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Filson is a professional ballast water filter manufacturer in China, that we have been producing ballast water filter of different types, sizes, layouts, materials, and filtration accuracy. Filson dedicate to offer one stop solutions on ballast water filter fabrication for OEM clients.

Whether it is sintering or wedge wire structure, Filson can offer you in stainless steel 316L, 904L, 301S, and some brands replacement like Boll, Filtersafe, Hydac. Our ballast water filter is perfectly compatible with your ballast water management system, but with competitive price.

Filson adopts advanced technology and equipment to construct our ballast water filter. It provides optimum surface area and filtration accuracy for efficient filtration. On the other hand, Filson ballast water filter has perfect physical properties and high chemical resistance.

Due to this characteristics, Filson ballast water filters perform various functions in a variety of fields. These products are widely used in ballast water filtration, salt manufacturing industry, sea water filtration, cruise ships and freights industries.

Filson Ballast Water Filter

904L Ballast Water Filter
Filson designs and fabricates 904L ballast water filter for filtering impurities which is laminated and sintered in vacuum environment under strictly controlled process.
Sintered Ballast Water Mesh Screen
Filson is one of the best sintered ballast water mesh screen supplier, we can custom your required sintered ballast water mash screen based on your needs.
Filtersafe Ballast Water Screen Replacement
Filson is an experienced Filtersafe ballast water screen replacement manufacturer in China. Send us your design drawing or specifications, and we will provide you awesome one.
Hydac Ballast Water Filter Replacement
Filson can produce ballast water filter replacement of some leading brands with high quality. Such as Hydac, Boll, Amiad and more.
Boll Ballast Water Filter Replacement
Filson can offer Boll ballast water filter replacement which is suitable for your present ballast water management system.
Amiad Ballast Water Filter Replacement
Filson continuously manufacture and supply Amiad ballast water filter replacement. We could also add other unique features on your ballast water filter cartridges.
Filtrex Ballast Water Filter Replacement
As an experienced ballast water filter manufacturer, Filson can provide Filtrex ballast water filter replacement at a reasonable price but quick delivery.

Why Choose Filson Ballast Water Filter

Filson ballast water filter element is a great alternative for your ballast water treatment. Our ballast water filter has high filtration accuracy upto 10micron and good seawater resistance with wide material available.

Filson ballast water filter has perfect use in eliminating organisms and other debris. Our ballast water filter serves as your best option for your project needs. And we could offer a wide range of ballast water filter in sort of material, size. Therefore, you are already in the right place.

Filson ballast water filters are developed with the most advanced manufacturing technology and aim to gain customers’ trust. We master ourselves to continuously improve everything in fabricating the Filson ballast water filter. We intends to be the premier manufacturer and distributor of these particular products.

  • High quality ballast water filter products
  • competitive price and perfect after-sale service
  • Mature vacuum sintering technology and skillful workers
  • Customized choices of various material, shapes, connection size
  • Weld homogeneous solid filtration precision as the absolute value

Filson Ballast Water Filter Drawing

Filson Ballast Water Filter Drawing

Filson: Eminent Ballast Water Filter Manufacturer and Supplier for Worldwide

Global trade brings billions of tons ballast water across the oceans. Ballast water is essential for maintaining the stability and structure integrity of marine vessels. Without ballast water, it is hard to imagine freight shipping. However, ballast water results in severe environmental challenges.

Untreated ballast water will lead to problems of introducing new invasive marine species and cause serious ecosystem issues. To manage the ballast water, it is important to choose a suitable ballast water filter element for your automatic self-cleaning system.

Filson Ballast Water Filtration System

As a leading ballast water filter manufacturer in China, Filson possesses cutting edge sintered technology to construct high quality ballast water filter element. Since we have enough capacity on ballast water filter fabrication, we can offer stable goods.

If you are dealing with choosing excellent ballast water filter at a tight budget, Filson is your best choice. To know your exact demands, our engineering team will offer you one stop solutions and provide you an awesome ballast water filter.

