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Filson breather vents can be used for extensive applications in both industrial and commercial fields. They are mainly applied to vacuum relief and pressure equalization. And you can easily find them in cylinders, gear boxes, oil tanks, and reservoirs and so on.

We can provide you high quality breather vents at a competitive price. Our products mainly include brass breather vent, stainless steel breather vent, hydraulic cylinder breather vent, screw in breather vent, replacement breather vent fittings and more.

Filson breather vent has numerous superb performance by utilizing the advanced sintering technique. Therefore, our breather vent is featured by high heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and strong mechanical strength.

Filson is a customer-oriented enterprise which is dedicated to design and fabricate excellent breather vent for our clients around the world. Please feel free to browse our net pages, and contact with us immediately if you have needs for breather vents. We will provide you awesome one.

Filson Breather Vent

Brass Breather Vent
Filson adopts the cutting edge vacuum sintering technology to construct brass breather vent. The brass breather vent we made is a integrity with a sintered bronze element inside and a brass housing outside.
Stainless Steel Breather Vent
Filson stainless steel breather vent raw material could be 304, 316, 316L and more depending on your exact requirements. We could also customize your stainless steel breather vent in different dimensions.
Hydraulic Cylinder Breather Vent
Filson hydraulic cylinder breather vent can provide vacuum relief on gear boxes, oil tanks, and reservoirs. It is also used to convert double action cylinders into single action cylinders, and prevent foreign matter from entering the ports open to atmosphere.
Npt Breather Vent
Npt means national pipe thread and Filson thread breather vents are available in different sizes. For example: 1/2 inch npt breather vent, 3/8 inch npt breather vent, 1/4 inch npt breather vent, 1/8 inch npt breather vent, 3/4 npt inch breather vent, etc.
Metric-Breather Vent
Filson metric breather vents have two types that you can choose: standard type or customized type. Send us your drawing and specifications, you will get a perfect one.
screw in breather vent
Filson screw in breather vent can be used in a plenty of automotive applications such as sensors, appliance and general enclosures where protective venting is required.
Pneumatic Breather Vent
Filson pneumatic breather vents are designed for filtering out dirt particles from air that enters compressed air system. And they are cost-effective.
Replacement Breather Vent Fitting
Filson can manufacture replacement breather vent fitting with good performance of some leading brands, such as Parker breather vent.

Why Choose Filson Breather Vent


For over 20 years, Filson has served thousands of customers from more than 40 countries and regions with well received. ISO quality and factory prices are always our competitive advantages.

Filson can manufacture breather vent in a broad range of materials, sizes and fittings so they can be easily specified with the characteristics and configurations customers require.

Meanwhile, as a reliable breather vent supplier, we could offer the samples for free charge, so you could assure its quality. If the order is confirmed, Filson breather vent in stock could be delivered within 7 days for your urgent needs.

If you think Filson is the most fitted manufacturer you are searching for, send us your further concerns.

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Filson: Your Leading Breather Vent Manufacturer

As a leading breather vent manufacturer in China, Filson could support you to make high-end breather vents based on your application. We get good reputation for our dependable quality and satisfied customer service. And our full capacity makes you get stable products supply.

38 npt 14 npt 18 npt 34 npt breather vent

For non-applied hydraulic cylinder spaces or oil tanks, the flowing gas doped with foreign particles enter the inside of hydraulic systems, these are indeed capable of causing major damage. So Filson breather vent is quite significant for hydraulic cylinder system or others.

Filson breather vents are designed to maintain safe and equalized pressure in a unit even when it is being filled or under sudden changes in ambient temperature. With such features, they are widely used in cylinder, gear boxes, oil tanks and other tough industrial applications.

Filson breather vent generally has two functions. One role is noise muffling during pressure equalization. And the other is to remove exhaust and intake air from potential dirt contaminants and foreign particles. So it can prolong the valve’s life span and save a big expense overall.

brass breather exhaust port vent filters

In detail, to achieve noise absorption and vacuum relief and pressure equalization purpose, Filson sintered porous breather vent is designed and characterised by good permeability. It is covered by some uniform pores which allow the air through and distribute them evenly in the cavity.

With the support of mature sintering technology, Filson breather vent has a broad range of working temperature ranges from -20℃ to 150 ℃, and it also has good corrosion resistance. Besides, its threaded design could secure mechanical fastening, and its durable designs keeps it able to be used in extremely harsh environment.

Filson breather vent has a perfect design that low profile versions makes it can be applied in limited space. So it is easy to assemble and remove for its flat and lightweight body. In addition, Filson breather vent can be washed frequently with splash guard.

Filson breather vent can be made into standard type and customized type. Furthermore, you can choose whether non-filtered which permits straight-through flow of air or filtered which has a screen and two layers of Nylon for filtration.

sintered bronze breather vent application

Filson breather vents are available in different materials such as brass, sintered bronze, stainless steel, etc. There is also a wide range of sizes such as 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 2 inch that you can choose.

