Aluminum Framed Extruder Screen

  • Cost-effective, stronger with aluminum frame, more durable
  • One-stop solutions on aluminum framed extruder screen fabrication
  • High temperature resistance, high corrosion resistance
  • Sieve molten materials such as paper pulp, fiber, melt adhesive
  • Large dirt holding capacity, high filtration performance
  • Full in stock, ready to ship, short delivery time

Aluminum material has the advantages of lightweight, cost-effective and easy to process. It is often used to construct extruder screen edge. This ensures high strength for durability. All Filson aluminum framed extruder screen can be ultrasonically cleaned.

  • Raw material: aluminum
  • Layer: single layer or multiple layers
  • Screen diameter: 20-800 mm
  • Pore size: 0.02-2mm
  • Screen type: woven, perforated, pleated
  • Working temperature: up to 500℃
  • Quality certification: comply with ISO: 9001 standards

Note: listed above are for reference purpose, please consult Filson for customization.

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Filson Aluminum Framed Extruder Screen

Your Dependable Aluminum Framed Extruder Screen Manufacturer in China

As a dependable extruder screen manufacturer in China, Filson is committed to supply high quality aluminum framed extruder screen for our customers. In addition, we can offer one-stop solution on aluminum framed extruder screen with competitive prices.

Aluminum framed extruder screen is made of stainless steel wire mesh with aluminum frame. It is an imperative component of melt filtration and extrusion procedure. It is used to prevent foreign particles into final extrusion productions.

Filson aluminum framed extruder screen is available in round, rectangular, square, oval and kidney shapes. The diameter of aluminum framed extruder screen ranges from 20 mm to 900 mm. And its mesh count is between 4 and 500.

If you have any requirements or doubts about Filson aluminum framed extruder screen, please feel free to contact us. Just send us your drawing and specifications, our professional engineer will give you instrumental advice and satisfied products.

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