Innovative and Advanced Design of Basket Filter

Filson has been diving into basket filter manufacturing for over 20 years, we hope to supply high quality basket filter for our customers.

  • Large flow rate
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Various types available
  • Reliable and durable
  • Competitive prices

What is Basket Filter?

Basket filter, like the name suggests, it comes in the shape of “basket”.

Basket filter, also called basket strainer, is a basket filter housing with built in filter strainer baskets. It is specially designed and manufactured to retain solid contaminants, permitting the filtering of a wide variety of fluids.

Basket filter is suitable for coarse filtration or with low contaminants. They can protect valuable equipment such as pumps, valves, meters from potential damage. Screen basket filter is one of the most commonly used basket filter element.

All Filson basket filters are easily removable and cleanable. They are widely used in petroleum industry, chemical industry, food and beverage industry, water treatment, paper making industry, etc.

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Basket Filter Base Category

Simplex Basket Filters

Filson offers high quality simplex basket filter as tailor-made filter for your individual application. Our welded filter housings permit modifying to fit particular requirements. Additional design and material variants could be offered on request.

Duplex Basket Filter

Duplex basket filter, also named duplex strainer, is a perfect choice to provide continuous operation without any downtime during basket cleaning or change out. It is widely used in oil and gas industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc.

Self Cleaning Basket Filter

If you need an economical and reliable fluid filtration system, Filson self cleaning basket filter is your optimal choice. It is specially designed and built for fluid filtration with continuous operation, reducing downtime and saving maintenance costs.

Inline Basket Filter

Inline basket filter is designed that inlet and outlet being in line with the intended connection. The standard construction materials are 304 or 316L stainless steel. Generally, it is used as coarse filter to purify well water, rivers, canals water.

Cast Iron Basket Strainer

Filson basket filter housing is fully welded, which ensures 100% no leakage. We use high quality materials to construct it such as stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron. There are multiple options for connection size and installation position.

Basket Filter Element

Filson basket filter element, also named basket filter cartridge, is designed for cleaning large amounts of solids. The pollutants are collected in the basket-type filter, preventing the debris from entering the pumps and causing damage.

Basket Filter Related Products (5)

  • Stainless Steel Filter Basket
    Filson produce stainless steel filter basket with advanced manufacturing technology and skillful workers. Compared to other filter baskets, our stainless steel filter basket has a higher corrosion resistance and better mechanical strength.
  • Wire Mesh Filter Basket
    Filson wire mesh filter basket offer a wide range of benefits comparing with conventional filters. It has the advantage of huge dirt holding capacity, less pressure differential at high flow rates and low maintenance requirements and costs.
  • Sintered Screen Basket
    Sintered screen basket consists of multiple screen layers with a perforated plate as support. The holes of perforated sheet are staggered to maximize the usable filtration area. Filson sintered screen basket adds considerable strength.
  • Pool Basket Filter
    Filson pool basket filter is usually made of plastic, it is specially designed for filtering trash of swimming pool. This extends the life of swimming pool filter system and protects the pumps impeller and shaft seal from damage and blockage.
  • Bag Filter Basket
    Filson bag filter basket is designed and built to capture and remove solid contaminants of the passing fluid. On this account, bag filter basket strainer can effectively protect the pumps, valves, meters and other critical equipment downstream.

Basket Filter Features

Good Sealing
Good Sealing

Filson adopts advanced sealing technology to construct basket filter. And we also performs a series of sealing testing. This ensures no leakage and safe operation.

Superb Corrosion Resistance
Superb Corrosion Resistance

Basket filter is made of high quality materials such as 304 or 316L stainless steel. It has the advantage of high pressure resistance and good corrosion resistance.

Low Maintenance Costs
Low Maintenance Costs

Basket filter is easy to remove and clean. Its quick opening swing bolt reduces the maintenance time, and few replacement parts are required, thus reducing costs.

Long Service Life
Long Service Life

Basket filter has extremely rigid structure and strong mechanical strength, it serves a long time. In addition, the filter basket is washable and reusable for a long term.

What is the Basket Filter Working Principle?

Basket filter is an indispensable device for conveying medium on pipeline. Filter basket is the core component of a basket filter. Contaminants are mechanically intercepted through a screen filter basket which screen mesh is smaller than impurities in size.

When the liquid comes into the filter basket, the particle impurities will be trapped in the basket. The clean fluid will pass through the filter basket and be discharged from the outlet.

