Filson Borosilicate Frit

  • Able to filter a wide range of particulate loads and viscous solutions
  • High grade binderless borosilicate glass microfiber
  • Fine porosity for better filtration efficiency
  • Available to be customized into different dimensions
  • Various selections of frit thicknesses from which to choose

Filson borosilicate frit, also known as botosilicate filter, is a superior grade filter used for a variety of biological and environmental methods. As an expert in filtration field, Filson promises to offer the best borosilicate frit for you.

  • Construction material: borosilicate glass fiber
  • Operating temperature: up to 550℃
  • Filtration accuracy: down to sub-micron
  • Retention efficiency: more than 99.98%
  • Available configuration: disc, sheet, tube, cylinder, paper, thimbles

Note: contact Filson for more customizable solutions.

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Filson Borosilicate Frit

Your Trustworthy Borosilicate Frit Supplier in China

Filson borosilicate frit is made of high grade 100% purity borosilicate glass fiber to be used in a column. With good properties, such as stable performance, good mechanical property and high temperature resistance up to 550℃, borosilicate frit is mostly used for many harsh conditions to replace a glass material frit.

Filson borosilicate frit is a quality product which has been thoroughly tested and checked after producing. This process guarantees you to receive the high efficiency frit with best performance to assist your business.

Filson borosilicate frits reduces your filtration costs and premature blockage when filtering heavy duty or highly contaminated solutions. They are all customizable according to your unique requirements.

You can choose binder-free borosilicate glass for complete purity to be used in a variety of sample clean-up, prefiltration, and analytical testing applications. If you are interested in Filson borosilicate frit, please feel free to contact us now.

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