Carbon Steel Well Screen

  • Superior mechanical strength to withstand high pressure drop
  • Easy to back washing and reusable for longer service life
  • Well-welded technology ensures rigid structure in harsh fields
  • Available for customized solution to meet unique requirements
  • More available open area provides bigger liquids flowing zone
  • Special V-shaped design avoids plugging and freely flow

With special V-shaped wire construction, Filson carbon steel well screen permits lower entrance velocity, which greatly reduces encrustation rates. Besides, it can also protect pump and other surface equipment for good sand control retention while using the less energy.

  • Material: carbon steel (carbon content up to 2.1%)
  • Outer diameter: 108 mm – 2000 mm
  • Unit length: 5.8 m or customized without weld
  • Slot size: 0.5 mm – 2.5 mm or request
  • Thickness: 2 – 10 mm
  • Certification: API, ISO
  • Depth: up to 1000 ft.
  • Style: single layer or multiple layers
  • Collapse pressure: 62 bar
  • Construction: perforated base pipe, wedge wire screen, gravel pack (optional combination)

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Carbon Steel Well Screen

Get A Precision Machining Sample Well Screen

After rigid inspection, Filson carbon steel well screen is featured with consistent and integral screen, which highly prolongs its service longevity. Equipped with larger open area, it allows effective flow back between the particles and fluids.

Compared to stainless steel well screen, Filson carbon steel well screen is stronger, more durable and better pressure, impact resistance, but its corrosion resistance is weaker than stainless steel. For this, we provide surface treatment service to avoid.

As an OEM company, the specifications and connections of carbon steel well screen can be designed according to customers’ needs. It can be used individually or combine with other products. Filson also provides relates products like wedge wire screen, gravel pack screen, ect.

Filson has professional workers and experts design team, we promise to offer the most suitable solution for your well applications, please feel free to Click Here and send us your requirements!

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