Filson ballast water filter can effectively remove organic particles and sediments with great filtration precision up to 10 um, as well as less chance of clogging. It fully meets the requirement of filtration standards in the ballast water treatment (the new regulations demands a maximum filtration accuracy of 50 microns).

Filson can customize ballast water filter element according to your final applications. Our ballast water filters are available in different diameters ranging from 20-300 mm. And the raw material could be stainless steel 304, 316L, 904L, hastelloy, nickel based on your requirement.

Filson Wedge Wire Type Ballast Water Filter

When it comes to resistance to corrosion, Filson ballast water filter shows good performance. It means that our ballast water filter can serve for a long term. Then you can save a big expense on buying a new or maintaining costs.

In terms of high temperature resistance, Filson ballast water filter has undergone sintered process, which makes it structure strong and exhibits perfect thermal stability. Particularly, our ballast water filter can withstand temperature from -200 ℃ to 900 ℃.

Filson ballast water filters have support layer, reinforcement layer, separation layer, protection layer and filter layer to stable structure. Furthermore, our ballast water filter is convenient to install and low in maintaining costs.

Filson ballast water filter also has good permeability and high pressure resistance. our ballast water filter is easy to wash and backwash. Thanks to such numerous advantages, it is the first option for the ballast water management system.

As an ISO 9001 certificated ballast water filter element supplier, Filson controls the quality of ballast water filter cartridge strictly. We can follow up with different standards such as CE, SGS, ROHS according to your demand.

If you have the need for a ballast water filter, Filson will always be here to supply you a suitable one.

More details to be known in the following ways:

Phone: +86-157 3695 8886


Filson Ballast Water Filter Function

  • Removing organism like bacteria, plankton and sediments with high filtration accuracy
  • Improve the filtration efficiency by utilizing vacuum sintering technology
  • Protect cruise ships and large marine vessels out of untreated ballast water corrosion
  • Prevent introducing invasion species and protect local ecosystem
  • Design and build the most stable construction to avoid unnecessary malfunction

Filson Ballast Water Filter Feature:

  • High precise of ballast water filter to capture any size of impurities
  • High temperature, pressure and corrosion resistance
  • Easy to wash and backwash
  • Standard material and superior vacuum sintering technique
  • Low operation and maintenance cost
  • Strong structure and high mechanical strength
  • Good permeability

Filson Ballast Water Filter Specification:

  • Raw Material: SS304, 316L, 904L, 2507 multi-layer sintered weaving mesh or customized
  • End connection: standard interface(such as 222, 220, 226), thread connection, fast interface connection, flange connection and special customized connection
  • Operating Temperature: -200-900 ℃
  • Mesh: 20 mesh, 40 mesh, 60 mesh up to 600 mesh
  • Mesh counts: customized based on your requirement
  • Flow Capacity: 98% removal of total suspended solids, 96% removal of zooplankton (> 50 microns), 50% of phytoplankton (10 < 50 micron), and zero screen wear
  • Filtration accuracy: 10-500 um
  • Pressure Capacity: depend on the thickness of perforated sheet
  • Applicable Medium: sea water, saltwater and others

Filson Ballast Water Filter Application:

  • Water treatment industry
  • Sea water filtration
  • Salt manufacturing industry
  • Cruise ships and freights industries.
  • Acid and alkali environment especially ballast water filtration

Ballast Water Filter: The Complete Guide

Are you looking to be an expert in ballast water filter?

If yes, then you are in the right place.

In this guide, you will find answers to questions concerning a ballast water filter.

We have put it simply to enable to you understand all the concepts that you will need.

Let’s dive straight into it.

What is the Ballast Water Filter?

A ballast water filter is a filter type that is common in the treatment of ballast water.

Ballast water refers to salty or fresh water that contains sediments.

Ballast water from ship

Ballast water from ship

This kind of filter is vital in removing unwanted particles from the water making it safe for human consumption.

