Filson Carbon Lenticular Filter

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and materials
  • Fully enclosed design with no leakage risks
  • Easy to use and lode, less maintenance costs
  • Vertical structure for taking up less space
  • Special stacked surface design for a large filtration area
  • Effective way of removing color and odor

Filson carbon lenticular filter is commonly used in the industry of botanical extraction with its two eye-catching features-deodorization and decolorization. In addition, loose carbon powders will not cause problem, the result of filtrate will be clear still.

  • Material of housing: stainless steel 316L, sanitary weld
  • Material of sheet: cellulose and activated carbon
  • Material of separator: polypropylene, polyamide
  • Maximum temperature: 140ºC(284℉)
  • Maximum pressure: 10bar (liquid pressure only) Diameters: 12 inch, 16inch
  • Micron rating: 0.25 -15 micron
  • Construction formats of module: flat basket, double o-ring bayonet

Note: specifications listed above are for reference only, more details to be known by consulting Filson.

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Filson Carbon Lenticular Filter

A Trustworthy Carbon Lenticular Filter Supplier in China

Filson carbon lenticular filter, as its name indicates, is made of activated carbon. Needless to say, activated carbon has the most prominent feature–odor absorption. Furthermore, it is also a good choice to eliminate color, hazes, proteins and bioburden, with its exceptionally high void volume.

Filson carbon lenticular filter has an unshakable place in the industry of botanical extraction, due to its ability to remove chlorophyll without influencing the flavor or the result you want. In addition, with high porosity and large surface area ranging from 500 to 2000㎡, Filson carbon lenticular filter boasts efficient decolorization and purification of process fluids.

Besides, various grades of Filson carbon lenticular filters are provided to fit your application, such as G60, S51, 1062, etc. Each grade of carbon media will be made to optimize retention and flow properties.

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