When it needs to be cleaned, open the screw plug at the bottom of the main pipe for reuse again. So the use and the maintenance is very convenient.

Working principle for basket strainer
The Industrial Standard for Basket F

The Industrial Standard for Basket Filter

To ensure safe operation and meet filtration requirements, only basket filter that meet industry standards can be put into use.

  • Flanges designed and built comply with ANSI, British and JIS standards.
  • Materials specifications in accordance with ASME and ASTM CO
  • Each Filson basket filter is proof pressure tested ASME standards before shipment.

Filson basket filter comply with ASME code and ANSI standards. These industrial certification institutes are the authority of the industry.

Our basket filters are designed with 4-6 times effective filtration area and all 100% integrity tested before shipment. So you can totally feel ease to use our basket filters.

Custom Choice Available of Basket Filter

Filson basket filters are designed to handle a variety of applications. Choose the right filter for your application with custom choice available of basket filter as below:

  • High temperature & high pressure design
  • Skid and quick opening design
  • Pleated element design available for high dirt holding
  • ASME code stamp available
  • Backwashing/self-cleaning version available
  • Duplex / Triplex & Jacketed version available
  • Filtration rating available from 5 to 2000 micron & more.
Custom Choice Available of Basket Filter

Why Choose Filson Basket Filter?

Filson Basket Filter Welding
Filson Basket Filter Supplier

Filson is a professional basket filter manufacturer in China, we can offer various types of basket filters from standard type to customized type based on your requirements. If necessary, Filson basket filter housing can be made into mirror polished to resist adhere of dirt and scale.

We strictly control production details of basket filter. We hope to supply high quality basket filter as well as competitive prices for customers.


If you have any requirements or questions about Filson basket filter, feel free to contact us. Our engineering sales will respond as fast and detailed as possible to your doubts. Send us your drawing and specifications, we will quote for you immediately.

More details to be known by the following ways:

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Filson Basket Filter Specification
  • Construction material: 304 or 316L stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, FRP fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • DN: 25-300 mm or tailor-made
  • Micro rating: 2 micron to 2000 micron
  • Flow rate: up to 2000m3/h
  • Working temperature: ≤95℃
  • Max working pressure: up to 100 bar
  • Connection size: thread or flange connection
  • Sealing material: NBR, Viton at your request
Factors Affecting the Performance of Basket Filter

Here are some factors that can affect the performance and reliability of a basket filter.

  • Construction material: it affects the durability and reliability of basket filter
  • Flow rate: the greater the flow rate, the basket filter is prone to be blocked, choose optimal flow rate, allows for less pressure differential
  • Perforations: basket mesh or perforations defines filtration efficiency and effectiveness
  • Diameter of connection: it determines if it is compatible with your pipeline system
  • Working temp&pres: these factors affect fluid properties like viscosity and equipment performance. Over rated temperature and pressure will cause damage and breakdown

Main Applications of Filson Basket Filter

Filson Basket Filter is widely used in food and beverage industry for the purpose of filtration, separation and decanting of liquids. All our basket filter adopt food-grade stainless steel 316L material for a long-lasting performance and higher corrosion resistance.

Chemical industry

Basket Filter is a universal filter used in Chemical industry which can effectively remove large particles. It is easy to operate and can be operated by one person.The filters are available in varied sizes and its unique design allows basket filter to be mounted on a skid.

Pharmaceutical industry

Basket filter from Filson is a eco-friendly filter used in the pharmaceutical industry with a filtration efficiency of up to 99.99%. It can remove bacteria, viruses, cysts and protozoa for the filtration of liquid biopharmaceuticals and other bioactive materials.

Petroleum industry

Basket Filter is a high quality filter usually made from stainless steel, with a large surface area to promote higher flow rates. With a lifespan of up to 10 years, this filter is perfect for harsh conditions in the oil and gas industry.

Water treatment

The Basket Filter is a reliable addition to most of the commercial water applications requiring the removal of large particles. Main materials are PP, carbon steel and stainless steel in water treatment, wastewater treatment, and sewage treatment.

Pulp and paper mill industry

In the pulp and paper industry, Filson basket filter is used in the coarse filtration process as it has the ability to process particles of up to 0.5 inches in diameter. It is a low cost and environmentally friendly solution with a variety of connections to ensure a reliable installation.

Automotive industry

Basket filter in automotive industry is designed with high level of hygiene and protection, which has the ability to filter the maximum amount of dust in just a second. It is can be easily attached to the car engine and is also easy to clean. This provides a very low-maintenance choice for the users.

