Filson Beer Oxygenation & Aeration Kit

  • Aerate your wort fast to promise fermentation process
  • Can achieve 12ppm of dissolved oxygen in 60 seconds
  • Lower final gravities, quicker and cleaner fermentation.
  • Adjustable oxygen regulator(1/32 – 4 liter per minute)
  • Diffusion stone with stainless steel wand
  • Food grade silicone tubing and sanitary air filter
  • Replacement anvil oxygenation kit available

It is well known that yeast need oxygen to reproduce rapidly. Filson beer oxygenation&aeration kit provides needed oxygen for yeast respiration and growth. To avoid waste and over oxidation, you need to set your timer for 60 second.

  • Raw material: 304/316L SS, aluminum, sintered stainless steel
  • Constituent part: oxygen wand, beer aeration stone, oxygen regulator, tubing, etc
  • Time: for wort with gravities up to 1.079: 20-30 seconds, for wort with gravities over 1.08: 60 second
  • Largest oxygen aeration system:20 cubic feet oxygen tank, 22 inch aeration wand
  • Handle capacity: 250 batches of 5 gallon beer (fully charged)
  • Quality certification: in accordance with ISO quality certification

Note: listed above are for reference purpose, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Beer Oxygenation&Aeration Kit

Your Dependable Beer Oxygenation&Aeration Kit Manufacturer in China

Dissolved oxygen in wort is an essential factor for healthy yeast. When it comes to making great beer, oxygenation wort with pure O2 is a key process during fermentation. Using Filson wort aeration system will not only be safer than shaking your carboy but also contribute to lower final gravities, quicker and cleaner fermentation.

Wyeast notes that most yeast require 10 ppm or more dissolved oxygen for optimal health. By using Filson beer oxygenation&aeration kit, oxygen content of wort can achieve 12 ppm of dissolved oxygen in 60 seconds.

Filson beer oxygenation&aeration kit typically consists of 0-4cfm oxygen regulator, tubing and rigid oxygen aeration wand with a 0.5 micron sintered stainless steel stone. Specific use steps are as follows: turn on regulator to 1/2 LPM(liters of oxygen per minute) and let run 20-60 seconds.

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