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Your Best Carbon Water Filter Cartridge Solutions in China-MOQ50PCs

Filson carbon water filter cartridge, also called carbon block water filter cartridge or carbon block filter, is widely applied in high flow sediment filtration, home water filtration and commercial water filtration.

Filson carbon water filter cartridge offers an economical solution for the improvement of taste, color, odour, and removal of solids. Moreover, it will show a good capability on trapping lead, volatile organic compounds, methyl tert-butyl ether, cyst, asbestos, mercury.

Carbon Water Filter Cartridge

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Filter
Filson coconut shell activated carbon filter is fabricated from high quality coconut shell activated carbon, provides extended surface area and high impurity absorb capability than regular nut shell activated carbon filters.
Carbon Impregnated Cellulose Filter Cartridge
Filson carbon impregnated cellulose filter cartridge takes advantage of activated carbon powder and cellulose, can effectively remove the odor, sediment, color, VOCs and organic chemicals from liquids.
Granular Activated Carbon Filter
Filson granular activated carbon filter, also called GAC filter, shows great absorption capability and mostly used for taste and odor improving of water.
Solid Carbon Block Filter
Filson solid carbon block filter is composed of compressed activated carbon block filter, owns better filtration precision stability than other carbon block filters.
Carbon Wrap Filter
Filson carbon wrap filters are usually consist of a compressed carbon block and outer non-woven cloth layer to provide efficiently filtration and particle-shedding-reduction.
CTO Filter
Filson CTO filters are designed to improve taste&odor of water and remove chlorine, generally be applied in school drinking water system, groundwater treatment or municipal water treatment facilities.
Big Blue Carbon Block Filter
Filson big blue carbon block filter is an perfect selection when you need it fit big blue filter housings, Filson can offer you big blue carbon block filters for the comfortless installation.
10 Inch Carbon Block Filter
Filson 10 inch carbon block filter features rigid construction by compressing granular carbon in to a cylinder shape, thus provide uniform pore distribution and high filtration efficiency.
20 Inch Carbon Filter
Filson 20 inch carbon filter can be installed in all standard 20” filter housings with comprehensive endcap options.
0.5 Micron Carbon Block Filter
Filson 0.5 micron carbon block filter can achieve high filtration precision up to 0.5 micron, shows prominent chlorine, taste and odor reduction capability.
1 Micron Carbon Block Filter
Filson 1 micron carbon block filter is ideal for 1 micron nominal filtration, efficiently remove chlorine while provide effective fine filtration.
5 Micron Carbon Block Filter
Filson 5 micron carbon block filter is applicable of pre-filtration in reverse osmosis systems, help reduce clogging occurs on critical RO filters.
10 Micron Carbon Block Filter
Filson 10 micron carbon block filter features an porosity design, shows eminent efficiency on absorbing certain chemicals, particularly organic chemicals in water.
Carbon Water Filter Replacement
Filson supplies comprehensive carbon water filter replacement series of other popular brands, with a quick delivery and competitive price.

Why Cooperate with Filson?

Filson carbon water filter cartridge features compatible filtration systems, thus always a preferred carbon water filter replacement for most popular brands. Whether for standard or your specialized block filter, Filson can generally deliver it within 14 days with advanced and efficiently production devices. Moreover, We can deliver it to the port or warehouse you specify once you need.

We provide a variety of 10 inch and 20 inch carbon filter cartridge drop-in filters. Designed for use with industry standard water filter housings. If you’re looking for a 10″ jumbo pre-filter,  carbon water filter cartridge or something specialized, we are sure to have a solution for you.

Each Filson carbon water filter cartridge is wrapped with a polypropylene(PP) outer layer, and protected to premature clogging by netting. These materials and components are all FDA-compliant, making them ideally for use in residential water system, food processing and commercial drinking water supplying.

Filson carbon water filter cartridge catalog

Filson: One of the Superlative Carbon Water Filter Cartridge Producer in China

Filson carbon water filter cartridge only adopts top quality coconut shell activated carbon as raw material, takes the advantages of high mechanical strength, developed pore structure, large specific surface area, eminent impurity adsorption capability, and high adsorption capacity.

