Your Best Choice of Boll & Kirch Filter Candle Replacement

Filson supplies a complete line of candle replacements for interchangeable Boll & Kirch filters, including 1340079, 1340100, 1340009, 1360012, 1360014, 1340442, 1341169 types. Additionally, we can also provide independent customizing service for you.

Filson Boll & Kirch filter candle replacement is applicable to Boll & Kirch simplex and duplex filters. It is suitable for filtering fluids with low solids content and is commonly used for hydraulic oils, lubricants, fuels, water, chemicals and coolants.

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Filson Boll & Kirch filter candle replacement commonly consist of SS 304/316L to achieve high grade temperature and corrosion resistance. It can be cleaned easily by back washing or manual cleaning with chemical solution.

  • Raw material:stainless steel
  • Cleaningmethods: back-washing, cleaning solution
  • Main models: 1340079, 1340100, 1340009, 1360012, 1360014, 1340442, 1341169
  • Filtrationrating: 10-150μm
  • Connection types: plug-in and screw-in
  • Individually replaceable: allowed
  • Applications: chemicals, cooling, lubricants, fuels, oil, water…

Note: you can choose the original model data or tell us your specification for customizing

  • Entire replacements of replaceable Boll&Kirch filter
  • Easy to maintain by back-flushing/cleaning fluid
  • Regenerate capacityfor a long using life
  • Environmentally friendlydue to cleanable ability
  • Widely used for fuels/oil/waterfiltration
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