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Delivering leading-edge technology and high-quality materials, Filson is committed to be your best choice for bottle top filter and laboratory.

  • Ergonomically designed side walls and engraved graduation
  • High flow speeds enables to shorten filtration times
  • Low protein binding and extractables keep sample purity
  • Customized service available for different requirements
  • On-time and fast delivery guarantee

What is Bottle Top Filter?

Filson bottle top filter is special designed to reduce unnecessary pollution when transfer, after strict sterilized inspection and gamma-ray sterilized, it is widely used in filtration of tissue culture media and components, biological fluids, and other solutions.

Thanks to its asymmetric pore and high quality membrane, Filson bottle top filter achieves strong bacterial interception and high filtration efficiency. Also, according to your application needs, its membrane materials can be customized.

Available for different pore size, Filson bottle top filter enjoys different capacities, such as 0.2 micron filter is used for sterile filtration, and 0.45 micron filter is applied for fluid clarification and particle removal, choosing the suitable bottle top filter based on your needs.

Bottle Top Filter Categories by Membrane

PVDF Bottle Top Filter

With wide practicability and superior resistance to oxidation and heat, Filson PVDF bottle top filter is used for aqueous solutions and most solvents, even strong non-polar solvents. Thanks to precise graduation on the bottle wall and high flow rates, it is a popular choice for laboratory.

Filson PES bottle top filter enjoys low extractables and low protein binding, it will not pollute samples and keep media purity, so it is widely used for sterile filtration and clarification of cell culture media and serum.

Adopting superior nylon membrane, Filson nylon top filter has naturally hydrophilic, surfactant-free, alcohol resistant and delivers the lowest extractables, so it can be a good choice for special applications. Also, it is durable and robust for longer service life.

Bottle Top Filter Types by Volume (5)

  • 5000 ml Bottle Top Filter
    Filson 5000 ml bottle top filter utilizes vacuum pump to offer pressure differentials for processing large volume of laboratory fluid solutions, so it is able to treat samples up to several liters, which greatly improves efficiency.
  • With capacity of 1000 ml, Filson 1000 ml bottle top filter is specially designed to handle large volume samples. It is able to maintain high filtration efficiency at high flow rates, even for solutions with high viscosity or high particulate content.
  • 500 ml Bottle Top Filter
    Filson 500 ml bottle top filter has stable base and wide funnel top to achieve fast and efficient use. It certified RNase, DNase free and non-pyrogenic, hence it will not pollute sample and suitable for filtration of tissue culture media and components, biological fluids, etc.
  • Utilize virgin polysulfone as filter housing, Filson 150 ml bottle top filter is durable and break resistant, cutting down on maintain costs. What’s more, its expiration date of membrane and pore size is printed on surface for easy identification.
  • 50 ml Bottle Top Filter
    The filtration bottle of Filson 50 ml bottle top filter is made by pure polysulfone, enabling high transparency for identification. Thanks to superior membrane, it has strong bacterial interception and sterile filtration efficiency.

Main Components of Filson Bottle Top Filter

Bottle Adapter

This component is used to assist filter to safely connect to bottle mouth, which ensures 100% sealing between the two, preventing liquid leakage or outflow.

Outlet Nozzle

The filtered liquid leaves filter through outlet nozzle and exits, which helps the entire operating system go smoothly, available in multiple sizes to accommodate different connecting tubes.

Glass Funnel

It stores the unfiltered liquid and pass it through filter membrane, which has a wide volume range, from 50 ml to 5,000 ml, to meet the filtration requirements of various volume liquids.

Filter Membrane

Particles or impurities were captured and removed from liquid by filter membrane, with filtration accuracy ranging from 0.1 μm to 0.45 μm. Its materials include PVDF, PES, nylon, PTFE, PP, etc.

Main Features of Bottle Top Filter

  • Extremely low protein binding
  • Easy to pour for wide bottle opening
  • Individually wrapped adds sterilized inspection
  • Durable, break-resistant and transparent filter housing
  • Removable sterilization membrane enables high flow rate
  • Molded-in graduations marks on bottle top filter
  • Bold easy-to-read printed data for easy identification
  • Accuracy pore size as small as 0.1 micron
  • Flexible solution for volume size and membrane materials
  • Stable base and light weight for easy handle and operation
  • Fast transportation ways including FedEx/TNT/DHL
Main Features of Bottle Top Filter

Bottle Top Filter General Specifications

  • Membrane Material: PVDF, PES, nylon, PTFE, polypropylene, etc
  • Filter Housing: polystyrene, polysulfone, polypropylene, etc
  • Holder material: polysulfone
  • Fit Bottle Neck: 33mm – 45mm
  • Funnel Capacity: 50 ml, 150 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5000 ml, etc
  • Filtration area: 63 cm2
  • Pack: individually packaged
  • Working Temperature: -20°C to 50°C
  • Pore Size: 0.1 micron, 0.22 micron, 0.45 micron, etc
  • Operation life: 3 years

Why Choose Filson Bottle Top Filter

Bottle Top Filter Factory

Filson bottle top filter is used for large volume sample separation and sterilization for tissue culture media and other biological, because of its high flow rates and throughput properties to greatly shorten the filtration efficiency.

The appearance of Filson bottle top filter utilizes good transparent materials, with bold easy-to-read molded graduations marks, our product improves convenience during use. Its ergonomically designed also convenient handle and operation.

More important, every Filson bottle top filter goes through inspection of sterilizing filtration and packed individually to avoid contamination when open the product packing bag. And it is aseptic packing, free from DNase and RNase, and no endotoxin.

As an OEM company, Filson supports customized service, such as volume, membrane, pore size, etc. And our product features with expanded membrane up to 90mm diameter, which highly increase flow and reduce the risk of clogging when fast filtration.

Filson only use high quality materials to manufacture your bottle top filter with good price, for more information, please give us a call at +86-157 3695 8886 or send us an email at Filson will never let you down and meet your unique requirements.

  • Sterile filtration of tissue culture media
  • Separation and purification for biological fluids
  • Molecular biology
  • Microbiology
  • Liquid handling and storage
  • NALGENE Bottle Top Filter
  • CORNING Bottle Top Filter
  • AUTOFIL Bottle Top Filter
  • MILLIPORE Bottle Top Filter
  • VWR Bottle Top Filter
Filson- Best Price on High Performance and Reliable Bottle Top Filter

One-stop solution service with competitive price, Filson product is suitable for virtually any conditions without any damage.

Bottle Top Filter FAQ Guide

How to Use Bottle Top Filter?

How to Use Bottle Top Filter

First, bottle top filter needs to screw securely onto glass media bottles or receiving bottle, to ensure no air leaks in. Then, put liquids gently onto membrane into target volume, remember do not put too much liquids. Finally, waiting for the filtration done.

How Long Dose Bottle Top Filter Last?

How Long Dose Bottle Top Filter Last

Generally speaking, Filson bottle top filter is durable because it is reusable, its filter housing is made of virgin polysulfone, which is robust and corrosion resistant. However, in order to keep its superior performance in applications, the membrane of bottle top filter is usually changed for three years.

Is Bottle Top Filter Vacuum?

Is Bottle Top Filter Vacuum

Yes, all of Filson bottle top filter is vacuum and to form a complete filter system. Only keeping its vacuum properties, it can filter tissue culture media and components in high cleanliness.

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