Power generation

Basket Filter Application is a cost-effective solution to provide coarse filtration in power generation. It can be customized with different filter materials, connection sizes and micron rating but in low-maintenance choice for the users.

Basket Filter
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We aims to provide one-stop solution on basket filter fabrication for your applications.

Basket Filter: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any question about basket filter, you will find all your answers here.

Because this FAQ guide covers everything, from basic definition, material type, classification criteria, applications, efficiency, micron rating, and many more.

So, if you want to be an expert in basket strainers, read this guide:

What is Basket Filter?

A basket filter is a type of filter that is common in the filtering of fluids and gases.

Like the name suggests, it comes in the shape of a “basket”.

Basket filter

What is Basket Filter used for?

The primary use of a basket filter is for removing contaminants from fluids.

Normally, the type of particles the basket filter will remove from the fluid will depend on the perforations or micron rating.

What are the Benefits of Filter?

The uniqueness of a basket filter offers several benefits to you and your application.

Among these benefits include:

· Efficiency

Basket filter offers efficiency in the filtration process and the operation of your application.

This ensures you have the desired filtration of your fluid.

· Durability

Basket filters offer durability to your application.

This is by ensuring there is maximum removal of contaminants from your fluid.

Durability reduces the overall cost of your applications by minimizing damages.

· Versatility

You can use a basket filter in different applications.

This is due to their unique characteristics and adaptability.

Such features include high operating temperature and pressure, compatibility with different fluids and corrosion resistance.

Different types of basket filters ensure you have an appropriate one for your application.

· Unique Appearance

A basket filter offers uniqueness to your application.

You can, therefore, use it on your application without having to worry about the overall application.

· Ease of Cleaning

A basket filter is easier to clean and therefore has a high hygienic property.

This ensures that you can use these filters in sensitive applications such as in the food industry.

The ease of cleaning ensures that the basket filter is always clean.

Are there Limitations of Basket Filters?

Like any other type of filter, there are a few limitations that you will experience when using a basket filter.

Such imitations include the initial cost of purchase, which is relatively high.

Regular maintenance is another limitation to the use of a basket filter.

This is because it adds to the operating cost, and you have to do it regularly.

Basket filter element

Which Material are Basket Filters made of?

Different materials make a basket filter.

The choice of which material depends on your application area.

The primary materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper.

Stainless-steel has two types, that is, 304 and 316.

It offers an easy to clean material that is resistant to corrosion.

Stainless steel is also lightweight, which minimizes the overall weight of your application.

However, it is an expensive material when you compare to the other types.

Carbon steel is a relatively cheaper option than stainless-steel.

It is easy to recycle and can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

However, it is not an ideal material for high-pressure applications as it can easily break due to their brittleness.

Copper can withstand high welding properties for your basket filter.

However, it is rarely in use due to its relatively high cost.

What are the Components of Basket Filtration System?

The main components of a basket filter are the basket filter housing and the filter element.

These components function together to offer you effective filtration.

Basket filter housing

Basket filter element

A basket filter housing is the outer part of the basket filter.

It can be of different materials such as stainless steel and iron.

It consists of the inlet and outlet which are in different positions.

This is generally on opposite sides with the inlet on the lower side of the outlet.

This allows for fluid inflow and outflows effectively, which facilitates filtration. A basket filter also has a dirt holding section.

The dirt holding section holds contaminants during the filtration process.

Also, the dirt-holding capacity of the filter housing depends on the size of your application and the frequency of the filtration process,

The basket filter element is the critical component of your basket filter.

It is here that the actual filtration takes place.

The filter element has numerous openings that allow fluid to flow through it while holding the contaminants.

This ensures proper filtration of your fluid.

The size of the openings depends on the size of the contaminants you want to filter from your fluid.

What is the difference between Basket Strainer and Basket Filter?

The main difference between a basket strainer and a basket filtration system is in the particles they can remove from a given fluid.

A basket strainer removes particles that one can see with the naked eye.

These particles are generally large, ideally above 4o microns.

A basket filter, on the other hand, removes microparticles that are not easily visible by the naked eye.

These particles are generally less than 40 microns.

Basket strainer

Basket filter element

How do you Clean Basket Filter?

A clean basket filter offers efficiency to your filtration process and also reduces the overall cost of running your application.

There is, therefore, a need to clean your basket filter as often as possible.

The main cleaning methods that you can use for your basket filter are:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasound to clean your basket filter. It works alongside water and a cleaning agent.

