Arterial Blood Sampler Filter

  • Compact structure with outstanding strength
  • Smooth surface without chips and burrs
  • Self-sealing and hydrophobic ensure liquid barrier
  • Small and lightweight for easy installation
  • Excellent resistance to chemical and pressure
  • Customized service to meet different requirements

Filson arterial blood sampler filter utilizes UHMW-PE as base material, compared to other materials, it has a unique advantage of self-sealing, when contacting to liquids, it plays functions as one way valve. Therefore, it is an ideal solution to prevent liquid overflowing and polluting.

  • Raw material: UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)
  • Operating temperature: up to 80°C
  • Micron rating: 0.1 – 120 micron
  • Pore volume: 25 – 60%
  • Bacterial filtering efficiency: 99.99%
  • Virus filtering efficiency: 99.99%
  • Operating pressure: up to 0.2 pa
  • Diameter: 2.5 mm
  • Thickness: 4.5 mm
  • MOQ: 100

Note: above sheet is for reference purposes, please contact us for custom sizes.

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Filson Arterial Blood Sampler Filter

Superior Performance Optimal Your Applications

Thanks to its self-sealing property, Filson arterial blood sampler filter is able to simplify blood sampling process, which plays an important role in preventing the exchange of air and blood. Therefore, it avoids test error caused by mixed air and optimal your application needs.

Featured with compact structure and mechanical strength, Filson arterial blood sampler filter is equipped with excellent resistance to high pressure and corrosion to most acid, alkali and solvents. Also, it is non-toxic and tasteless, which has low risks of contaminate the blood.

Filson arterial blood sampler filter has smooth outer surface, so impurities are not easy to stick to. As a disposable product, it is easy to replace and maintain sterile, and it is also lightweight for fast transport.

If you are interested in Filson arterial blood sampler filter, please Click Here to contact us. We also offer customized service to fabricate the unique product for you.

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