Boll&Kirch Filter Replacement

Filson supplies several thousand different Boll&Kirch filters replacement to save your money without losing quality.

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  • Over 15 Years of OEM Experience For Leading Filter Brand Manufacturers
  • 6000+ Filters Replacement Resource In Our Complete Database
  • FilSon Provide Filters And All Types Of Spare Parts With Original Quality
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Multi Mantle Filter Element
Multi Mantle Element Replacement adopt stainless steel mesh with variable micron ratings-10 and 2000 micron and up to three cylindrical filter mantles.
Candle Filter Element
Candle Filter Element Replacement consist of plug-in and screw-in types with multiple length and material. It is fitted to backflush filter housing for extended service time.
Boll Star Pleated Element Replacement
Star Pleated Element Replacement are made with high-quality stainless steel wire mesh, which offer a large filter area and a long durability.

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Why Filson Can Offer Reliable Replacement Boll Filter 

FilSon delivers the entire product range for all available replacement Boll&Kirch filter types and even some obsolete filters. These Boll filters replacement is widely used in shipping and industry with hydraulic oils, lubricant oils, fuels, water, chemicals and coolants.

Filson has advanced replacement Boll Filter production equipment, the highest quality standards and industry-experienced employees to offer you original quality. We keep all standard replacement Boll&Kirch filter elements and spare parts in stock, so no matter what you need, Filson therefore ready to deliver it immediately!

If you want to avoid the expensive time and purchase costs or if your production is customized, please contact us at, we can support you with technical advice to find the best possible solution for your filter.

PS : Filson Filter is an independent industrial filter manufacturer. Boll & Kirch Filters name is for reference only. All tradenames, service marks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Filson does not claim to provide Boll & Kirch filter elements or other manufacturer’s filter and/or strainer elements.

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Better Give us, The Flow Rate, Pressure, Connection Size

Reduce your maintenance cost right now with Filson  Boll Filter Replacement

Filson can custom any types of Boll filter replacement according to your requirement. Just give us the part number, or detailed size of your current element, Filson will help you save cost and boom your business.

Filson Replacement Boll & Kirch Filter

 Filson is able to offer the whole spare part range for Boll filter replacement including wire mesh candle filter element, polyester candle filter element, paper candles element, multi mantle elements, star pleated elements, basket elements, coalescence filter elements, oil separators, filter discs, gaskets, bearings, springs and differential pressure indicators.

Multi Mantle Filter Element

Filson Multi Mantle Filter Elements use stainless steel mesh with variable micron ratings between 10 and 2000 micron as standard filter material. This alternative multi mantle element consists of multi concentric filtering cylinders to achieve a large filtering surface.

Like the mesh, the inner support tubes for Filson multi mantle element are also made of stainless steel and their end caps of aluminum. This filter element can equip duplex or simplex filters and easily be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath or manually as required.

Filson Multi Mantle Filter Elements has small pressure loss, high strength resistance, reusable cleaning and other advantages.

Candle Filter Element

Candle Filter Element factory

Alternative Boll Candle Filter Elements are divided into plug-in and screw-in two types. Compare to multi mantle elements, new generations of duplex filters use candle filter elements since filter candles can be individually replaceable.

Filson Candle Filter Element is made up of wire mesh or polyester fiber. Each available with different length. Our main models includes replacement Boll 1340079, 1340100, 1340009, 1360012, 1360014, 1340442, 1341169. Filson Candle Filter Element uses the best construction technologies to offer:

  • Prevent filter candle deformation.
  • Ensure longer durability
  • Resistance to alkaline cleaning agents;
  • Protect against mechanical damage

Star Pleated Filter Element

Filson Star Pleated Filter Element is manufactured in stainless steel, and they offer the largest filtration surface per volume by pleated structure. We offer models 1340006, 1341167, 1341446, 1341182, 1947342…

Filson Star Pleated Filter Element is available with filtration accuracy range from 10 to 250 μm. It can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath or high pressure nozzle.

No matter with filter element or filter discs, gaskets, candle holders, springs and differential pressure indicators, Filson have all types of filter spare parts in stock and ship to customers all over the world immediately, please feel free to send us Boll model numbers, then we will quote you immediately.

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