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Filson carbonation stone, sometimes also known as carb stone, is the premier choice when you need to introduce carbon dioxide to beer brewing or beverage production. Filson carbonation stone provides you with the best performance.

Filson is a company that focuses on foreign trade. We are now having customers from over 30 countries around the world. And our carbonation stone can be easliy found in food and beverage plants, wort aeration, soda, and beer carbonation.

If you don’t know where to buy a carbonation stone, Filson can be your reliable carb stone manufacturer and supplier. Here, we promise to offer high-quality products at a competitive price for your application.

Filson Carbonation Stone

Beer Carbonation Stone
Filson beer carbonation stone is made of food grade stainless steel 316L material to make sure the safty and security of the drinking beer. At the same time, the beer carbination stone distributes carbon dioxide to the beer to improve the taste.
Carbonation Stone Homebrew
Filson fabircates carbonation stone for your homebrew. For small amounts of beer brewing, you may need only one or several carbonation stones to meet your specific need. The stone brings you high yield of beer with a reasonable price.
Inline Carbonation Stone
Filson inline carbonation stone provides breweries and beverage producers with a wide range of inline capabilities that saves time, money and energy and at the same time, delivers the best-in-class beer carbonation.
Corny Keg Carbonation Stone
Filson provides carbonation stone for your corny keg. With the efficient Filson corny keg carbonation stone, you can carbonate in 2-4 of days if you increase the pressure slowly. Contact Filson for more details.
Brite Tank Carbonation Stone
You can easily apply a Filson carbonation stone in a brite tank to increase your beer yield. Filson birte tank carbonation stone is all sintered with high quality stainless steel powder to reach a compact construction.
Stainless Steel Carbonation Stone
Filson stainless steel carbonation stone, obviously, is designed and manufactured using different grade stainless steel materials like 304 SS or 316L. The material has strong mechanical strength and high temperature and corrosion resistance.
Dip Tube with Carbonation Stone
Filson offers dip tube with carbonation stone for our customers to carbonate the beer. You are supposed to use the device in a 2.5 to 5 gallon keg to realize its purpose.
Tri Clamp Carbonation Stone
Filson tri clamp carbonation stone is typically found in brite beer fermentation tanks to carbonate beer. It is designed for direct mounting via a tri clamp fitting. Each of Filson carbonation stone is made from sintered stainless steel for the highest quality.
Replacement Carbonation Stone
Filson manufactures the replacement carbonation stone to fit your various connection or system requirements. They are all made according to the original brand’s quality and performance. Just send us the specifications or the model type.
2 Micron Carbonation Stone
Filson 2 micron carbonation stone is an ideal industrial tool for beer brewing and beverage producers or for homebrew. It provides the perfect accuracy and befitting bubble size for the best CO2 distribution efficiency.
5 Micron Carbonation Stone
Filson carbonation stone has a wide range of micron ratings from 0.1 to 120 microns. Among which, a 5 micron carbonation stone is relatively suitable for your application.
10 Micron Carbonation Stone
Comparing to Filson 2 micron and 5 micron carbonation stone, a 10 micron carbonation stone is less efficient in gas to liquid diffusion, but still applicable. There are many accuracy options for you to decide based on your needs.
4’’ Carbonation Stone
The length of Filson carbonation stone is ranging from 2 inch to 24 inch to satisfy your different sizes of beer brewing system. It is fully sintered with stainless steel to provide a better strength and efficiency than common carbonation stone.
6’’ Carbonation Stone
Filson 6’’ carbonation stone is a device used to introduce carbon dioxide into beer or wort in order to enrich the taste and freshness of the liquid.
8'' Carbonation Stone
Filson provides a 8 inch carbonation stone for increasing the carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) infusion rate to beer. The tiny bubbles made by the device realizes the maximum contact area between gas and the target liquid.
12'' Carbonation Stone 
Filson 12’’ carbonation stone is a vital tool and quick solution to infuse CO2 to beer, wort and other beverages like the popular Coca Cola. Except for 12 inch length, Filson also offers the stone with the length of 4’’, 6’’, 8’’ and 24’’.
24’’ Carbonation Stone
Filson has been concentrating on filtration for decades and has much experience in carbonation stone manufacturing. Our 24’’ carbonation stone is the longest length we can make for a carb stone, additional length of 1 inch or 2 inch is available to customize.

