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Filson is dedicated to provide our customers with innovative and cost-effective beer filtration solution for their specific needs.

  • One-stop beer filtration solution for each brewery
  • High filtration efficiency up to 99% of 0.1 micron particles
  • Improve quality, taste and shelf life of beer
  • In accordance with ASME code design

What is Beer Filtration?

Beer filtration is mainly used to remove contaminants such as yeast, bacteria and other microorganisms from beer. It helps stabilize beer and give it polished, clear appearance. So Filson beer filtration is an essential process for each brewery.

During the entire beer filtration process, beer consumption is reduced as low as 1%. In addition, Filson beer filtration system has full flow capacity ranging upto 15000L/min. It is ideally able to eliminate impurities less than 0.1 micron with extremely high filtration efficiency 99%.

With high-quality sealing and overall welded technology, Filson beer filtration equipment not only has well resistance to temperature even up to 150℃, but also has high pressure resistance up to 1000psi.

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Beer Filtration Category

Filson Beer Membrane Filtration System

Filson beer membrane filtration system provides breweries with a high efficient way to filter their beer. It can maintain the original taste and freshness of the beer through a reliable, agile and sustainable filtration process.

Filson Beer Plate Filter

Filson beer plate filter for beer filtration is the cheapest and easiest way to get rid of most beer live yeast. Filson beer plate filter is widely used in small and medium-sized breweries.

Brewery Candle Filter

As a fine filtration method in beer production, Filson beer candle filter is an enclosed system and can be fully automated. To meet strict requirement, a special filter aid is needed – diatomaceous earth.

Filson Mash Filter Press

Filson mash filter press is a more effective method to separate the sweet wort from mash. Incorporating Filson mash filter press into your brewery can improve your extraction efficiency, reduce the length of brewing day and increase throughput (double).

Filson Lenticular Filter For Beer

Filson lenticular filter for beer is a new type of stacks filter, which is used to remove tiny impurities in various kinds of liquid. Compared with plate and frame filters, Filson lenticular filter for beer have the advantage of no leakage.

Filson Sterile Filtration Beer

Filson sterile filtration beer can achieve 100% bacteria retention without affecting beer’s flavor. We can customize your sterile filtration beer system according to your unique brewing process.

Beer Filtration Related Parts: (6)

  • Beer Siphon Filter
    Filson high quality beer siphon filter is made of environmental friendly material. With features of non-toxic and tasteless, Filson beer siphon filter is used for filtering, extracting and bottling. Our minimum order quantity are 50 PCs.
  • Beer Filter Cartridge
    Filson beer filter cartridge is constructed of fine polypropylene media and non-woven support material. And Filson beer filter cartridges is specially designed ans built to remove harmful spoilage microorganisms from beer.
  • Filson Beer Filter Sheet
    Filson beer filter sheets are entirely made of 304 or 316L stainless steel. They are reliable and durable. And Filson beer filter sheets are available in models with filtering plates 400*400 to 1200*1200mm in size.
  • Beer Filter Paper
    Filson beer filter paper is used for removal of CO2 and turbidity in beer. It is ideal for clarification and sample preparation. Different sizes, sheets, rolls or special cuts are available on request.
  • Filson Stainless Steel Beer Filter
    Filson stainless steel beer filter is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, it can prevent hops from flowing into beer to keep beer’s flavor and aroma. It is seen in 300 or 400 micron mesh.
  • Beer Oxygenation&Aeration Kit
    Filson beer oxygenation&aeration kit helps dissolve oxygen that is need by yeast before active yeast fermentation begins. With enough oxygen present, beer will be off to a healthy and vigorous fermentation in a minimal amount of time.

Beer Filtration By Filtering Accuracy (3)

  • 0.5 Micron Beer Filter
    Filson 0.5 micron beer filter can effectively remove particles as small as 0.3-0.5 micron or even smaller. It will contributes to a cleaner flavor and much better clarity.
  • 1Micron Beer Filter
    Filson 1 micron beer filter is a pleated filter cartridge which can remove most all yeast with an efficiency up to 90%. Besides, Filson 1 micron beer filter is washable and reusable.
  • 5 Micron Beer Filter
    Filson 5 micron beer filters are featured with high flow rate and long service life. They are available in different sizes and filtration efficiency according to your application. Sizes: 20 inch, 40 inch, 60 inch, etc. Filtration efficiency: 90%, 98%, 99.9%.