Ballast water filter

Ballast water filter

Ballast water filters are a preferred way of filtering ballast water due to a couple of reasons including:

  • The ballast water filter is cost-effective implying that you spend less purchasing, installing and maintaining it.
  • The use of ballast water filter is effective in removing contaminants from the water thereby making the water safe for consumption.
  • We are reducing environmental pollution. Through filtration, contamination of the environment reduces since we can filter unwanted contaminants.

Ballast water filters are a common feature in many applications as we shall see later in this guide.

Applications of Ballast Water Filter

Different applications utilize ballast water filter. Among the common ones include:

· In the shipping industry

One of the main applications of ballast water filter is in the shipping industry.

Here, the use of ballast water filter is for filtering the ballast water removing unwanted particles as well as organisms.

Ballast water treatment system in shipping industry

Ballast water treatment in shipping industry

The benefit of ballast water filtration is that the marine organisms can continue surviving in their natural habitat.

To the ship, filtration is critical in the treatment of ballast water since there is adequate removal of the unwanted particles.

The other advantage you have is you can reduce the filter element pore sizes which allows you to filter different particles from the water.

· Industrial application

Different industries utilize ballast water filters in the treatment of ballast water.

For instance, water treatment plants use ballast water filters in the filtering of ballast water before its treatment.

Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry

In salt manufacturing industries, ballast water filters are relevant in the filtering of the ballast water before salt extraction takes place.

Key Features of Ballast Water Filter

For a ballast water filter to function properly, there are some features that you need to consider.

Such features may include the type of material, the point of connection and the size of the ballast water filter.

Let’s have a look at these features.

Ballast water treatment system

Ballast water treatment – Photo courtesy: Kuraray

· Type of material

There are three types of materials available for a ballast water filter.

They include stainless steel 304L, 316l and carbon steel.

i. Stainless steel

There are two types of stainless-steel material available for manufacturing ballast water filter, that is, SS 316 & SS 304.

The difference is in the element composition with ss 304 having 8% nickel and 18% chromium.

On the other hand, SS 316 has 16% chromium, 10% nickel and 2% molybdenum.

Each of these two has its advantages.

SS304 is a suitable material if you will use your ballast water filter in the filtration of high-temperature water.

On the other hand, SS 316 is ideal if you are constructing corrosion free ballast water free.

The molybdenum present is responsible for the filter not being corrosive.

ii. Carbon steel

Carbon steel material is one that has a high carbon content.

The advantage you have with this material is it is cheaper than the other materials.

You also have the option of hardening the carbon steel through heat treatment meaning that your ballast water filter can withstand pressure.

However, there are a couple of factors that hinder the use of this material in the manufacture of ballast water filter.

This includes weldability in cases where the carbon content is higher than that of steel.

Weldability has an impact on the joints meaning that quite often, you will have to replace them.

Carbon steel comes in three different variants, that is low or mild carbon steel, high tensile steel, and higher carbon steel.

These variants have different carbon contents with higher carbon steel containing a higher content of carbon.

A high carbon content implies that heat treatment of the material has taken place.

iii. UNS S32760 Filter Housing for Seawater

This kind of material is ideal for filtering salty water such as sea water.

This is due to the chemical composition that makes it corrosion free.

It is chemical composition includes Tungsten, chromium, nickel, copper, and molybdenum.

Another benefit you have with this material is its strength which can endure a considerable amount of pressure.

· Size of the ballast water filter

The size of the ballast water filter will differ depending on the application that you are going to use.

A large application will need a large ballast water filter to filter the ballast water effectively.

Section of ballast water filter

Section of ballast water filter

Likewise, if you have a moderate application, you will need a small ballast water filter that will effectively filter your ballast water.

· Point of connection

There are different points of connection to a different ballast water filter.

Each one is supposed to fit in a particular position on your application.

It is imperative that as a feature, the point of connection needs to be compatible with your application for proper functioning.

Types of Ballast Water Treatment Systems

There are different ballast water treatment systems available for selection depending on several factors which include:

  • Environment friendliness of the treatment system
  • Crew safety
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Availability of space on the ship.
  • How easy it is to install and operate
  • The effectiveness of the system is on ballast water organisms.