However, it is less common due to its relatively high cost.

  • Backwash cleaning involves the use of the filtration fluid to remove dirt in your basket filter. The fluid flows under pressure in a reverse flow, which forces all the contaminants out of the basket filter.

It is an ideal option for cleaning basket filter that is in water treatment plants.

  • High-temperature burnout involves placing the basket filter in a high-temperature environment. The temperature removes contaminants from the basket filter.

It is a common technique in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

  • Chemical cleaning of your basket filter entails the use of chemicals. The chemicals, however, should not react with the filter basket or the filtration fluid.

The contaminants either dissolve or react with the chemical to produce less harmful residue from the filter basket.

Water forces the residue out of the basket filter.

Which Factors affect the Performance of Basket Filters?

The performance of your basket filter is determined by:

· Operating Pressure and Temperature

The operating temperature and pressure of your basket filter should handle that of your fluid for effective performance.

A lower temperature and pressure of your basket filter than that of your fluid results in its distortion.

· Type of Fluid

The physical properties of your fluid affect the performance of a basket filter. Such features include fluid viscosity.

A fluid with a high viscosity has a low flow characteristic which affects the filtration process.

This is because there is no sufficient filtration as the fluid flows through the filtration element.

· Size of Contaminants

The size of contaminants you are removing from your fluid affects the performance of your basket filter.

For effective performance, the size of the contaminants should be larger than the size of the basket filter.

· Mesh Size

The individual openings of the basket filter element should be able to filter your fluid effectively.

When selecting a basket filter, you need to check on the mesh size rating.

This helps in choosing an ideal basket filter for your application.

How do you Install a Basket Filter?

Installing a basket filter is relatively easy if you understand its various parts.

It generally involves a few steps.

First, you need to have all the necessary tools, including protective gear.

The protective gear minimizes accidents occurring to you or your application.

Next, you have to turn off your application.

Turning off your application prevents the flow of unfiltered fluid to reach your application.

This minimizes the chances of your application not functioning appropriately.

Check on the basket filter’s inlet and outlet which should correspond with the inlet and outlet of your application.

Ensure the basket filter housing is in the correct position and tighten it.

You need to make all the connections correctly as per your manufacturer’s guidelines paying attention to the inlet and outlet points.

After connecting, you can now turn on your application and monitor the basket filter for any leakages.

Leakages affect the quality of your filtration hence the need to tighten your basket filter to eliminate them.

What should you consider when Buying Basket Filters?

There are various types of basket filters available in the market, as well as different manufacturers.

Selecting an ideal basket filter not only offers you quality filtration but also saves you cost.

The factors that you should consider when selecting a basket filter include:

Basket filter element

· Design

The design of a given basket filter should be compatible with that of your application.

Such design should consider the inlet and outlet point of your application.

Other design consideration includes the size of your application, which should accommodate the filter and strainer housing.

You also need to consider the weaving type of your basket filter.

· Filtration Accuracy

Filtration accuracy depends on the micron rating of your basket filter.

You will have to check on the quality of filtration that you want for your fluid when selecting the micron rating of your filter.

· Mesh Size

Mesh size determines the size of contaminants that you are filtering.

You need to check on the micron rating when considering the mesh size for your basket filter.

Which Quality Standards Should Basket Filters conform to?

The advantage of quality standards is that it guarantees you quality filtration as well as the durability of your basket filter.

The quality standards available for your basket filter include:

  • ASME B16.5 standards
  • ASTM standards
  • cGMP standards
  • FDA standards
Where can you use Basket Filter?

A basket filter offers a wide range of applications due to its uniqueness and its physical properties.

Among the various applications of basket filters include:

· Water Treatment Plants

Clean water is an essential part of our lives.

Filtration plays a key in ensuring we have clean water for use.

This is through the use of a basket filter.

Also, in waste treatment plants, the use of a basket filter helps in removing unwanted particles from the waste.

You can, after that, use the resulting product for various functions such as making fertilizers or biogas digester.

· Oilfield Plants

Filtration of oil is vital in ensuring we have different oil products.

The use of a basket filter here is because of its properties, such as high heat resistance and non-reaction.

· Mining Industry

In the mining of precious metals, you have to filter the metal core to remove unwanted particles.

The use of basket filter is critical in achieving this.

· Food Industry

Another sector of our lives that require a clean filtration process.

Here, a basket filter function is common in the juice making industry.

This offers a clean filtration process and safe products for our consumption.

· Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, the function of a basket filter is to filter unwanted particles from different chemical solvents.

Its effectiveness depends on the pore sizes of your basket filter.

· Pharmaceutical Industry

Hygiene is critical in the pharmaceutical industry due to the prevention of contamination of drugs.

The use of a basket filter in the filtration of various medicine is because of its high level of hygiene.

It also does not react with various chemicals that are in drugs, ensuring you have the right drugs for your use.

· Paper Making Industry

Basket filter helps in removing unwanted substances in the pulp for paper making.

This ensures a smooth paper making process and enhances the quality of the paper products.

Which Types of Basket Filter are there?

There are three main types of basket filters available for your selection.

These types have unique features that facilitate their effective operation.

They are:

· Mesh Filter Basket

Mesh filter basket is a woven type of basket filter that removes contaminants of a given size from fluids.

You can have different weaving patterns for your basket filter, depending on the size of contaminants you are removing from a particular fluid.

It is effective in removing contaminants due to its nature and availability in different types.

You can find its use in applications such as in the chemical, food and beverage industry.

Mesh basket filter

· Perforated Filter Basket

This refers to a basket filter with numerous openings that facilitates the filtration process.

Perforated filter basket offers a wide range of benefits.

For instance, it is easier to use due to their perforation.

Its filtration process ensures the effective removal of all the contaminants in the fluid.

Its main limitation is finding the best size for your application.

Selecting an inappropriate size leads to poor filtration of your fluid.

The perforated filter basket is of common use in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Perforated filter basket

· Wedge Wire Filter Basket

This type has a wedge-shaped wire filter, which makes them ideal for specific applications depending on the wedge’s width.

Using a wedge wire filter basket offers a wide range of benefits.

For instance, the continuous slots guarantee a low-pressure drop.

The basket filter experiences low clogging.

It also offers high strength for heavy load applications.

The main limitation of the wedge wire filter basket is its cost.

This is due to their unique features that allow for its use in various applications.

The use of wedge wire filer basket is common in the filtration and separation of solutions for different industrial applications.

Wedge basket filter element

What is the Micron Rating for Basket Filters?

Micron rating refers to the size of the pore openings available in your basket filter element.

Its standard unit of measurement is the micron.

This means, the higher the rating value, the large the size of the openings.

For instance, a basket filter with a micron rating of 5-micron means it has smaller openings than that with a micron rating of 10-micron.

When selecting the micron rating for your basket filter, you need to consider factors such as the size of the particles and the filtration level of your fluid.

That is to mean, if you are to filter particles whose size is above 10 microns, you need to select a filter element with a 10-micron size.

Choosing a less size means filtration of lesser particles, which might not be the intention.

You can have either an absolute or nominal micron rating.

Nominal rating refers to the ability of your basket filter element to remove between 50-98.6% of contaminants present in your fluid.

Absolute micron rating is the ability of your basket filter element to filter 98.7% or more contaminants of a given size present in your fluid.

Absolute micron rating is a critical rating when selecting the basket filter element for your application.

What Affects Micron Rating of Basket Filters?

The micron rating of a basket filter is affected by the size of contaminants and the quality of filtration you want for your fluid.

What is the difference between Basket Filter and Cartridge Filter?

The main difference between a basket filter and a cartridge filter is the weaving types and the individual openings.

Basket filters have fine weaving patterns, which helps in the removal of contaminants from the fluid.

A cartridge filter consists of pleats that remove contaminants from fluid.

It removes smaller particles from fluid when you compare to a basket filter.

Cartridge filter

Basket filter element

How do you choose a Basket Filter Housing?

Basket filter housing holds the basket filter in position during the filtration process.

You, therefore, have to select an appropriate housing for your basket filter.

Among the factors that you have to consider when selecting your basket filter housing include:

· Sealing Configuration

Your basket filter housing should be airtight to minimize fluid leakage during the filtration process.

Fluid leakage compromises the quality of your filtration.

It is, therefore, essential that you check on the sealing configuration before deciding which basket filter to use for your application.

The configuration should be able to cope up with the pressure and temperature of the fluid and your application.

· Clogging Indicator

This is an accessory that helps you to quickly identify when clogging takes place within your basket filter housing.

It helps minimize the maintenance time and ensures quality filtration for your fluid.

You can prepare to clean the basket filter when clogging occurs adequately.

· Size

The size of your basket filter housing should correspond to that of your application and basket filter element.

This is in terms of the overall weight that your application can handle without affecting its efficiency.

