Filson Belt Filter Press

  • Less noise associated with belt filter press compared to other equipments
  • Simple maintenance and low maintenance costs
  • Reduced volume of residuals to save overall costs for subsequent processes
  • Multiple configurations customized for your specific needs
  • Low initial costs and low energy running costs

Filson belt filter press, also called belt filter or belt press filter, is a sludge dewatering machine with two porous moving belts. Due to its low costs and high efficiency, it becomes the most widely used dewatering equipment in the world.

  • Belt filter press dimension: 4250 x 1630 x 2100mm ( more dimensions available )
  • Belt width: 750 – 3000mm
  • Velocity: 1 – 9m/min
  • Press loading rate: 600 lb/m-h (272 kg/m-h)
  • Cake solids concentration: 22%
  • Solids capture: 96%

Note: dimension and other specifications listed above are for reference only, consult Filson for more details.

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Filson Belt Filter Press

Your Best Belt Filter Press Choice for Dewatering

Firstly, Filson belt filter press is designed to dewater paper pulp and later developed to dewater wastewater sludge. Now belt press is ideal for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment as well as fresh water production facilities.

Filson belt press filter mainly consists of drive unit, frame, press roller, upper filter belt, lower filter belt, filter belt tensioning device, filter belt cleaning device, discharging device, air control system, electrical control system, etc. These components are all important for the normal operation of the equipment, so we will equip you with the best accessories.

Comparing to other types of filter press, Filson pressure belt filter is considered reliable in performance and simple in structure. It is much easy to maintain to provide a longer service life. And the device is much cost-effective for the main replacement cost comes to the belt.

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