So, which are these types of ballast water treatment systems?

They include:

Ballast water treatment system

Ballast water treatment

· Electric pulse system

Electric pulse system utilizes short energy bursts to kill organisms which are present in the ballast water.

Electric pulse system features two metal electrodes which generate an electric pulse for treating ballast water.

There are two forms of electric pulse systems available for treatment of ballast water.

That is electric field technology and electric plasma technology.

In electric field technology, there is a generation of high energy pulse that results in the formation of the plasma arc.

It is this plasma arc that is responsible for killing the organisms present in the ballast water.

In electric plasma technology, there is a supply of high energy pulse to a mechanism available in the ballast water.

This generates a plasma arc which is responsible for killing the organisms in the ballast water.

It is important to note however that this type of technology is still developing.

· Heat treatment system

The use of heat treatment in the ballast water treatment system involves heating the ballast water till it reaches the boiling point.

Boiling point kills all the organisms present in the ballast water thereby making it safe for consumption.

Heating of the ballast water can utilize a separate heat system or utilize the engine’s heat.

Heat treatment system renders the organisms inactive by killing them.

The limitation of using this type of treatment is that it takes time for the organisms to be inactive.

Also, continuous use of the system causes corrosion of the tanks.

In the long run, you will have to purchase another tank to avoid leakage of the ballast water.

· Ultraviolet treatment

This method consists of UV lamps surrounding a chamber that allows the ballast water to flow through.

The lamps (Amalgam lamps) creates ultraviolet rays that act on the organism’s DNA rendering them harmless.

Once they are harmless, they are not in a position to reproduce.

The method is effective in destroying a wide range organism thus making it useful in ballast water treatment.

· Chemical disinfection

Chemical disinfectant refers to the treatment of ballast water using biocides disinfectant.

The biocides disinfectant removes unwanted particles and other invasive organisms.

There are two types of biocide disinfectant available for use in the treatment of ballast water.

That is, oxidizing and non- oxidizing.

Oxidizing biocides refers to disinfectant whose purpose is to inactivate organisms present in the ballast water.

Such types of disinfectants include bromine, chlorine, oxidizing agents and iodine.

Oxidizing biocide destroys the organism by destroying its structure including the cell membrane.

Non- oxidizing biocide destroys the organisms by interfering with its reproductive structure.

Such biocides include menadione and vitamin K.

However, the use of chemical treatment in some instances may prove to be inappropriate due to the effect it has on the environment.

You need to take care when using this method in treating ballast water so that it does not have an adverse impact on the marine ecosystem.

· Cavitation treatment

Cavitation treatment system refers to the treatment of ballast water using ultrasonic energy.

What happens is that this energy produces ultrasound of high energy which is responsible for the treatment of the ballast water.

Treatment of the ballast water system, in this case, occurs by killing the organism’s cells.

However, you will have to combine this technology with other treatment systems when treating ballast water.

· Magnetic field treatment

Magnetic field treatment utilizes coagulation technology in the treatment of ballast water.

In this ballast water treatment system, the coagulants mixed with magnetic powder and poured into the ballast water.

This results in magnetic floc formation constituting of the marine organisms due to attachment of various species to the mixture.

Once this happens, the system uses magnetic discs to remove the magnetic floc from the water.

· Filtration system

The filtration system is the typical type of ballast water treatment available for use.

This is due to its efficiency and relatively low cost.

Also, the use of this system does not hurt the marine ecosystem.

This implies that the system will not hurt the microorganisms.

Ballast filter water treatment system

Ballast water treatment system – Photo courtesy: Marine Deal News

Filtration system uses filter discs, a powerful hydro cyclone, coagulation or screens to filter unwanted particles from ballast water.

The use of screens or discs in the filtration of ballast water is to remove unwanted particles from the water. Automatic backwashing helps in achieving this.

Adjusting the screen pores allows you to filter different sizes of unwanted particles from the ballast water.

However, you need to note that the use of screen alone is not effective in ballast water treatment.