Why Choose Filson Carbonation Stone


Professional Engineering: Filson has a core engineering team with profound expertise and rich experience in carbonation stone designing and manufacturing.

Dependable Service: Filson fabircates the carbonation stone following your requirements and give sincere advice if necessary.

Quality Product: All Filson carbonation stones is strictly controlled through the manufacturing process. After finishing, the carb stone will be put under a series of rigorous quality checks to guarantee its satety and performance.

Quick Delivery: There are carb stones in stock to meet your urgent needs and can be delivered within 7 working days. But for a custom type, about 20 working days is required.

Filson Carbonation Stone Catalog Cover

The Leading Carbonation Stone Supplier for Whole World

Filson carbonation stone is a device used to diffuse carbon dioxide into beer. In the existing market, a carbonation stone may be made of naturally porous stone, porous ceramic, or finely sintered stainless steel. Here, Filson provides the products in a fully sintered structure.

Carbonate Beer with a Carb Stone

Carbonate Beer with a Carb Stone

Filson is one of the best and most specialized manufacturers in China. We carry a complete product line for carbonation stones. In the meantime, Filson integrates global high-end sintering technologies and possesses advanced sintering equipment to provide powerful support for you.

Carbonation Stone Cleaning Method

Carbonation Stone Cleaning Method

Compared to common and traditional technological processes, sintering enlarges the efficiency of Filson carbonation stone to a great extent. The carb stone shows a more compact structure and higher accuracy by sintering metal powder together.

Carbonation Stone Efficiency Testing

Carbonation Stone Efficiency Testing

Filson carbonation stone is mainly made of stainless steel 316L. It is a healthy food-grade stainless steel material to provide high corrosion protection for the stone. Typically, Filson carb stone can withstand high temperatures up to 600℃.

Correct Method of Taking a Carb Stone

Correct Method of Taking a Carb Stone

Filson carbonation stone provides quick gas ( refers to CO2 ) diffusion in the liquid. The carbon dioxide is forced into beer or other beverages under pressure. With a uniform aperture ranging from 0.1 to 120μm, the stone features precise and even pore distribution for creating millions of microbubbles to contact with the target liquid.

Details of Filson Carbonation Stone

Details of Filson Carbonation Stone

Filson carbonation stone is usually used to carbonate flat beer to enhance its flavor and mouthfeel. Also, it can be applied to add CO2 to beer with inadequate carbonation for packaging or service to prolong its shelf life. Meanwhile, using carbonation, it is possible to remove the excessive quantity of dissolved air or oxygen from beer or water.

Filson Carbonation Stone for Beer Carbonation

Filson Carbonation Stone for Beer Carbonation

Besides, Filson carbonation stone is a versatile tool to aerate the wort. When the wort is oxygen-deprived, the stone is able to keep yeast at optimum health. It helps the yeast reproduce efficiently and maintain a healthy cell wall to be more tolerant to higher alcohol contents.

Filson Carbonation Stone

Filson Carbonation Stone

In an ideal system, Filson carbonation stone is settled near or at the bottom of the beer fermentation tanks. By doing this, the longest distance for carbon dioxide to travel to the surface is provided and better CO2-to-beer efficiency is realized.

The Carb Stone for Your Equipment

The Carb Stone for Your Equipment

Warm tips for using Filson carbonation stone:

  • Though Filson carbonation stones can be made into a wide range of micron rating, they are most effective from 0.5 to 3 microns. If smaller, the stone will become ealily clogged by proteins and organic material. If higher, the bubbles will be too large to dissolve into the beer.
  • You are recommended not to take the Filson carbonation stone directly by hand. The pores on the surface of the stone is really small resulting in easily blocking by the oil on your finger. Before touching it, you can wear a pair of gloves.
  • It is better to clean Filson carbonation stone regularly. You can clean it before or after each use to prevent the tiny pores from clogging. The right cleaning method will help extend the service life of your carb stone.

