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With years of experience and the attitude of work which gives priority to meticulous and superior quality of all products, Filson is able to provide satisfied casing pipe in worldwide.

  • Available sizes, lengths for customized solution
  • Easy to transport, store, handle and install
  • Stable performance for long trouble-free life
  • Robust structure with high rated collapse pressure
  • Diverse categories to meet different applications

What is Casing Pipe?

Filson casing pipe is widely used in various wells to protect or support underground utilities from damage due to human activity or nature. It is available for diverse materials including stainless steel, carbon, HDPE, PVC, UPVC and MS to meet the different and harsh environments.

Combining high-grade materials with precision machined treatment, Filson offers the strength and durability of casing pipe, resulting is reduced maintain costs and longer service life. Its reliable quality increases working efficiency, demonstrating real savings in time and money.

Filson casing pipe includes various types to be applied in different conditions, from borewell to tubewell to deep well. In addition, it can fully optimal your applications by rich dimensions, from 2 inch to 8 inch.

Casing Pipe Main Categories

Oil Well Casing Pipe

Adopting high-quality strong materials, Filson oil well casing pipe is able to perfectly protect well integrity and stability by avoiding collapsing. As an essential parts in all underground drilling projects, it is perfectly maintain run capacity for your applications.

Water Well Casing Pipe

Filson water well casing pipe is specially designed to withstand collapse, tensile failure and excessive chemicals, hence you can totally trust it in your underground projects. In addition, it can be fabricated with several end types for easy install like plain end, threaded and coupled, etc.

Thanks to precision machined, Filson perforated casing pipe has smooth and clear punched holes without burrs. Its high strength and deformation resistance greatly prolong working life underground. It also enjoys high corrosion resistance by adding overall treatment.

Drill Casing Pipe

Fabricated under strict processing standards, Filson drill casing pipe is endowed with reliable quality and much stronger than regular drill casing pipe. With superior properties, it fully improves your applications’ performance, efficiency and reduces total costs of maintenance.

Blue Casing Pipe

Filson blue casing pipe is highly durable and offers excellent resistance against different weathering reactions. What’s more, it is also non-toxic as it not impart any harm particles into the earth, making it eco-friendly. It provides great quality in return for the money invested.

Casing Pipe Types by Materials (6)

  • Stainless Steel Casing Pipe
    Filson stainless steel casing pipe is extremely durable and versatile, hence it enjoys a variety of applications as well. Compare to steel, iron and concrete casing pipe, it also has great resistance to corrosion and high-temperature. Also, it is 100% recyclable to reduce the environment impact.
  • Carbon Steel Casing Pipe
    After strict non-destructive testing, Filson carbon steel casing pipe has low possibility of corrosive and abrasion break. According to carbon steel properties, it enjoys flexible weldability, which enables easy handling and splicing into any size in line with requirements.
  • HDPE Casing Pipe
    Filson HDPE casing pipe offers exceptional value, unwavering reliability and outstanding advantages over traditional types of casing pipe, and its overall cost savings also lower. Besides, it has long term service life as its highly resistant to corrosion, abrasion and chemicals.
  • PVC Casing Pipe
    Filson PVC casing pipe possesses exceptionally smooth surface to achieve higher flow and lower frictional losses. Thanks to PVC properties, it also enjoys high outstanding resistance to abrasion and weathering, which delivers long term service life.
  • UPVC Casing Pipe
    Filson UPVC casing pipe ensures 100% lead-free materials, hence it is successfully meet the growing demands by its exceptional properties, including great resistance to most acids, salts and oxidants. It is also easy to handle, transport and replace by its lightweight.
  • MS Casing Pipe
    Filson MS casing pipe has high tensile strength, so it has great work-ability and weld-ability. Also, it is workable under high temperature. Typically, it is coated with anti-rust layer and superior finishing, which improve its corrosion resistance and prolong its service life.

Casing Pipe Types by Application (5)

  • Casing Pipe for Borewell
    Mainly fabricated by PVC, UPVC as base materials, Filson casing pipe for borewell has superior resistance to chemicals and also immune to electrolytic and galvanic erosion, which means it is safely worked in alkaline, acidic and wet conditions without requirement for protective coating.
  • Tubewell Casing Pipe
    Providing outstanding hydraulic characteristics by smooth surface, Filson tubewell casing pipe becomes an ideal solution for your application. Compare to traditional casing pipe, it eliminates problems like corrosion or encrustation, which protects its effective area.
  • Shallow Well Casing
    Filson shallow well casing offers one-stop solution from design, fabricate, packing and shipping, which no needs to worry about quality. Its reliable quality also delivers longer service life and free from maintain costs.
  • Medium Well Casing
    Mainly made by high-quality materials, Filson medium well casing offers an effective solution for your application. Thanks to light-weight and durable quality, it achieves the advantages of quickly install, easily transport and handle, and maintenance-free.
  • Deep Well Casing
    After strict inspections and tests, such as impact tests, immersion tests and hydraulic test, Filson deep well casing provides reliable quality and long term service life. With various connection types, it enables safe and easy connection to save time and operation costs.

