Filson Battery Flame Arrestor

  • Compact structure for less powder drop or shedding
  • Advanced sintering technology ensured stable and excellent performance
  • Tortuous path within the sintered porous materials for good flame-arresting properties
  • Strict inspection and product test before shipping for best quality
  • Multiple options for raw material choosing

When selecting a suitable bettery flame arrestor, you are recommended to verify if it has been tested and certified by an independent lab to actually extinguish the flame. Here, Filson promises to provide the qualified element to fit your device.

  • Raw material: PP, PE, PTFE, fiber and others
  • Working temperature: upon materials ( consult factory )
  • Shape: disc ( round, rectangular )
  • Dimension:

Round: diameter: 0.229’’ – 0.900’’ thickness: 0.110’’ – 0.173’’

Rectangular: thickness: 0.106’’ – 0.148’’ width: 0.228’’ – 0.559’’ length: 0.612’’ – 1.191’’

Note: more configurations available, please consult Filson.

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Filson Battery Flame Arrestor

Your Dependable Battery Flame Arrestor Manufacturer in China

Filson provides excellent design and OEM service of battery flame arrestor to support you business. Relying on our wide expertise and skills, we are renowned as one of the most profound suppliers of sintered porous plastics. By using these arrestors, the spread of an open fire will be effectively stopped.

During normal operation, all lead-acid batteries expel a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas which is produced by a chemical process — electrolysis. The nearby spark or flame may cause the gas to ignite, at this time, Filson battery flame arrestor will do something useful.

Filson battery flame arrestor provides a durable and cost-effective solution to meet the technical and performance requirements of these lead-acid batteries. In addition to preventing flame from entering the battery, the element also controls the flow and provides venting and optimal back pressure to avoid acid spillage and aerosol emissions.

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