Ballast water filter element

Ballast water filter element

As such, you need to use it together with other ballast water treatment systems.

On the other hand, a hydro clone is an efficient option of filtration.

The hydro clone equipment uses high centrifugal force which rotates the water thereby separating solids from it.

The ease of installing this equipment and operating it makes it ideal for filtration of ballast water.

Coagulation aids in the filtration of tiny particles from the ballast water.

In this process, small particles stick together which increases their size.

Once the coagulation reaches a particular size, filtration takes place.

The coagulation of the particles is called flocculation.

The limitation of using coagulation for filtration is that you will need an additional tank to treat the ballast water.

You will, therefore, need enough space to accommodate the tank.

The other option is the use of media filters.

In this case, compressible media filters are ideal at filtering lower density particles which are small in size.

How do Ballast Water Filter Works

Understanding how a ballast water filter works is right in ensuring the efficiency of the filter.

Let me illustrate to you how it works.

Ballast water filter system - Gloen Patrol

Ballast water filter system – Gloen Patrol

Most ballast water filters usually are at the inlet of a ballast water treatment system.

As water flows into the system, it has to pass through the ballast water filter.

As it passes through the filter, it flows through the filter element.

It is the filter element that is responsible for filtering the ballast water.

As filtration takes place, clogging takes place on the filter element.

At this point, the filter element cleans itself through backwashing.

It is important to note that for effective filtration of your ballast water, you need to consider several factors such as the pressure drop and the flow of the ballast water.

The advantage you have with ballast water filter is you can control the size of the filter element.

This helps you when it comes to determining the degree of filtration of the ballast water.

Control the size of the filter element is crucial when you want to maintain the marine ecosystem.

You can return marine organisms captured during the filtration process back to their natural habitat.

As such, ballast water filters are a useful and eco-friendly way of filtering ballast water since it conserves the marine ecosystem.

Requirements for Ballast Water Filtration and Separation

There are several requirements that ballast water filtration and separation have to meet for it to be effective.

Among these requirements includes:

Ballast filter

Ballast filter

· The precise degree of filtration

For the ballast water filter to work effectively, it needs to filter all the unwanted particles and organisms from the ballast water.

This entails making sure that the pore size of the filter element is correct.

· Installation

The ballast water filter needs to be an easy to install gadget.

This will ensure that you can install and remove during maintenance.

Given the area of application, the installation needs to consume less time.

· Cost

Having a low-cost ballast water filter is essential in reducing the overall cost of ballast water treatment.

You need to ensure in as much as the cost is low, it does not compromise the quality of operation.

· Filter material

Ensure that the filter material you select does not react with its environment.

For instance, in seawater, ensure that the filter does not react with the water.

· Clogging

Another requirement for a ballast water filter is that you need to ensure it can clean itself during clogging.

The advantage of this is it allows maximum operation during ballast water treatment.

· Compatibility

Lastly, ensure that the ballast water filter is compatible with other types of ballast water treatment systems.

Compatibility is necessary to provide maximum treatment of ballast water.

Filson Filter Ballast Water Filters

A reliable manufacturer is all you need when it comes to ballast water filters.

At Filson, we offer you exactly that.

We are a leading manufacturer of ballast water filters with our headquarters in China.

We offer quality and reliable ballast water filters that will give you the service that you need.

With our pocket-friendly prizes, you have an assurance of getting yourself a ballast water filter that will fit your pocket.

Lastly, we have a dedicated team that is ready to handle your request and offer professional advice on ballast water filters.

If you are looking for a ballast water filter manufacturer, then Filson is your ideal manufacturer.


I hope this guide has addressed all your concerns regarding ballast water.

In summary, you need to consider the critical features of ballast water filters and how it works.

Having a reliable manufacturer will assist you in selecting a quality ballast water filter that will offer quality services.

Such a manufacturer will also help you when it comes to repair and maintenance of the ballast water filter.

You can always count on Filson when it comes to manufacturing quality and reliable ballast water filters.

Get in touch with us today for quality and reliable ballast water filters.

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