When should you Replace Basket Filter?

There is a need for basket filter to operate effectively for there to be the desired output for your filtration.

However, you may have to replace filter basket at one point for this t happen.

Factors that may make you replace your basket filter include:

· Low Pressure

Low pressure within the basket filter results in a slow flow of your fluid.

This affects the quality of filtration, which can harm your application.

That means when there is a decrease in the pressure of your fluid in your basket filter, you need to replace it.

· Poor Filtration Quality

A poorly filtered fluid still contains the particles that your basket filter was supposed to filter.

Using such fluid usually hurts the operation of your application or even damaging its parts.

This increases your overall cost of maintenance.

You, therefore, have to replace the basket filter when you notice such filtration.

· Duration

The effectiveness of your basket filter deteriorates over time.

Deterioration may be in terms of leaking of the various components of the basket filter or loosening up of the screws.

This leads to ineffective filtration of your fluid hence the need to replace your basket filter.

How do you determine the Efficiency of Basket Filter?


fficiency is critical when it comes to a basket filter since it offers smooth operation to your system.

The primary determinant of the efficiency of your basket filter is the quality of the filtration process.

High-quality filtration implies that your basket filter has filtered al the contaminants present in your filter.

This translates to the high performance of your application and reduction in the overall maintenance cost.

For there to be quality filtration, there is a need for selecting the appropriate mesh size for your filtration.

You, therefore, have to consult your manufacturer on available sizes and the type of contaminants you are removing.

The physical properties of the fluid also determine the efficiency of your basket filter.

Such properties include the operating temperature and pressure of your fluid and its viscosity.

For effective filtration, the basket filter’s operating pressure and temperature have to correspond with that of your fluid.

Lack of this may result in distortion of your basket filter resulting in poor filtration.

How does Basket Filter work?

Working of basket filter

The working principle of a basket filter is relatively simple since it depends on the workflow of the individual components.

Fluid flows to the filter element via the inlet, which can either b on top or the side of your basket filter.

In the basket filter, it flows to the filter element.

The filtration takes place within the openings of the filter element.

Filter opening differs depending on the size of contaminants you want to remove from your fluid.

You can check on the micron rating when selecting the appropriate mesh size for your filter element.

As the fluid passes through the filter element, it holds unwanted particles.

The filtered fluid flows out of the filter element via the outlet of the basket filter.

Also, the unwanted particles flow down to the basket filter housing.

The process continues until when there is clogging of the filter element.

Clogging is due to the basket filter housing attaining its maximum dirt holding capacity.

You can have different dirt holding capacity for your basket filter housing, depending on your filtration requirement and the size of your application.

Clogging limits the efficiency of your filtration; hence you need to stop filtering your fluid when this happens.

To remove the clogging effect, you have to clean your basket filter.

This can vary depending on the type of your basket filter.

Can Basket Filter Handle Large Flow?


A basket filter can handle the large flow.

This is due to the presence of an inbuilt filter basket whose design allows for large flow.

The basket filter also has a high dirt holding capacity, which enables continuous high flow filtration of your fluid.

The availability of the inlet and outlet opposite each other facilitates a large flow of the fluid.

Both the dirt holding capacity and the metal surface filter ensures continuous filtration.

What is the Dirt Holding Capacity of Basket Filter?

The dirt holding capacity is the number of contaminants a given basket filter can hold during the filtration period without compromising on filtration quality.

Different basket filters have different dirt holding capacity.

The choice of which one to select depends on the size of your filtration and the operational duration.

For a larger filtration, you will need to have a larger dirt holding capacity for your basket filter.

This ensures continuous filtration enabling you to clean only after filtration.

The operational duration is the duration you are going to work.

If your basket filer is going to operate for long, then you need a large dirt holding capacity.

This gives you continuity for your filtration process.

What is the Lifespan of Basket Filters?

Different factors affect the lifespan of your basket filter.

For instance, the frequency of operation of your basket filter.

Continuous operation of your basket filter implies there are wear and tear.

This affects its lifespan hence the need to replace.

The properties of the fluid you are filtering also affect the lifespan of your basket filter.

These properties include the temperature and pressure, which alter the efficiency of the basket filter hence the need to replace.

Generally, an ideal basket filter should have a lifespan of one year.

As we come to the end of this basket filter guide, we hope you learn a lot – from specification, characteristics, classification, to determining efficiency, just to mention a few.

At FilSon Filters, we can help you skyrocket your basket filter business with our cost competitive and high quality filters.

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