temperature: no more than 65℃
  • Dust removal efficiency: 95%-99.9%
  • Micron ratings: 0.2-50 micron
  • Dimensions: height: 22″, outside diameter: 7.93″, inside diameter: 3.60″(more sizes upon requirements)
  • Replaceable brands: Donaldson, Mac, Wynn, Wheelabrator, AAF(more brands consulting sales)

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Filson Cellulose Air Filter for Dust Collector

Best Cellulose Air Filter for Dust Collector for Worldwide

The filter media used for Filson cartridge filters are mainly pleated or spunbonded polyester, polypropylene and cellulose. Commonly, Filson cellulose air filter cartridges have a cylindrical shape and are made up of pleated cellulose filter media to increase the efficiency of filtration.

Filson cellulose air filter for dust collector is widely used in industrial dust removal and is designed with a smooth and compact surface which benifits the detachment of the contaminants and dust particles during cleaning.

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