0.5micron solid carbon block water filter

0.5 Micron Solid Carbon Block Water Filter

Although another nut shell-activated carbon is cheaper, Filson insists on adopting coconut shell-activated carbon material on high-quality water processing requests for consistent quality.

You can use traditional apricot shell, cherry shell, sour date shell, walnut shell carbon block filters in conventional water processing, but can’t utilize them for applications that require high purity and efficiency.

10inch carbon block filter cartridge for water filtration

10 Inch Carbon Block Filter Cartridge for Water Filtration

Filson coconut shell activated carbon filter is widely used in drinking water purification, MSG industrial solution refining, food, and beverage processing, drinking water deodorization, heavy metal removal of water. Further, it can also be widely used in the chemical industry for solvent recovery and gas separation, etc.

20inch filson carbon water filter cartridge

20 Inch Filson Carbon Water Filter Cartridge

Filson carbon water filter cartridges can be manufactured with formed cylindrical carbon blocks, carbon granules, and carbon powder, are housed in a plastic casing or wrapped by cloth layer to prevent particle shedding that assures safe filtration.

Custom and standards 10inch activated carbon water filter cartridge

Custom and Standards 10 Inch Activated Carbon Water Filter Cartridge

The rigid block construction of Filson carbon water filter cartridge efficiently prevents any potential bypass and the filters will not fluidize, hence guaranteeing the highest effectiveness of the carbon media.

Except for carbon block filter, Filson also provides granular activated carbon water filter cartridge, which is mainly made of granular carbon and owns looser media distribution. It’s more compatible with coarse filtration, with 95% particle removal efficiency.

Custom and standards 10inch activated carbon water filter cartridge

Custom and Standards 10inch Activated Carbon Water Filter Cartridge

Moreover, carbon powder can be combined with ceramic housing to create a unique candle shape filter cartridge. It features a minimum absolute micron rating of 0.2 microns, capable of removing fine impurities and bacteria from water and improving the water odor and taste.

Filson carbon water filter cartridge is designed only for microbiologically safe water, and better use in low contaminant water to assure it working properly. You can replace the Filson carbon block filter every 3 months for keeping the filtration system with the best filtration performance.

For any questions about carbon water filter cartridges, don’t hesitate to contact Filson for a solution, getting your best-activated carbon water filter cartridges!

Filson bigblue carbon water filter cartridge

Filson Bigblue Carbon Water Filter Cartridge

Coconut Carbon Filter VS Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filters include all nutshell activated carbon filters and charcoal activated carbon filters, while coconut carbon filter is one premier type of nutshell activated carbon filters.

With higher mechanical strength, less particle shedding and more environmentally friendly, coconut activated carbon filter is the optimal choice than bituminous coal-based activated carbon especially in POU/POE system.

Filson carbon water filter cartridge end cap and oring details

Filson Carbon Water Filter Cartridge End Cap and Oring Details


  • Eminent on sediment filtration and chlorine reduction
  • BE grade coconut high purity carbon for purer filtration
  • High-level absorptive capacity with porosity and large surface area
  • Excellent performance on capturing chemicals such as VOC
  • Exceptional effect on chlorine taste and odor improvement
  • Compliant with NSF and FDA material standard
  • 100% coconut shell activated carbon facilitates the best
  • Particle shedding prevention structure for zero pollution


  • Filtration accuracy: 0.2-10 micron
  • Operating temperature: 50°C
  • Standard lengths: 9.75”, 9.87”, 10”, 20”, 30”
  • Standard endcap ID: 0.65”, 1.1”, 1.2”
  • Standard endcap OD: 1.9”, 2.55”, 2.75”, 4.5”
  • Endcap: polypropylene(PP)
  • Gasket: ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM)
  • Netting(only for formed cylindrical type): polyester(PE)
  • Filter media: coconut activated carbon block/granules/powder

Note: the diameter of endcaps and length of filter cartridges can be bespoke on your request


  • Beer filtration
  • Water processing
  • Hotel water system
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Home use
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