Blue Casing Pipe

  • Lightweight for easy install, handle and replace
  • Stable performance for longer service life
  • High efficiency with competitive price
  • Great resistance to corrosion and temperature
  • Customized solution available for unique needs

Because it is unplasticized, Filson blue casing pipe is non-toxic to cause any harm to the earth. And it is manufactured under strict quality control with advanced technology, our product has excellent strength and durability to withstand corrosion.

  • Material: PVC, UPVC
  • Surface color: blue
  • Shape: round
  • Type: seamless
  • Length: 3 m – 12 m
  • Pipe ends: plain, bevel ends
  • Diameter: 150mm – 250mm
  • Wall thickness: 6.5mm – 11mm
  • Ambient temperature: up to 70° C
  • Installation: vertical, horizontal, inclined
  • Service life: more than 50 years

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Blue Casing Pipe

Ability to Achieve the Best

Filson blue casing pipe Is made from superior materials, which endows our product with high resistance to mineral salts and ground chemicals. It can provide great safety as casing for bore wells in harsh water conditions.

After special treatment, Filson blue casing pipe has excellent resistance to salt, acid, alkali, oil, which means it is able to handle water in high corrosion and chemical conditions. Hence, it can be used in all types of weather-effects.

Thanks to smooth inside and outside surface, Filson blue casing pipe enjoys low friction losses, which reduce power consumption in the long run. With lightweight and thread joints, it is easy to transport and handle.

We also support customized service for unique needs. Do you have any doubles or want to learn more details about Filson blue casing pipe? Please Click Here to contact us immediately!

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