As an ISO 9001 certificated breather vents supplier, Filson controls the quality of breather vents strictly. We can follow up with different standards such as CE, SGS according to your demand. Send us your inquire now, we will give you something different.

If you have the need for a breather vent, Filson will always be here to supply you a suitable one.

More details to be known in following ways:

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Filson Breather Vent Function

  • Relief vacuum, pressure equalization by allowing for required exhaust and breathing action
  • Used as a silencer: distribute compressed air evenly
  • Prevent dirt particles coming with the flow air into the system
  • Protect pneumatic system, fluid cylinder and other expensive components from damage under low pressure or vacuum environment
  • Provide remarkable quality breather vent with a competitive price
  • Design and build the most stable construction to avoid unnecessary malfunction

Filson Breather Vent Features:

  • Multiple usage for industrial applications of hydraulic cylinder system
  • Wide range of connection size, working pressure&temp., end connection and material
  • Additional ability to avoid foreign contaminant entering pneumatic automatic system
  • Available to be designed and manufactured in NPT or BSP standards
  • Less cleaning times with a low maintenance costs and long life service

Filson Breather Vent Specification:

  • Raw Material: brass, sintered bronze powder, zinc-plated, 304. 316L stainless steel and others
  • Type: standard type or customized type
  • Pipe thread size (inch): 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1¼, and more
  • Thread: male or female thread based on your application
  • Working temperature range: from -20 ℃ to 150 ℃
  • Max operating pressure: 300 psi
  • Inlet connection type: national pipe tapered
  • Outlet connection type: male national pipe tapered
  • Thread type: (NPT)national pipe thread or (BSP) British standard pipe
  • Applicable Medium: air, liquid and inert gas

Filson Breather Vent Application:

  • Pneumatic automatic system
  • Hydraulic cylinder system
  • Hand valves, solenoids, air exhausts and vacuum generators
  • Oil tanks, reservoir and air motors

Breather vent FAQ:

What Is a Breather Vent?

What Is a Breather Vent

All space in the tank is filled with liquid or vapor, and some volatile liquid like gasoline have the possibility of explosion. To prevent this, the storage tank must be designed a device which either allows steam to be discharged or external air to get in.

And Filson breather vent is designed to reach the above mentioned processes, it allows free exchange of filtered air in the pneumatic system, called “breath”. In a word, Filson breather vent is a silencer, breather and sub-filter.

What are the Materials Used for Breather Vent?

Filson breather vents are usually made of sintered bronze powder, and 304, 316L stainless steel. These materials have good corrosion, temperature resistance and are non-corrosive to the system. So they can be applied under harsh environment.

The appropriate materials should be selected according to the application site. If you do not know how to choose in a practical and cost effective way, our professional engineering team will provide you a suitable one.

What are the Breather Vents Used for?

What are the Breather Vents Used for

Filson breather vent generally has three vital functions. First, Filson breather vent can change double acting cylinder into single acting cylinder. Second, it can absorb sound by distributing the compressed air with uniform poles. Furthermore, it can also filter exhaust and intake air from potential dirt and foreign particles.

What Types of Breather Vent do You Supply?

What Types of Breather Vent do You SupplyAs an experienced breather vent manufacturer, Filson can provide numerous types of breather vent, such as brass breather vent (sintered bronze powder element), stainless steel breather vent, hydraulic cylinder breather vent, pneumatic breather vent, different npt inches breather vent, metric breather vent, screw in breather vent.

It is worth mentioning that we can offer premium replacement breather vent fitting of some leading brands to meet various applications, as well as a guaranteed low price.

Is Your Breather Vent Cleanable? How to Clean?

I can tell you for sure that the answer is YES, Filson breather vent can be cleaned by solvent and back washing according to your product material and convenient method. From this aspect, it can prolong the valve’s life span and cut cost overall.

How Can I Choose the Right Breather Vent?

How Can I Choose the Right Breather VentThe breather vent are dazzling in the market, so it is hard to choose the right breather vent. If some important details are ignored, the breather vent you bought may not match your system and it is such a failed experience.

When choose your breather vent, pay attention to the following points:

  • First, konw well about the application details. You are going to use breather vent for vacuum relief and pressure equalization, unwanted particles removal, noise muffling or all ? What are the application medium: liquid or gas ? What are the working temperature, pressure ? any other matters need to attention ?
  • Second, you might consider it as the gas distribution efficiency you want to reach
  • Then, confirm the exact size, as the saying goes, the loss was a thousand miles away
  • Finally, determine the micron rating of your breather vent. Generally, Filson standard brass breather vent element is 40 microns, and stainless steel body is 70 microns

You can follow these tips to help you design and select an ideal breather vent based on your final application. The points listed above are just some of the most important factors, more detailed information and specifications can be told by consulting Filson professional specialists.

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