Beer filtration Features

Remove Contaminants
Remove Contaminants

To improve beer quality, Filson beer filtration system is specially designed and manufactured to remove destructive yeast, bacteria and other unwanted particles out of beer.

Improve Flavor
Improve Flavor

Filson beer filtration is optimized to eliminate harmful contaminants from beer. As a result, the flavor, color and appearance of beer are greatly improved.

Prolong Shelf Life
Prolong Shelf Life

By using Filson beer filtration equipment, harmful impurities are removed. There is few bacteria, virus and microorganisms in the beer. This ensures virtually no degeneration and oxygenation, thus increasing shelf life of beer.

Replace Pasteurization
Replace Pasteurization

Filson beer microbial membrane filter can remove 0.2 micron bacteria with an efficiency up to 99.9%. It can replace the expensive pasteurization and decrease energy costs significantly.

What are the Benefits of Beer Filtration?

A challenge that every brewery faces at one time is producing beer that is crystal clean and free from hazy solids. Beer filtration is key to improving the quality and taste of beer. Filson beer filtration equipment help you reach cost-effective clarification.

In the commercial beer brewing process, beer filtration system is one of the indispensable processes for the production of high quality beer. Filson beer filtration system plays an important role in improving flavor, color and sterility of beer.

Beer filtration process is decisive for the qualitative factors such as taste, clarity, microbiological, colloidal stability and shelf life of beer. Filson can provide a comprehensive range of filters, covering all the needs of brewing filtration process.

Main Equipments Used for Primary Beer Filtration

Main Equipments Used for Primary Beer Filtration

Filson beer filtration system is an ideal solution for beer filtration. We use three type of Filson beer filter for the primary filtration: traditional sheet (frame) filter, beer kieselguhr filter and advanced crossflow membrane filter.

Filson diatomacous earth filter, simply DE filter, entraps particles as the beers flows through. Filson DE filter is widely used as it is relatively cheap and does not require replacement cartridges or plates. It tends to be used in line, after fermentation and before the bright tank.

Filson cross flow beer filtration can be used for water filtration and increase the oxidation resistance of beer. Through regeneration and recycling of water, the breweries are able to achieve significant economic savings during its purchase and disposal process.

Main Equipments Used for Beer Secondary Filtration

The secondary microfiltration using Filson microbial membrane filter is an advanced solution that guarantees the absolute detection of yeast and bacteria. This ensures both microbiological stability and storage longevity.

Filson beer membrane filter replaces the expensive pasteurization and decrease energy costs significantly. With features of easy operation and high degree of automation, Filson membrane filter is widely used in all kinds of breweries.

Filson beer sterile filtration is a system for the final filtration of beer before its bottling. It proceeds to achieve microbial and colloidal stabilization of beer.

Main Equipments Used for Beer Secondary Filtration

Why Choose Filson Beer Filtration?

Filson Beer Filtration Welding
Filson Brewhouse Factory

Whether you are running a large brewery, or a small brewery, you will most definitely need a high quality beer filtration system. Filson high performance beer filtration will ensure that the beer you produce is clean and tasty.

Filson beer filtration equipment involving cartridges and other fittings are 100% integrity tested before delivery. Furthermore, Filson is equipped with professional engineers and technical team, they will take significant initiative to offer you instrumental advice.

Filson can offer one to one beer filtration solution. Each stage of beer production requires specific filtration equipment to achieve its purpose. Please consult Filson professional engineers, they will give you instrumental advice about how to select.

Beer Filtration Specification
  • Construction Material: 304, 316L stainless steel, super duplex SS, hastelloy or alloys
  • Filter Element Material: 304/316L stainless steel, PP, PTFE, PVDF, nylon
  • Filter element length: 10 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch, 40 inch, etc
  • Filter aid: diatomaceous earth, pearlite etc
  • Filtration Accuracy: 30 micron, 10 micron, 0.45 micron, 0.2 micron, 0.1 micron, etc
  • Filtration Area: from 0.025 to 200 m2
  • Operating Pressure: 150psi
  • Design Temperature: up to 150℃
  • Flow Rate: from 5 to 15 m3/min
  • Particle Size: 0.5 micron and above
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Brewery industry
  • Liquor production
  • Wine production
  • Rice beer production
  • Process liquid industry
  • Water treatment and purification
Beer Filtration System Fabrication
Filson- Beer Filtration System Fabrication in China

We design and produce complete types of beer filtration systems. They have totally custom version to meet your needs.

