Big Blue Water Filter System

  • Mainly polypropylene material
  • Available in 10’’ and 20’’ lengths
  • High flow rate suitable with twin or 3 stage filters
  • Reliable quality certified by FDA standard
  • Good chemical property, high corrosion resistance
  • Standard length and diameter for easier installation
  • Allowable to clean and reuse for a long lifespan

Filson big blue water filter system is ideal for whole house water filter system to remove taste, odor or other impurities. Having a complete polypropylene and rigid construction, big blue water filter system is suitable for almost all kinds of water. And depending on supplied water quality, you can use it for 1 year.

  • Raw Material: polypropylene
  • Standard Length: 10’’, 20’’
  • Standard Diameter: 4.5’’
  • Operating Temperature: from 39 to 126℉
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 7bar
  • Flow Rate: up to 35GPM
  • Inlet/Outlet Connection: 3/4’’, 1’’, 1.5’’ Female NPT, BSP
  • O-ring: EPDM, Buna-N

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, custom sizes available.

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Filson Big Blue Water Filter System

Your Top-rated Big Blue Water Filter System

Supplier in China

Filson big blue water filter system can house most big blue water filter cartridges with standard dimensions of 4.5’’ x 10’’ and 4.5’’ x 20’’. With bigger diameter than other filters, big blue water filter system allows greater water flow passing through.

Besides, according to your specific applications, Filson can also provide big blue twin or 3 stage water filters to achieve high flow rate and huge dirt-capacity. Therefore, our big blue water filter system is the best choice for huge flow and heavy-sediments applications.

Filson big blue water filter system has passed many certifications including FDA and NSF. Furthermore, with an advanced equipment and skilled staff, we will meet the strict production requirements of your production volume.

If you have any question or want a customized big blue water filter system, Click Here. We will quote for you immediately!

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