Filson Air Oil Separator Filter

  • High quality material and mature technology process
  • Providing clean compressed air with minimum pressure drop
  • Long life span and and extremely low energy consumption
  • High oil and contaminants filtration efficiency up to 99.9%
  • Available in both standard type and tailor-made type
  • Competitive price and reasonable pre and after service

Filson air oil separator filters are a main component of compressors as they ensure that the air leaving the compressor is oil-free. We have air oil separator for air compressor, air oil separator for screw compressor. We can also offer replacement Atlas Copco air compressor oil separator.

  • Construction material: stainless steel
  • Medium material: fiberglass, stainless steel mesh
  • Element type: coalescing or activated carbon
  • Dimensions: generally from 5 inch to 10 inch or customized
  • Filtration rating: down to 0.1 micron
  • Filtration efficiency: up to 99.99%
  • Maximum operating temperature: up to 80℃
  • Maximum working pressure: 0.02MPa
  • Working life: 4000-6000h
  • Oil content residual: 3-6ppm
  • Application: air compressor, screw compressor, etc

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Filson Air Oil Separator Filter

Your Best Air Oil Separator Filter Supplier in China

Filson air compressor oil separator filter is built with high quality material and technology process. It is used to remove water, oil vapor and other contaminants from compressed air pipelines and to provide the highest level of clean compressed air with a minimum pressure drop loss.

Filson air oil separator working principle is coalescence, micro-fiberglass layers separate drops of oil from compressed air and aggregate them in large drop, then discharged through drainage mechanism. The separation process is effective down to submicron range.

Filson air oil separator filter is strong enough to maintain their shape and uniform pressure differential under pressure to avoid the filter element collapse. Filson air oil separator filter is manufactured according to the highest quality standard.

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