Casing Pipe Benefits

Stable Property
Stable Property

Filson casing pipe is immune to most of chemicals and enjoys superior resistance to corrosion and micro-biological, hence it has low risks of encrustation and clogging.

Smooth Surface
Smooth Surface

With innovation technology and skilled technical staffs, Filson casing pipe enjoys smooth surface to prevent build-ups, deposition and scaling. Besides, it also without burrs and glitches.

High Strength
High Strength

With quality raw materials and robust structure, Filson casing pipe is able to easily maintain rated collapse pressure and to withstand varying water pressure as well as weather conditions.

Flexible Dimensions
Flexible Dimensions

With qualified workers, skilled technicians and advanced equipment, Filson casing pipe can be fabricated into any types, sizes and materials based on requirements.

Casing Pipe Specific Features

  • Perfectly prevent contamination from surrounding environments
  • Great quality and performance in return for the money invested
  • Non-conductive offers lower problems of encrustation
  • Precision-machining technology without deteriorating
  • Extensive range of applications across several fields
  • OEM service to satisfy customized materials, dimensions
  • Outstanding strength and stiffness for longer service life
  • Superior appearance without fur, slits and burrs
  • Excellent protection under the harshest of environments
  • Fast and easy to install and assemble for threaded joints
  • Fast transportation ways including FedEx/TNT/DHL
  • Proven quality in accordance with ISO, ASTM certifications
  • Low risks of breaking, deformation and cracking
Casing Pipe Specific Features
Specifications of Casing Pipe

Specifications of Casing Pipe

  • Materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, MS(mild steel), HDPE or PVC
  • Connection Methods: thread, glue, rubber ring, flange, etc.
  • Shapes: round
  • Common Diameter: DN40 mm to DN315 mm
  • Thickness: 2 mm to 11.5 mm
  • Length: 3 m to 6 m
  • Color: white, blue or black
  • Service Life: more than 50 years
  • Suitable for Well Depth: 80 m to 250 m
  • Standard:ASTM, ISO, DIN, API

Why Choose Filson Casing Pipe

Casing Pipe Factory
Casing Pipe Production

From raw materials to fabricating methods, Filson casing pipe follows stringent quality assurance methods, resulting is high degree reliability. Hence our product has high durability and longevity to save maintain costs.

The more severe working environments, the greater needs for cutting edge products. Therefore, Filson casing pipe is endowed with excellent strength and stiffness as well as superior corrosion resistance to withstand harsh conditions.

Generally, Filson casing pipe is extremely durable and versatile, it can be used in various applications, such as borewell, tubewell, shallow, deep well, etc. In addition, it is available for a complete variety of different diameters as well as straight seam, spiral-weld, and other types.

You can get our casing pipe in various sizes and lengths, depending on your project requirements, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at to contact our professional sales to know more about our product.

Filson Casing Pipe Manufacturer
Filson - Salient Performance at a Affordable Price

In line with rigorously tests and variety of standards, Filson only provides products with a high degree of reliability, and also offers the best casing pipe in different ranges and specifications.

Casing Pipe FAQ Guide

How to Install Well Casing?

How to Install Well Casing

  • Insertion of the casing pipe in the well
  • Know how deep your well is
  • To put the casing pipe in the wheel
  • Fill in gravel
  • Put casing pipe in the ground
  • Finish the well cap
How to Remove Well Casing?

Things need to prepare: drill rig with augers, certified well driller, driller’s helper, chain or strap. Then, let’s start!

  1. First, loosen the surrounding materials, please choose a hollow-stem auger with an inside diameter larger than the diameter of well casing. For example, if the well casing is 4 inches in diameter, overdrill the well by 8 inches or larger auger.
  2. Put chain or strap to the well casing. When the overdrill is done, leave the augers in the ground and attach the chain or strap to the casing and the auger.
  3. Using drill rig to pull the old casing from the ground. Be careful that old casing such as PVC materials is easily broken, which creates needless pollution underground.
What Size is Well Casing?

What Size is Well Casing

In general, residential wells use 4, 5, 6 inch casings. And agricultural wells or older wells use larger casings, such as 8, 10, 12 inch or even bigger diameters depending on the practical applications.

What are the Differences between Casing Pipe and Drill Pipe?

What are the Differences between Casing Pipe and Drill Pipe

  • Purpose

Drill pipes conducts force to the drill bit when drilling process. Drill pipe is the first step of every wellbore. However, casing pipe is applied to protect and support the well stream, it can also stabilizes the wellbore, which requires each casing pipe to withstand high collapse pressure.

  • Standards

Drill pipe needs to in line with API standard, its purpose is to set requirements of drill pipe to meet the producing operations conditions. Meanwhile, casing pipe from materials to strength have different standards, such as APT, ISO, DIN, etc.

  • Connection

Drill pipe has wider range of connection types than casing pipe, casing pipe is limited by threads.

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