Tri-clamp Carbonation Stone Assembly

Tri-clamp Carbonation Stone Assembly

It’s possible for Filson to send a video for you to check the performance and appearance of the carbonation stone. Also, in the video, you can see how to make carbonation stone and how to install carbonation stone.

Filson, as a leading expert infiltration for decades, knows customers better than products. Each of your orders from Filson will be packed along with detailed carbonation stone instructions to answer questions about carbonation stone assembly, carb stone sizing, how to carbonate beer with a carbonation stone, etc.

Carbonation Stone For Sale At Filson Today:

If you happen to need a suitable carbonation stone for your beer brewing or other applications, do not hesitate to contact Filson immediately. Simply send your specifications and our engineering sales will come for you within 8 working hours!


Call: 86 – 157 3695 8886


Filson Carbonation Stone Cleaning Method:

Here are some basic cleaning methods of Filson carbonation stone, you can know more about how to clean a carbonation stone from our professional specialists:

  • Boil your carbonation stone with clean water for several minutes and then dry it by nature air.
  • Flush your carbonation stone with hot water to remove the contaminants.
  • Soak your carbonation stone in acid or chemical solution to react with particles involved in the pores of the stone.
  • Use a professional machine, mostly an ultrasonic cleaner to clean your clogged carbonation stone.

Filson Carbonation Stone Function:

  • Reduce the possibility of blocking of the product
  • Carbonate the beer, wort or other beverages
  • Remove excessive quantity of dissolved air
  • Create numerous bubbles for higher efficiency
  • Introduce carbon dioxide into the target liquid
  • Increase the contact area between CO2 and beer

Filson Carbonation Stone Feature:

  • Durable and wear-resistant for high quality stainless steel
  • Able to directly connected with any pot, pump or plate wort chiller
  • Excellent workmanship for stable performance, safety and reliability
  • Good sealing and leakproof performance
  • Perfect sintered metal accessories for beer brewing
  • Porous stainless steel material for fine bubbles making
  • Steady and compact structure for tight particle bonding
  • Flexible and careful connection design for quick installation and disassembly

Filson Carbonation Stone Specification:

  • Body material: stainless steel 304, 316/316L
  • Micron rating: 0.1 – 120μm ( typically 0.5 – 10μm )
  • Length: 4 – 24inch
  • Porosity: 15 – 45%
  • Operating temperature: up to 600℃
  • Working pressure: 0.5 – 2MPa ( design pressure could be larger )
  • Connection: NPT threads, straight tube, dip tube, tri-clamp, barb

Note: specifications listed above are for reference only, contact Filson for more details.

Filson Carbonation Stone Application:

  • Food and beverage
  • Beer brewing
  • Wort aeration / oxygenation
  • Sodas and beverages carbonation
  • Homebrew fermentation/carbonization
  • Bubble generator
  • Wine production

People Also Ask

What is a Carbonation Stone?

Carbonation stone is also known as carb stone or CO2 stone. It is a porous body sintered with stainless steel materials like SS 304 or SS 316/316L. As you can see, the carbonation stone usually has a silvery appearance. And on the surface, if you are careful enough, you will find many little pores.

The carb stone is a versatile device used to carbonate beer, soda, water, or other beverages. By doing this, the drinks will stay a good taste and fresh. Also, it can remove the excessive quantities of dissolved air or oxygen from beer or water.

Filson Carbonation Stone

Filson Carbonation Stone

How does a Carbonation Stone Work?

When you equip the carbonation stone for your vessel, no matter a corny keg or a brite tank, you will finally get a content beer production in high yield.

Due to the professional sintering process, the carbonation stone is full of micron pores on its surface. The pores provide millions of ways for carbon dioxide to pass through. Once the stone is linked with accessories like hose pipes and meters, it can be put into use.

When the carbonation stone works, plenty of mini bubbles is generated. That’s CO2 passing through the stone. It contacts the liquid in the form of bubbles. Through its way to the liquid surface, the gas is fully dissolved.

Carbonate Beer with the Carb Stone

Carbonate Beer with the Carb Stone

How to Use a Carbonation Stone?

Filson carbonation stone is designed with flexible connections and multiple connection types to fit your different application use. It’s easy to install and disassembly to save much time.

