Filson Baghouse in Asphalt Plant

  • Low-pressure drop
  • Large capacity for dust collection
  • Good air permeability
  • Excellent performance in an asphalt plant

Filson is an expert in industrial filtration and we manufacture the highest quality baghouse dust collectors for all industries including asphalt plants to make your plant run better.

  • Bag material: polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, aramid, fiberglass, PPS, P84, PTFE
  • Filter cross-sectional shape: round, oval, envelope
  • Operating temperature: up to 260℃(upon specific material)
  • Bag number: 6-1500 (up to filtration area)
  • Airflow capacity: 300-100,000CFM
  • Filtration area: 32-1566㎡
  • Filtration rating: 0.5-200micron
  • Filtration efficiency: more than 99.9%

Note: the above specifications are for reference only, customization is available suiting your needs

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Filson Baghouse in Asphalt Plant

Professional Filson Baghouse Serving Your Asphalt Plant

There are so many hot mixed asphalt plants in the world that make over billion tons of asphalt material each year. With all that mix being produced, a lot of pollution is expelled to the environment. So it’s really necessary for an asphalt plant to install a Filson baghouse dust collector.

You should take many factors, like pressure drop and airflow capacity, into consideration when choosing the right filters for your system. If you are unsure which filters to use to fit your request, consult us for an answer. We can recommend a suitable baghouse based on your facility conditions and requirements.

Looking for a baghouse for your asphalt plant? Filson must be your best and right choice. Contact us immediately and get an instant quote!

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