Beer Filtration: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you want to to be an expert about beer filtration, read this guide. Whether you want to learn about beer filtration process, beer filtration equipment, or benefits, this guide will answer you all questions about beer filtration.

What is used for Beer Filtration?

There are various kinds of filters which are used for beer filtration.

What is used for Beer Filtration

Plate beer filters are the most cheapest system for beer primary filtration.

Beer candle filters with diatomaceous earth are the most frequently used equipment for primary to fine filtration of beer. The filter media is diatomaceous earth, which is a finely ground mixture of shells of prehistoric algae.

Cross flow beer filtration is an another advanced beer filtration type which does not require the use of diatomite. With features of high filtration efficiency and low operation costs, cross flow beer filter can increase the oxidation resistance of beer.

Microbial membrane filters are used for secondary beer filtration. They are used to control microbiological stability and storage life of beer. And they can stabilize cold beer without pasteurization and extend shelf life of beer.

Thus the breweries are able to achieve significant economic savings and product benefits.

What is Beer Membrane Filter?

Beer Membrane Filter, short for BMF, is a reliable, flexible and sustainable filtration process. Base on polymer hollow fiber technology, BMF provides breweries with a high efficient way to filter their beer.To help reduce

The benefits of using BMF are avoiding the use of diatomaceous earth filter-aid, reducing the aging process and improving the shelf time and taste stability of beer.

Due to no need of centrifuge to proceed prefiltration, energy consumption is lowered. It contributes to decrease CO2 emissions, and the harmful disposal of filter media waste is also no longer needed.

How do breweries filter beer?

Breweries usually use beer filter sheet, beer candle filter, beer membrane filtration system, mash filter press, lenticular filter and others to filter beer. The selection of suitable beer filters depends on size of breweries, production process, costs and other factors.

How do breweries filter beer

Many commercial brewers actually use a two-stage filter. They start with a 5 micron filter to trap large particles and then use a smaller 0.5 micron filter inline as a second stage to eliminate small particles.

Is filtering beer worthy it?

Yes, of course. Beer filtration is well worthy it.

Filson Beer Filtration Process

Solid sediments in beer can effect customers’ desire to buy. And these harmful impurities can effect the taste of beer, making it taste more bitter and reducing customers’ appetite. Beer filtration is instrumental in improving flavor, color, appearance and shelf life of beer.

Almost all breweries will choose cost-effective beer filtration to enhance their competitiveness. Choose Filson beer filtration, choose success.

Why is beer cold filtered?

Through cold filtering, beer can pass through a filter to effectively eradicate the fine suspended yeast particles and halts fermentation. The process of cold filtering makes the beer clearer and typically preserves more beer flavor than heated pasteurization.

Why is beer cold filtered

How do you clear beer after fermentation?

You can refer to the answer to the first question.

Are beer sterilized by filtration?

Yes, Sterile filtration means 0.2 micron microorganisms are capable of filtering out. Sterile beer filters with micron-grade cartridges can eliminate 0.2 micron grade bacteria, virus and other microorganisms out of beer.

On the other hand, it has been shown that beer which has been filtered to achieve stabilization retains its unique and desirable characteristics more efficiently than beer stabilized through flash pasteurization. The sterile beer filtration process is gentler than flash pasteurization.

What dose a centrifuge do to beer?

Essentially, a centrifuge speeds up the natural settling process of beer. This is a method of separating solids like yeast, hop particles or protein from beer, thus improve mouthfeel and shelf life of beer.

Centrifuge beer filters are designed to enable rapid settlement of yeast and solid contaminants in beer. By adjusting the rotation speed of centrifuge, the purpose of removing solid contaminants from beer in a fraction time can be achieved.

You can follow these tips to help you design and choose an ideal beer filtration equipment to the needs of your application.

The points listed above are just some of the most important factors, more detailed information and specifications can be told by consulting Filson professional specialists.

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