When you finish the installation of your carbonation stone, you can carbonate the beer according to the following steps:

  • Make sure the beer is cold, generally between 1.1 – 4.4℃.
  • Settle the carb stone at or near the bottom of the keg/tank.
  • Increase the pressure to 1 – 2psi and stay for 4 – 5 minutes. At this time, you will hear the bubbles in the vessel.
  • Keep increasing pressure in 1 – 2psi and wait for another 4 – 5 minutes. Repeat the operation until the pressure is up to 14 – 16psi.
  • Now you may get a fair production. Try a sample glass. If it has reached the desired carbonation level, you can remove the stone or leave it inside, it doesn’t really matter. And then back the pressure down to serving psi.
  • If you are not satisfied with the carbonation level, keep increasing the psi in 1 – 2psi each time till you get the desired level.
How do You Make Carbonation Stone?

Different from traditional ceramic carbonation stone or naturally porous stone, Filson carbonation stone is a sintered stainless steel media. The first step of manufacturing a carbonation stone is to design. Our engineering specialist will help to design the most suitable carb stone for you.

Then the workers will begin to produce your carbonation stone according to the design drawing. Firstly, the stainless steel powder will be compressed using hydraulic and pneumatic presses which results in a semi-structurally solid part. Then the most important procedure is coming—sintering.

There are many details during the fabricating process, you may ask for a video to see the whole process of making a carbonation stone or ask us for more information.

What is the Method of Cleaning Clogged Carbonation Stone?

If you order a carbonation stone, it is possible to be clogged for its small pore size. A couple of main tips that will help you clean your carbonation stone better:

  • Remove your carbonation stone. Make sure that the pressure is out of your brite tank anytime you take off it or else, it’s just going to probably hurt yourself.
  • Be careful not to scratch it or ruin the surface area and don’t touch the stone directly with your hand. Maybe you need a pair of gloves at this step.
  • Take it off the assembly.
  • Flush it with water to make your carb stones last a lot longer. Put it onto the hot water cleaning hose for a couple of minutes with 185 degrees water. You will see a large quantity of polluted water coming out of the stone.
  • Remove the stone and you will have the stone itself, clear all the way through.
  • Put the carb stone into a basket and settle the basket into an ultrasonic cleaner. The sound waves burst to get into really microscopic pores and give a little bit of mechanical action to clean those pores.
  • Soak the stone in caustic solution for about 30 minutes and flush the solution with hot water.
  • Put it all back together. You can store it in a dilute acid solution and sanitize it for the next use.

After careful and thorough cleaning, it will ultimately lead to more consistent carbonation of your stone.

Carbobation Stone Cleaning

Carbonation Stone Cleaning

Do I Need to Use Carbonation Stone?

If you want to improve your beer yields, YES!

You can achieve a better CO2 diffusion efficiency by adopting a carbonation stone. The carbonation stone is sintered into a porous structure with numerous pores. It will create millions of fine bubbles during operation.

The bubbles are so small that they provide a large contact area between carbon dioxide and beer. As the bubbles rise in the beer, CO2 is fully infused. Finally, you get the carbonation beer in a short time.

Besides, the carbonation stone is the key to improving the taste and mouthfeel of beer or other carbonated beverages. At the same time, it keeps the freshness to prolong the shelf life of the drinks.

Does Carbonation Stone Size Matter?

Of course, it does.

The length and pore size are greatly related to the efficiency of CO2 to liquid. The longer the stone is, the faster the carbonation will be realized. But it must be suitable for your keg or tank, usually, a 6 – 10 inch carbonation stone is popular. If too long, your stone may be damaged.

As for the pore size or micron rating, it’s an important factor for practical operation. If the pore is too small, the carbonation stone becomes clogged too easily by proteins and organic material. If too large, the bubbles are too big and difficult to dissolve into the product resulting in uneven foaming of your beer. So the most effective accuracy of the carb stone is from 0.5 to 3 microns.

Choosing the right carbonation stone for your application is crucial. Specifications, like size, micron rating, and connection type, are possible to influence the actual efficiency. For any other points to be noted, you can consult Filson engineering sales.

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