Carbon Capsule Filter

  • Excellent impurity capture capacity includes particles and odors
  • Large carbon particle surface area for rapid liquid&gas filtration
  • Extensive applications for air, water, gas purification and treatment
  • High-adsorption-capacity activated carbon extends service life
  • Compact design supports to be installed in small space
  • Disposable products are convenient to use without cleaning
  • Precise entrance and exit connection size to avoid leakage
  • Available for multiple sizes to meet various needs

Consisting of capsule-shaped housing filled with activated carbon granules or pellets, Filson carbon capsule filter can trap or adsorb impurities and pollutants from the air. It is known for its high adsorption capacity, low pressure drop, and long service life.

  • Housing Material: polycarbonate
  • Filtration Media: activated carbon
  • Diameter: 2.3 inches to 4 inches
  • Length: 3.5 inches to 20 inches
  • Working Temperature: 80℃
  • Working Pressure: 3.4 bar
  • Difference Pressure: 60 psi
  • Filtration Efficiency: up to 99.9%
  • Surface Area of Carbon Particles: 7 m²
  • Filtration Accuracy: 0.3 micron to 10 microns
  • Sealing Method: thermal bonding
  • Sterilization: autoclaved at 121℃ for 20 minutes or gamma radiation
  • Connection Methods: luer lock, hose barb, or threaded connection

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Carbon Capsule Filter

Superior Capsule Filter for Efficient Removal of Solid/Gaseous Pollutants

With advanced production equipment, cutting-edge technology and highly skilled technicians, Filson has the ability to continuously produce high-quality carbon capsule filters. In addition, our production capacity ensures offering timely delivery of our products.

Filson carbon capsule filter has large filtration area, high filtration efficiency up to 99.9%, excellent particulate capture capacity and odor adsorption capacity. It is cleverly designed to ensure good sealing and is easy to install, use and maintenance.

Being designed and manufactured strictly according to standards, Filson carbon capsule filter is structured as durable and rugged to provide you with clean and safe water for long periods of time. We always set reasonable prices for products to achieve the highest cost performance.

If you want to buy carbon capsule filter, then choosing Filson will certainly not disappoint you. Click Here to contact us and we are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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