High Filtration Accuracy Candle Elements for Automatic Filters

Filson candle elements for automatic filters generally consist of SS sintered wire mesh or wedge wire profiles with the filtration rating from 10μm to 150μm. It is mainly used in backflush simplex filters and duplex filters.

During filtration, the filtrate enters from the outside to the inside, so the dirt being filtered on the outside can be easily cleaned off from the surface. Accordingly, you can avoid replace it frequently for reducing filtration costs.

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Filson candle elements for automatic filters is suit for high differential pressure and high temperature environments. Therefore, in high-temperature conditions, it is a better choice versus plastic, fleece or paper filter media.

  • Micron rating: 10-150μm
  • Cleaning method: back washing, chemical solution
  • Flowrate: maximum 3.6m3/h(60L/min)
  • Filter media: stainless steel wire mesh, wedge wire profile
  • Filtration grades:depending on filter type and filter media
  • Boll replacement type: 6.18/6.19, 6.18.2, 6.21, 6.46, 6.64, 6.72, 6.18.3C

Note: Not only replacement, we can also produce special candle elements on your request.

  • Cleanable & Reusable to provide a longer service time
  • Suitable for both simplex filters and duplex filters
  • Large surface filtrationarea with large dirt holding capacity
  • Easy to install and take out for less labor cost
  • Ease of cleaning to avoid frequently replacing
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